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12:02 AM
@Neko_Kun what do you see?
Nothing... everywhere.
@Neko_Kun there must be something~
nature, grass, aliens, mutants, arm slaves!
@Krazer You seem blue to me now.
@LoganM JNat bought me back
Grass lol
But not much else.
12:15 AM
Need a new avatar for Beach day.
@Neko_Kun are you using lazers to see?
@Krazer JNat saves the day!
What do you guys think about this picture for my avatar?
I approve.
Can an avatar be changed on only one SE site without having different emails for the various sites?
12:28 AM
Wow that lagged a lot. I meant to post my own.
Let's try that again.
@Krazer No just the new google earth.
@LoganM I approve of this as well. Though I assume the bottom half will be cut off.
@Eric Yeah I'll have to crop it some to make it fit.
That's the first one that I found with Miki actually at a beach, though there were lots more of her in swimsuits.
Yeah, mine won't have a beach in it. (Assuming I change it.)
It will probably be one of the swimming lessons from Ro-Kyu-Bu!.
12:38 AM
It looks okay on the main site, though not great in the really small boxes. Should work for today at least.
@Neko_Kun go find a good shot of area 51~
@Krazer Actually the satellite images of Area 51 are pretty good. But they don't show the underground facilities, which clearly have aliens in them.
@Krazer do you want another workaround? :)
I have lots of questions I want to ask today, but I don't think most of them would get answered. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
@iKlsR for?
12:49 AM
@Krazer the batch render question, you can do it with the Video sequence editor by just laying the strips behind each other
@iKlsR oh you mean activate "do composite" and add another input node of "render layer" and then change the scene (in the node) from the scene I am in to whatever other you need and link it to "file output" node?
o.O, no composite nodes required
You can add the scene strips to a timeline, change the length of the overall timeline and render them as one long animation
Usually render to images so its easy after to pick out the separate animations, nobody really renders to raw video
I pretty much just said it all.. haha nvm then
I typically do it in the python console :p
for s in bpy.data.scenes:
updated the question.. had to check the wiki for the -S command, its a tricky one :S
If you pass multiple scenes to it like -S scene1 scene2 , scene2 will overwrite scene1
@iKlsR I'm trying to think of good questions for the site :p
12:58 AM
anyways, back to Anime
@Krazer I'm still looking for one that will make me scratch my head :P
@iKlsR have you used Syntheyes?
Didn't really take to it tho
made some fractals and threw it somewhere
why doesn't Blender have something that can do automatic tracking like Boujou and Syntheyes?
@LoganM Uncommon visual novels?
@Krazer o.O, it does have
1:07 AM
@Eric Some of that, but also lots of less-well-known anime.
@LoganM Ah, I see. Can you name some of them?
@iKlsR blender's "detect features" only detects 5 or so tracks, and it isn't very good imo D:
@Krazer have you extended the cache?
And the number of frames to prefetch
@Eric Seto no Hanayome, Ika Musume, Umishou, and Muromi-san are the four that come to mind (excluding the anime which shall not be named). There's plenty more shows which have a character who is a swimmer (e.g. Ai from Amagami) or with beach episodes.
@Krazer wait.. haha, sorry about that
1:12 AM
@iKlsR might be a good question to ask... "how to efficiently use the tracker to choose and refine appropriate points"
@Krazer I thought you said it only went forward 5 frames
@LoganM Yeah, I feel like I should start a series to ask questions about it.
Other than Ro-Kyu-Bu! I haven't seen many anime involving swimming/beaches, actually.
@iKlsR that was more of a general question
Even tangentially, actually. Maybe something from Evangelion.
@Krazer I seem to be losing my mind here, up earlier when you asked about Syntheyes I answered something about fractals.. wtf. I misread it as being another software I had used that uses python code to generate fractals.
My sight is extremely bad
1:15 AM
Oh and yeah, I do use syntheyes and pfhoe pftrack a lot more than I use Blender's tracker
@Eric almost all modern animus have a swimming beach, or onsen epi
@Krazer Yeah but I don't want to watch 20 episodes in to get a question. :P
@Eric don't worry, most are 1 cour ;D
@Krazer lol
@LoganM Knowing me, if you had to recommend one of the four you mentioned, which would you?
1:27 AM
@Eric Daichohen Doraemon~
@Eric Seto no Hanayome is my favorite of those 4, but TBH you'll be better off if you just watch pool/beach episodes from lots of anime.
If you want to speed things up, watch OVAs rather than full series. For instance, Katte ni Kaizou is only 6 episodes, and episode 3 has one of the most famous pool scenes in all of anime.
@LoganM Alright, will do!
@Krazer Oh? Why? :P
In any case, virtually any modern anime will have at least one beach/pool episode (often the best episode). There are exceptions, but they're the kind of shows which really aren't worth watching in the first place.
@LoganM Yeah, but as I said to Krazer, it's not really worth watching well into a series just to find a question for flavor day.
1:38 AM
@Eric Just skip strait to the beach episode then. Often times I watch the beach episodes first anyway since they are the best so you get a good feel for the series as a whole from them.
@Eric If an anime takes place at the beach, would it still count as a beach episode?
@Krazer Er... yeah, I guess it would. xD
@Krazer This was discussed on MAL: myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=499609
1:54 AM
@LoganM no definitive answer!
@Krazer Yes, but that just proves that it's a hard question.
@LoganM or ppl have short attention spans ;9
Anyway, I think I'm going to head out for the day. I probably won't be posting too many beach questions, so I'm counting on you guys to fill up the site with pictures of pretty girls in swimsuits. Otherwise this whole thing will have been a waste.
@Eric wasn't the topic "beaches" or "swimming"? doesn't necessarily have to be a beach 'episode'
^^ that's right! be creative!
2:11 AM
i could only think of one question :(
@MrPineapple we're dooomed!
"how is it possible to look this good in a swimsuit?"
As of late, it's hard to think up questions for the flavours
@MrPineapple perfect!
perhaps the flavors are too niche
I don't think that's the case. I think we've just all put it off 'til the last minute.
2:35 AM
@LoganM Hmm, are you sure you got the right name? This one? It says it's only 3 episodes.
how often does the main feed update?
it takes at least 2mins anyway
my desktop rss reader must be getting wonky
2 hours later…
4:16 AM
@JonLin Congrats on (exactly) 6,000 rep.
@Eric ha, thanks
a nice and round number
Yup! No more rep for you now.
aim for 6666! or 6969
Q: What is the purpose of the watermelon in the ritual at the beach?

EricIn the Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo beach vacation OVA, the girls are told to perform an offering ritual to the Spirit of Water, using a watermelon. The ritual later turns out to be a joke. However, why was a watermelon chosen for this ritual? Does it symbolize something specific?

@Sakamoto That was fast.
4:23 AM
i meant to post this in social
Oh. :P
4:55 AM
Q: Why are there holes in the ocean?

EricIn One Piece, there is a hole which appears in the ocean. Why is this hole here? Is it known what created it? And, are there other holes like it?

5:09 AM
Sakamoto is a bot. Don't know who comes up with the name, though. It's brilliant.
5:42 AM
@Krazer I will go try that real quick.
8 hours later…
1:40 PM
@nhahtdh the room owners or the mods come up with the name. We can choose the name and the image
3 hours later…
4:39 PM
seems this Flavor Day is not very popular...
4:52 PM
I can't imagine what to ask myself...
@nhahtdh same
5:28 PM
hey @Kaiseroll
hello @JNatMegaman
Q: Why did Yukari's father wandered off on his honeymoon?

KrazerYukari Morita visits the Solomon Islands in an attempt to find out what happened to her father, who disappeared 17 years ago while her parents were on their honeymoon. There, she meets a native girl named Matsuri and after a series of events in episode 2, finds his father. Was the reason to why ...

@Krazer "Why did Yukari's father wandered"?
@JNat ;_; so harsh
@Krazer :P
5:41 PM
i accidentally an "-ed"
is that for Flavor Day?
I can't think of anything for this Flavor
@JNat Oh c'mon! Surely you've seen something with a beach. :P
@Eric that does not mean I have some question related to it :P
5:43 PM
@JNat Make one.~
@Eric well, I'll keep trying to think about something
@JNat Good boy. :3
@JNat Rinne no Lagrange has a beach setting ;)
also Gargantia
I've never seen the former, and I couldn't think about what to ask for the latter
o7 checking in o7
5:54 PM
Oh right, today's the chat cast! :O
@Eric Yes, I'm sure. It's definitely 6 episodes, though they were released on 3 DVDs.
@LoganM Weird. Wikipedia being wrong!? Unheard of.
I had an idea for question: "Since when is it common to include a beach/pool episode?"... But I am not sure if it really is common or not
@Eric Wikipedia tends to be pretty bad actually when it comes to anime. I usually try to find better sources if possible.
token beach episodes are pretty common imo
5:58 PM
@nhahtdh It is very common.
Here is a recap of what we will be discussing:
2 days ago, by JNat
1 - List Questions: do we still like them?
2 - Non-anime culture questions: Do we like'em? Should we keep'em?
3 - [Anime Production](http://meta.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/6/are-questions-about-how-to-make-anime-and-manga-off-topic/579#579) : Should we reconsider this?
Where is a reliable place to upload animated GIFs larger than 2MB?
@Eric min.us
@Krazer Thanks!
how long is this chat going to be? (roughly)
6:00 PM
@Eric I recently learnt that gif is pronounced jif
@MrPineapple about an hour
The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF; or ) is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. The format is almost universally used to support up to 8 bits per pixel, thus allowing a single image to reference a palette of up to 256 distinct colors chosen from the 24-bit RGB color space. Although the format can technically support 24-bit color, this is considered bad practice and results in inflated image sizes. It also supports animations and allows a separate palett...
@JNat Have you seen the backlash from that? The creator is like "no, it's JIF". And EVERYONE is like "nope, still saying it as GIF, because 'G'raphics."
I haven't seen a single person say, "Oh, so that's how it's said! Okay!"
6:02 PM
@Eric I've said that :)
Besides: GIFT - T = GIF. :P
@JNat Pfft. You're alone in that regard. xD
@Eric I saw some twitter from the creator saying "Your next challenge is learn to pronunce JPEG as GayPEG"
@JNat ... oh, wow. The creator is just a jerk (pronounced gurk).
where is @MadaraUchiha?
6:04 PM
@JNat Try superping
@@MadaraUchiha All hail to the supreme Madara-sama
well, @Krazer start when you feel like it. I have to do something, and I'll be here in some 15 minutes.
Lets start with: List Questions: do we still like them? example:
Q: List of anime with correct animation of the characters playing musical instrument

nhahtdhThere are quite a lot of anime showing the character playing some sort of musical instrument. However, not all of them show on close-up how the character plays the instrument. Quite a lot of anime hides it (with some other scenes, or use an angle which doesn't show the hand). Some anime just anyh...

Q: What is the actual dialog for this Death Note swimming meme?

EricThere is a meme created from the Death Note manga which details a character yelling at Matsuda and instructing him to swim. (A similar meme was created as a GIF from the anime.) (And a link to the manga version, since it's quite large: Clicky) I can't imagine this is the actual dialog for this...

I think that particular question is incredibly hard to make a list for. It's not something that you can collect a list from online, and it's very difficult from memory as well. You have to literally have seen every anime you're talking about, and you also have to know music well enough to differentiate good and bad.
I don't think anyone here is qualified or able (with good reason) to give a full and complete list as an answer.
would "Are there many anime with correct animation...." be a better title?
6:13 PM
@MrPineapple That becomes a bit subjective, though. What are "many"?
lets take @JonLin 's thoughts in account, as he is on his way to Shanghai atm:
A: What is the status of list questions on this site?

Jon LinConcerning the question: List of anime with correct animation of the characters playing musical instrument, also related to this meta post: Do we still like questions asking for lists of anime/manga/etc.? This definitely falls into the out of universe list and it would seem to abide by the 4 cri...

well, at least it wouldn't have to be a canonical list of them
@MrPineapple but it might be hard to maintain
That's true
> This doesn't mean that someone can't answer such a question by posting a link to an already completed list, but if such a list hasn't been created, and assuming nobody has watched every anime ever made (or a satisfyingly large percentage of them) and remembered enough details to create a list, this is going to be answered by committee, and people are going to list the shows that they've seen that match the criteria.
^ This.
6:15 PM
BTW if we're talking about my post here, then I was only discussing questions asking for lists of anime, authors, etc. In-universe list questions are fine with the existing standards IMO.
I don't think it's a bad idea to have a CW answer for it, but doesn't that fall more under a resource post than a list question?
@LoganM nice new av btw :3
@MrPineapple Please try to stay on topic during chat casts.
@Eric well a resource post can be considered a variation on the list
@Eric but it's so secksee~
I assume self-answered posts are okay? or are they included in this also?
6:17 PM
@Krazer But isn't a resource post generally decided upon and contributed to by the community? Or are we considering all questions which are answerable with resources?
@MrPineapple: After reading the post by Logan, that question is in-universe list
So I think it should be OK
That's definitely not an in-universe list. An in-universe list (basically) means that if you asked a character in the story, they'd understand it. (At least from what I understand as in-universe; if it's not this, we need to change the word we use.)
I misunderstood "in-universe" then.
@Eric yes, this is 'in-universe'
6:19 PM
@Eric lets set that aside for another time.
Anyway I think Jon Lin pointed out the problem with these pretty well. To come up with a complete answer, at least in principle you would need to know about every anime ever. That isn't feasible, so every answer on such questions would necessarily be incomplete.
Exactly. ^
Should it be allowed as a resource question?
So we're saying that lists that branch over possibly several series is a bad idea? Indeed, Someone might know one or two, but not enough to answer fully
6:22 PM
I think it would make sense as a CW resource request as long as the list is reasonably scoped (3-5, but no more than 10)
Why would we limit the length?
If we're going to allow it, I don't think it's fair to restrict the answer.
@Eric yes, this makes sense
We need to make sure people don't just post a new answer just to repeat most of the existing content, though...
I'm not sure we'll be able to cover all the bases, ppl will naturally congregate on the series they are most familiar with
@Krazer But if 100 people each contribute 1 series, we have 100 anime in that list.
6:25 PM
IMO if the asker can reduce their question to asking about a reasonable number of anime which are well-defined (e.g. everything by Osamu Tezuka before 1980) then it's a workable question. If they can't, then it's essentially a question about every anime ever.
"list of shounen anime"
That changes too rapidly, I think.
@MrPineapple this would need to be updated as new shounen anime pop up
The point is that the burden of demonstrating that the list is reasonably scoped should be put on the asker. There has to be a reasonable way to judge when the list is complete. If not, then we run into subjectivity problems pretty quickly.
well if I modified it to "list of shounen anime pre-2012", it's an answerable question, but it is awfully long.
6:28 PM
I agree with what @LoganM said here
@JNat Which part?
Can you quote it here?
tl;dr "These sorts of questions aren't very interesting, and they lead to debate even among high rep users. Rather than allowing them in certain complicated situations, we should ban them altogether to avoid conflicts of opinion and simplify the rules."
regarding out-of-universe list questions
Yeah, I tend to think that's a good way to go, too. We've been discussing this since the inception of the site, and still haven't come to a decent conclusion.
the fact that the terms 'objectively' and 'reasonably scoped' are subject to different interpretations and debate
@Eric precisely
Like Logan said, I also haven't seen an interesting list question yet. I might see the answer, nod, and say, "That's cool." But none that I really thought were fascinating, particularly to a wide audience.
6:32 PM
I think in situations like the one Jon Lin mentioned ("How many Lupin III movies/specials didn't have Fujiko?") it is reasonable to keep the question open, because it's only drawing from a small set of anime in the first place. But we don't have to include that in the official rules. If the rules are strict, we can be lenient in applying them from time to time when they don't need to be applied, but if they're too loose we're in trouble.
I also think it's okay to let questions like, "Are there any _____?" which is like a list question requesting 2-3 items (just as examples).
This question comes to mind.
@Eric but how does the OP know that the answer will only have 2-3 items?
@JNat By asking for only 2-3 items.
6:34 PM
@Eric That still has problems with subjectivity if multiple people post answers with different examples.
@Eric "would "Are there many anime with correct animation...." be a better title?"
The question "are there" doesn't really require the answer to be a complete listing
@LoganM and I agree that it would be better for the rules to be stricter
I agree with @nhahtdh, with a question like that there is room for an answer to just contain even one entry
@LoganM: For in-universe list, the same problem of subjectivity also applies
6:36 PM
@nhahtdh but in in-universe questions, although some answers may be better than others, there is a correct answer
the problem with in-universe question would only be the 'reasonably scoped' part
@nhahtdh For an in-universe list, a person only has to be an expert on a single series to tell when the list is complete. For an out-of-universe list, a person has to know about every anime ever.
but I don't think we have problem with in-universe list questions
@LoganM and this, yeah
I don't mean to compare between in-universe and out-of universe in term of subjectivity of the answer. In an in-universe list type of question, if the scope is slightly broad, or the current answer is incomplete and not maintained, the question might draw in other answers which are equivalent in correctness.
@nhahtdh if the scope is slightly broad, we'll tell the OP to better scope it
@nhahtdh Yes, that is a problem. But that can happen even for non-list questions. If the answer is different in the anime and the manga, for example, we could get 2 answers. Some level of subjectivity is inevitable, but we don't want it to get to the level of comparing anime.
6:43 PM
@JNat So how would one scope a question like "List of anime with correct animation of the characters playing musical instrument"? in fairness it has been pretty scoped, but it still asks more of the user than should be expected
7 mins ago, by Logan M
@nhahtdh For an in-universe list, a person only has to be an expert on a single series to tell when the list is complete. For an out-of-universe list, a person has to know about every anime ever.
it is as well scoped as it can be
since that is an out-of-universe question, it is hard to better scope it
but still, it is hard to have one correct answer
why not redirect out-of-universe lists to the reviews and recommendations room?
@Krazer yes, I agree with this
Is there going to be anyone there?
@nhahtdh yes
6:46 PM
I'll try to be
when we closed the question, we'd leave a comment telling people to go there
so anyone that sees the post and thinks he'd have an answer to it can go to the room and reply to the user
it's a matter of 'educating' the users in that sense, I think
Q&A format really isn't fit for list type of question.
so, have we come to a consensus? In-universe questions stay the same, out-of-universe are 'banned' completely?
IMO this is exactly the sort of thing which TVTropes tends to answer pretty well. A wiki site like them can create such lists, with the expectation that they'll be relatively complete after enough people visit and contribute. But we're not really a wiki site, and our activity isn't high enough to be able to do that.
@JNat I'm not seeing any objections to that at this point.
TVTrope is not that "complete" per se
We know a show A has this property P
6:51 PM
@nhahtdh Not really, but it's better than what we can do.
But we can't get a list of shows that has property P
we're approaching an hour so we should wrap up here and not keep ppl for too long.
@LoganM: Agree about that. Since the answer is tied with rep, people are going to focus on activities that produce reputation over those that don't
@JNat In any case, if there are no objections to this, we should move on to the next topic.
@nhahtdh I think you can
6:53 PM
@Krazer Wow it's already an hour. lol
ok, so list questions are settled
we'll need to create a meta post (or update the ones that exist)
and update our FAQ and /about page
If you guys want to continue, we can... but I don't want to force anyone to continue.
@Krazer I can stay for some 15, 20 minutes more
(Actually, the wiki is there, just that very few people actually make use of it)
Do we move on to "Non-anime culture questions: Do we like'em? Should we keep'em?", or do you people wanna leave this to the next session?
6:55 PM
@JNat That topic will take a while.
let's leave it for next session, or meta it
I've got nothing planned for 4 more hours, but I suspect everyone else has things to do.
and the next topic was the 'anime-production' thing, which will most likely take some time too
@Krazer Meta is a good idea for this one, since I don't think we've discussed the topic broadly on meta yet.
ok, I think we can meta the "Non-anime culture questions" thing, and next week (maybe) we can see what people think about this
which means we're done for the day, right?
unless someone feels there's something short that he'd like to bring up
6:58 PM
Q: How far along is the One Piece anime compared with the manga?

Ricardo ValerianoI'm Brazilian and I'm having a hard time locating the manga. I'd like to know how far along the anime is compared to the the manga, or if the anime will give spoilers to the story (in the manga).

how should we deal with this one?
That one's problem is the phrasing
so modifying the question would require for the answers to be edited too
@Krazer Didn't we already have a meta post on questions like this where the answer changes frequently?
and since the OP got his answer already, maybe we'd leave it as is
@LoganM we have this
Q: How do we deal with answers that become obsolete as the plot advances?

Deidara-senpaiThis question Does Zetsu have a word soul? received some good answers a few days back. However, with the Naruto chapter 618, these answers became obsolete or even incorrect. Nothing personal against the people who answered them, but how do we deal with such cases? Clearly, we cannot restrict que...

@JNat Doesn't discuss the case when the answer is continually changing, so it's a different question IMO.
@JNat I'm fine with leaving the post closed but undeleted. It doesn't seem like it harms anything to do so.
@LoganM yes, I think the same
7:03 PM
I think we just need to have the asker be specific in what point if time they are asking
@Krazer Yes, in the future we should do that.
@Krazer you've done that in your latest comment there
if he edits it, we'll decide on what to do
until then, I think it should stay as is
@JNat I'll edit the bookmark and make the meta, and you take care of the faq and about. Sound good?
@Krazer ok, that's fine by me
Just want to make sure, are the question asking for existence "are there" allowed?
7:06 PM
@nhahtdh only if in-universe
anything else that needs clarification?
going once...
out-of-universe are generally and by rule closed as off-topic, and occasionally one that's good and can be well answered may 'slip through'
A bit sad that those questions are no longer allowed, since some of them are quite interesting (are there any anime out before manga)
36 mins ago, by Logan M
I think in situations like the one Jon Lin mentioned ("How many Lupin III movies/specials didn't have Fujiko?") it is reasonable to keep the question open, because it's only drawing from a small set of anime in the first place. But we don't have to include that in the official rules. If the rules are strict, we can be lenient in applying them from time to time when they don't need to be applied, but if they're too loose we're in trouble.
instead of "banned" I'll just mention that they are "discouraged"
7:09 PM
@Krazer or off-topic, no?
@nhahtdh Maybe this should be considered separately. It does seem like a bit of a different issue.
@LoganM: What do you mean by "This"?
@JNat NC seems to be more appropirate
@LoganM: Existential type of question?
@nhahtdh "Are there any ___?" questions
7:10 PM
@Krazer yes
it is on-topic
we just don't want them
so Not Constructive is better, yeah
I'll take the summary of the meeting as "Questions that asks for an out-of-universe list are discouraged/likely to be closed as NC"
I'll make a note and link/quote to JonLin's answer in the meta.
anything else?
@nhahtdh more like "Questions that asks for an out-of-universe list are discouraged/*sure* to be closed as NC" in the "rules", but occasionally one might slip through
@Krazer I think that's all
So concludes the chat cast. Thanks to everyone for participating!
7:14 PM
@Krazer I'll edit the FAQ and /about pages, but when you're done we'll need to re-edit to include links to the meta post you're about to create
@JNat ok
While people are here, given the support for removing , I'll remove from all 8 questions with the tag tomorrow unless there are any objections.
@LoganM no objection
I don't think we need to put "In-universe list questions" in the on-topic part
so only adding a link to your meta is left
@JNat ok
7:32 PM
well, I'm gonna have dinner
@JNat meta.anime.stackexchange.com/q/587/63 let me know if I missed anything
@Krazer I'll read it after dinner
7:54 PM
Q: How should we deal with out-of-universe questions in general?

KrazerThe problem we are having with questions such as this one is that the scope can be too broad at times and be ambiguous or hard to completely answer. How should we deal with these types of questions?

hi am I late ah sorry doing some neural networks bootstudies with gf
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