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11:50 AM
Q: Is it better to watch boruto anime or read it's manga?

Sajida SanadiI want to start boruto, so I was just looking at comments and many say that boruto manga is very different from anime, and they said that boruto anime is like fillers, is this true? Please answer.

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12:56 PM
When answering a question in Anime SE, is it mandatory to put sources for every citation of the original text that you have?
5 hours later…
5:55 PM
@SafdarFaisal I don't see how putting sources is necessary, bc you can just copy and paste then search the text to easily find where it's from. But it's better to because otherwise it just seems like plagarism lol
I typically quote anime wiki's because that's one of the best places to find info (besides the author himself) so it doesn't seem necessary to me. But I always add my sources unleee I forget to
6:26 PM
But it isn't always possible, and sometimes we just have to infer/guesstimate things based off logic/info given in the series. Such as this question and this question.
when you quote directly from a source, be careful of usage rights; i would cite it to be safe for most purposes unless it's clear you can just copy it wherever
when writing answers, citations make your answer more trustworthy, allow people to do their own research, and overall add to credibility (and when you're asking questions about a fact it helps to cite why you know said fact is true)
6:39 PM
hyperneutrino, I want to start competitive programming. What language should I focus on??
@SafdarFaisal how much experience do you have with programming?
@hyper-neutrino not much so it's a fresh start wherever.. tried CP with python today. Just started.
hyper, couldn't he learn some at code golf or stack overflow
Python's definitely a good place to start. A relatively straightforward language to learn and understand the algorithms and thought process, so I'd recommend it
the language I personally use for most CP is C++ because Python tends to be a bit slow, but Python's better for a beginner to learn
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ code-golf doesn't accept help questions (other than for golfing or similar) but our chat room tends to be pretty random and there are probably people who would be willing to help you out with some things
if you have code that isn't working as intended or has issues you can consult SO
6:44 PM
but if you just want to learn, i'd recommend online courses or resources or such; SE isn't really the place for that
any places to start from?
i can't quite remember how I started...
I think I just started by doing easy practice problems and slowly just building up experience and working through more problems
oh also, just to be clear - by competitive programming you mean like ICPC-type problems, not like golfing competitions or other for-fun challenges, right?
yeah. ICPC..
okay. just making sure
if I may, I would recommend DMOJ as a good platform; it's an online judge and it has a lot of competitive programming problems
(i am not affiliated with it in any way) - it's free to use and pretty easy to understand
alright.. thanks I'll check it out :D
6:57 PM
np! if you ever want help here might be off-topic (but it's pretty inactive and a lot of it is me and SPArcheon talking about genshin impact anyway lol) but codegolf's room (The Nineteenth Byte) tends to have programmers there (obviously) and it's usually pretty random (as long as there isn't an on-topic discussion going on) so someone might help you
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8:06 PM
Q: Why Captain Charlotte raised hand for Yuno?

Saksham KushwahaSo we know that Blue Rose Knights only works with Ladies and not any Men so why Charlotte raised hand for Yuno during selection for magic knights.

2 hours later…
10:12 PM
i was just lurking around meta and saw some badge request that was added (unsung hero). does this badge still exist?
11:04 PM
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ You can see a list of all badges here. All badges still exist, however some are retired (meaning you can't be awarded the badges anymore)
Unsung is not retired, but no-one's gotten the badge
oh thanks

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