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10:52 AM
only a few hours left to Genshin anniversary. Players are raging, every gaming site is making fun of Mihoyo (forbes did an article too) but no sign of actual "rewards" other than the 10 free pulls (less than Lantern rite - that gave 10 pulls + one free 4*).
@hyper-neutrino I foresee big outbreak as soon as the anniversary livestream starts
Leave the chat open? Expect flaming
Censor the chat? Even more flaming on reddit and other uncontrolled channels.
Some continue to hope for something... but let's be realistic.
If it was an item reward, would have been datamined by now unless they do a minor update to the client just for that.
Still, would be something that wasn't visible in beta.
Furthermore, even if you assume they went the extra mile for absolute secret... that would be not worth it. Face 2 weeks of player insulting you on every possible channel just for surprise factor? Have you any idea of how big the surprise would have to be to be worth all the hate they got in these few days?
I doubt a free C6 Ganyu would be enough to offset the bad PR they had from this stunt.
1 hour later…
12:24 PM
Surprise surprise, Genshin local Orochimaru is an idiot too (and I bet evil )
12:46 PM
Q: Review queues completed message not appearing

ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッOnce I finished the Review Queues, as explained in the title of this post, nothing shows up when I finish them. Refreshing, nor restarting the website did not fix this problem: As far as I'm concerned, whenever you finish Review Queues, you usually get a message around the lines of: You have co...

its back
1:09 PM
Q: name of an anime with just a picture

Afnani bought the top 100 anime poster scratch off, and there was an anime called onmyoji, I searched for it online but the picture in the poster didn't match the one online, and I think the anime name isn't onmyoji because a lot of animes on the poster had weird names that didn't match the anime. thi...

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3:40 PM
in The Bridge, 27 secs ago, by SPArcheon
LOL. Just realized. Tomorrow is not just Genshin Anniversary. It is also the birthday of one character. On characters birthday players get a mail with some (useless) food items.. So, not only people will rage for no anniversary rewards. They will also rage because on anniversary they get the memetic three fowls.
Yes @hyper-neutrino, it is Ayaka birthday too.
And I don't think they would give her as a special anniversary gift, even if she was rumored to be "Inazuma standard banner character"
3:53 PM
maybe if they give out 5 fowls this time the players will be happy ~ mihoyo, probably
nah best i'm hoping for on anniversary is stand by me 2.0
even getting a std 5* is more than i'm thinking will be the best case scenario but who knows
@hyper-neutrino yet a stand by me would have some graphics in the client. Should have been datamined
4:09 PM
there will be nothing, and people will rage once again.
Then they will rage for the fish sword (already started) because it is actually good but horrible to see/use on the characters.
I would say they wouldn't be able to replicate the current chain of protests if they tried
from Yoimiya onward managed to do one error after another.
@Memor-X Fake advertising.
Got the game. No sister to be found yet.
Can I trade in the dog?
4:51 PM
@hyper-neutrino the mail is out, it is dated 28. Nothing else came, so grab popcorn and watch players going Klee on Mihoyo.
time to avoid reddit for the next patch
5:03 PM
@hyper-neutrino and then they will censor chat on the live stream. And people will rage for that too.
yeah classic ****** move
BTW, I think I know where the funds for the rewards went.
Felt dolls.
(it is a cut&paste from the twitch stream to merge all the pieces in a single clip since the original is split between multiple pieces)
at least they could have given the "Rabbit Paimon" skin.
No game value, still cute
5:30 PM
Video ends with a cake. They could have given one at least for the anni :P
5 hours later…
10:29 PM
@SPArcheon ?????
11:04 PM
the new users answer tho lmao
> Also Itachi was an idiot as well for not exposing Danzo and talking to Hiruzen and maybe even to Fugaku to set a meeting so they can actually discuss intentions. The only ones that wanted the Uchihas to stay caged were Danzo and those two fossils, Hiruzen was just too passive to do anything about the Uchiha clan. He could have easily talked to Fugaku and tell him "man, I want the Uchihas to feel welcome and at home within the leaf village" yet he didn't do shit.
so tempted to upvote that answer tbh loll

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