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1:52 AM
If anything, I did also enjoy "P&S with G" anime, so perhaps it shown my type of humor :S
I must confess, I also enjoyed P&S with G
6 hours later…
8:01 AM
@Peilonrayz I agree to disagree. Now, forgive me but I will stop replying anymore.
Alas, please avoid pinging me about that show in the future.
5 hours later…
1:19 PM
@SPArcheon No. If you talk about any show I am free to reply.
1 hour later…
2:31 PM
Q: Were there news reports of seizure incidents due to "paka-paka" and "flash" before Pokemon's Electric Soldier Porygon related incidents?

MaladyWikipedia on Electric Soldier Porygon: The anime technique "paka paka" uses different-colored lights flashing alternatively to cause a sense of tension. The anime technique "flash" emits a strong beam of light. TVTropes: MissingEpisode: Anime And Manga: On Electric Soldier Porygon: In fact, an...

3 hours later…
5:54 PM
Q: Manga in which the main character gets trained and accompanied by a bear who is in reality a powerful elf witch

Luis OllarvezThe MC is in a Isekai world, I believe. In the encounter with this "bear" he fights a golem and thanks to the teachings of the "bear" he wins...

3 hours later…
8:38 PM
Q: How many late anime (2006+) have been released in the 4:3 aspect?

alex21I found a hobby for myself in searching for anime from the mid00s (06-08), which are released in format 4:3. Can anyone tell me more? Tactical Roar / 2006 Muteki Kanban Musume / 2006 Ice OVA / 2007

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