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12:43 AM
Q: Why did the Black Knights betray Lelouch?

HenkyoWhat possible reason do the Black Knights have for betraying Lelouch/Zero? After all he has done for them and everything they have been through together, they just turn against Lelouch after listening to Schneizel. Is it because Schneizel offered the Black Knights Independence? Or was it because ...

7 hours later…
7:34 AM
Q: {Spoiler} How come Mahoraga didn't adapt to Sukuna's pyrokinetic ability?

AjayIn this article, you can see how the fight went between Sukuna and Mahoraga. The climax of the fight goes like this: How come Mahoraga was able to adapt to using Cleave and Dismantle through Sukuna's Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine sending an endless barrage of slashing attacks but couldn't ...

4 hours later…
11:56 AM
@Peilonrayz pretty sure that the pony model is the result of a merge with some high-end anime model.
12:42 PM
I don't remember this Equestria Girl character...
7 hours later…
7:48 PM
@SPArcheon can you tell if this character is ai generated? punishing-gray-raven.fandom.com/wiki/Celica. I saw an AI generated image of her and noticed in the image her ties are not worn but "tucked in", but someone in chat pointed out that that's what her outfits are like in the official art. Can't tell if it's an AI irregularity (more likely) or deliberately odd fashion.
And two Tori no Uta versions from my YouTube recommendations today:
1 hour later…
8:56 PM
@SPArcheon lol
Nice images, seeing Shante with the pony hair (don't know her name) is pretty interesting. Just me or does the hair kinda look like a pony? (would be understandable why)
@SPArcheon Ah would make sense. I'd presume then the AI has a lot more knowledge on the art style.
@Gao Do you have a specific image? The preview has aspects which make me think no. But the image is tiny and has tons of artifacts

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