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6:39 AM
Q: Why is Yatora hiding his real intentions?

Pranayyatora is intelligent and scores high grades in his second year. Even though he is insecure, he is really good at socializing with other people and seems to be an extrovert (He tags along well with utashima, sumida, koigakubo and art club friends) . I'm hoping that someone could explain me about ...

7 hours later…
1:39 PM
Q: Can we reverse the direction of the synonym between the tags [kimi-no-na-wa] and [your-name]?

NamaskaramCurrently, the tag kimi-no-na-wa is the parent tag, and it has the synonym your-name. Can we reverse the direction of the synonym to make the parent tag as the one with the English title? I think this would be in line with the current policy.

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10:18 PM
Q: Why do people think people with Good Knife Skills are hiding things?

Memor-XWhen i was playing Tales of Graces f, if Pascal and Cheria where in the party there would be a victory scene where Pascael would comment on Cheria's knife work and questions if she's hiding anything else https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUEuQvJAlCU&t=247s Pascel: That's some fancy knife work, wha...

10:31 PM
friendly reminder that Tales of Graces f has the best victory scenes so far
> Hubert: Over in a flash!
Sophie: how long is a flash
Asbel: it's less that a second
Sophie: why is he lying?
Hubert: these insufferable...
still funny even if you aren't doing the battle yourself because you see in the top the battle took almost 2 minutes
world is doing to be destroyed, lets crack jokes when we kill trash mobs

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