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3:12 AM
You cannot hide from me, Bernardo.
@BernardoMeurer Qt is nice in several ways.
3:29 AM
@DanielSank Qt is bloated and weird
Tcl/tk is where it's at
@BernardoMeurer so what if it's bloated?
@DanielSank People don't want 500MB of dependencies to have their one button application to compile
That's what
Don't the Qt dynamic libs ship with a lot of Linux distributions anyway?
I have to install them on Arch, idk about other distros
and then there's macOS, BSD's, and Windows
Yeah, and Qt runs without changes on all of them ;-)
Which is nice.
3:33 AM
wow it's Saturday again hehe
And even then, huge dependency chains are annoying af
@DanielSank Yeah, Qt is nice and robust, and multi-platform
but it's a double-edged sword; it's strength is also it's weakness
I'm going to attempt to relax later tonight
If i'm writing a simple GUI for Linux alone, Qt is way, way too much
@Cows Are you going to stream it like your other endeavors?
@BernardoMeurer If you're writing a simple GUI for Linux alone, use menus in the terminal.
@DanielSank That's a TUI, not a GUI
And you clearly have never used ncurses :P
Just saying the name makes me want to die
I ventured into ncurses once, and I was never the same man
3:39 AM
@BernardoMeurer no no :P I'm just going to lay in bed, sip on some water while watching re-runs of the x-files
@Sid You have to start somewhere.
@DanielSank Were you touched by me finding those first messages? :P
@BernardoMeurer yep
Me too
It's cool that everything is logged like that
4:16 AM
@PrathyushPoduval I'm not sure what WiFi dongle would be best of Linux. I had a quick look on ebay.in and there are loads of really cheap ones, but a quick Google suggests these don't have Linux drivers.
@BernardoMeurer In principle it should be simple, but Prathyush's laptop has an RTL8723BE NIC that is allegedly supported but works very unreliably. Googling quickly finds thousands of posts complaining about it.
That's why we're looking for a USB wifi dongle to use instead.
So being on the list isn't a guarantee.
@JohnRennie Well, I avoid RTL drivers altogether :)
Sadly that's the NIC HP chose to build into the laptop. A poor decision, but one we're stuck with.
Intel is usually the way to go, fwiw
they do make goood wifi chipsets
4:28 AM
Dell tend to use the Intel wifi chips that go along with the processor
Yeah, they do, which is why Dells have almost flawless Linux support
@Obliv Hey, are you here to stay?
Wait @Obliv is here?
It's been forever
4:34 AM
@JohnRennie damn thats sad. Maybe I can try using a mobile hotspot through USB whenever I use Linux
sundays are so boring
@PrathyushPoduval well if you want the adapter I've got you'd be welcome to it. It came in a job lot of stuff I bought on ebay and I have absolutely no use for it. It has sat unused ina drawer for the last year.
I'll take you up on the offer :-)
Just send me your adddress on Facebook or Hangouts or whatever secure messaging service you prefer.
Yeah I'll pm you on facebook
4:39 AM
Let me just fire up Facebook ...
I've sent you a request
How to F8888 a bureaucratic system:
I use this for all my uni queries ever since I saw this video. No significant delays so far
The same attitude is used when answering questions: The answer has to be so perfect that not only the question of the OP is answered, but all anticipated, suspected, predicted etc. set of follow up questions are answered
In general, my attitude to obstacles is very brutal. Not only the solutions that is proposed will ensure the obstacle die, it will ensure all future incarnation and similar obstacles will also die
Put it simply, if a problem or obstacle is a person, the following is our attitude towards it:
The nine familial exterminations or nine kinship exterminations (simplified Chinese: 株连九族; traditional Chinese: 株連九族; pinyin: zhū lián jiǔ zú; literally: "guilt by association of nine of a group/clan"; also known as zú zhū (族誅), literally "family execution" and miè zú (灭族/滅族), literally "family extermination" or "execution of nine relations") was the most serious punishment for a capital offense in Ancient China. A collective punishment typically associated with offenses such as treason, the punishment involved the execution of all relatives of an individual, which were categorized into nine groups...
4:55 AM
@Secret That was cute.
5:34 AM
Me when I git-blame on the most disgusting undocumented piece of code I've ever seen: i.imgur.com/41hn0Ez.jpg
5:49 AM
A few days ago I put a bounty on this question on entanglement vs decoherence, and it's about to expire (2 days!). If you know of any quant-phys or solid-state people around here that could help, and you ping them for me, it would make me happy :)
Q: Decoherence of spin-entangled triplet-pair states in the solid state: local vs delocalized vibrations

agaitaarinoThe context: We are in the solid state. After a photon absortion by a system with a singlet ground state, the system undergoes the spin-conserving fission of one spin singlet exciton into two spin triplet excitons (for context, see The entangled triplet pair state in acene and heteroacene materia...

Long story short: Would the calculation of the loss of entanglement be necessarily related to delocalized vibrational modes that simultaneously involve the local environment of both triplets?
I understand that I may not get the final answer I seek, but any insight will be truly appreciated :)
@DanielSank ^
@agaitaarino Hope someone answers it :)
6:28 AM
@BernardoMeurer I appreciate it!
2 hours later…
8:19 AM
@Obliv I don't know who said it but that's definitely not an adjective that's applicable to me :P
I mean I have gone through cycles where I just don't feel like working, or being generally anxious about stress, etc. I am definitely not clinically or otherwise depressed :P
I know people who are involved in research that are driven to anxiety and depression by the academia.
I don't subscribe to your observation that it's because mathematicians lack "self-reflection" in general (In fact I think that's pure bullshit :P), but just a consequence of how broken the academia is, and should be purged.
(cc @ACuriousMind)
8:35 AM
Ruggero Maria Santilli (born September 8, 1935) is an Italo-American nuclear physicist. Mainstream scientists dismiss his theories as fringe science, which Santilli, in his turn, describes as a mainstream conspiracy against novel science. == Biography == Ruggero Maria Santilli was born in Capracotta and attended high school in Agnone, Province of Isernia, in the Italian region of Molise. Santilli studied physics at the University of Naples and went on to attend the Graduate School in Physics of the University of Turin, graduating in 1966. In September 1981 Santilli established the Institute for...
lol what?
8:52 AM
@BernardoMeurer Ideally it shouldn't be limited to Linux and my less computer-savvy friends should be able to use the final result without too much fuzzing about
9:09 AM
@ACuriousMind then qt, via pyqt, is your friend
Another alternative is to use an electron front-end, but please don't
10:01 AM
Suppose you have a masseless rod $\ell$ joining two masses $m_1, m_2$. Also, the through the middle of rod $O$ passes an axle, through which the rod can rotate freely. now i don't understand if you push $m_1$ in a line perpendicular to the rod, then why would $m_2$ move ? The only force which acts on $m_2$ is the tension, but the tension is directed towards $O$, but not perpendicular to it !
> The only force which acts on $m_2$ is the tension
That isn't the case
Since the rod is rigid it can transmit lateral forces as well
But well that isn't in my book :P
@JohnRennie So this is false ?
Well just consider a seesaw (teetertotter in the US)
You push down on one end and the other end goes up.
Isn't that the same as what you're describing?
10:04 AM
Yes, but why ? (I mean obviously it does, but I'm not understanding why)
My textbook (Halliday Krane) seems to completely chuck it though
Now imagine making the seesaw out of something very flimsy e.g. kitchen foil. This time if you press down on one end the foil just bends and the other end stays where it is.
Ah ! I got it
What's exerting the lateral force on $m_1$ ? The rod ? OK, so what's the reaction force ?
The force is transmitted to the object at the far end of the seesaw due to the rigidity of the beam connecting the two ends.
btw, what's the reaction force to friction ?
When you exert a downwards force on the end of the seesaw the pivot in the middle exerts an upwards force. The two forces create a couple that causes the beam to rotate about the pivot.
> what's the reaction force to friction
That's a rather vague question ...
10:08 AM
Why ? Suppose I have a block on a frictioned table surface, and the table and me are lying on a frictionless ice plate. Now I push the block on the table. What's the reaction force to friction ?
Suppose the block has a mass $m$ and the coefficient of friction with the table is $\mu$. And assume you are pushing with a force $F$ hard enough on the block slide.
yeah sure
You push with a force $F$ so there is an equal and opposite force $-F$ acting on you. This makes you accelerate away from the block/table.
The block experiences a force $F - \mu mg$ i.e. the force you exert less the frictional force. So the block accelerates away from you at a rate $(F - \mu mg)/m$
The block exerts a force $\mu mg$ on the table. So the table also accelerates away from you, but at a slower rate.
2 hours later…
12:01 PM
@ACuriousMind I had forgotten how good TW3 is
@0celo7 Then it was time you replayed it!
@ACuriousMind I’m having to do one of the Ciri missions, which was definitely a low point imo
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