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12:09 AM
Q: What is this manga

DanielWe have been looking for a while and still cant figure out where this is from. https://i.stack.imgur.com/DOTYf.png

iqdb.org is back
and still it and SauceNao are no good with manga
whoever placed this camp is evil
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7:38 AM
@Memor-X Sorry to rain on your parade, but the golden seal of trash is there.
Netfilx is the LJN of animation movies
They WILL find a way to ruin it.
@hyper-neutrino because you only wanted the drops and there is no close by teleport since that point is on a cliff, meaning that no mater where you teleport you will have to climb?
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8:44 AM
@hyper-neutrino probably won't ever become a bad guy because that would be too lame of a plot twist.
But... he will forever remain a dastardly troll.
9:22 AM
@SPArcheon thing is though is that it's not an "original"
@Sakamoto it took 8 hours... but y'all did it ;p
Crystal has, from what i know, kept close to the manga and going by the trailer they are keeping to that with the Dream Arc
@AndrewT. we need 2 other people who are in GMT+10/11 to close vote with me lol
yeah... there were also 3 close flaggers
if they had enough rep, it would have been closed in... 30 minutes :x
does it show to mods who flagged?
9:29 AM
@Memor-X ceeeeeeensorshippppppppppp..... turn them to sisterssssssssssss..... meddle with the plot................
Didn't they censor things like Tokyo Goul? Never checked, only heard people talking about it. Wouldn't be surprised if they did something to the two sailors if those are the premises
Jojo seems to be censored too, based on a rapid Google search.
Both anime I never cared about, but it sets a precedent.
I would look for another source, either a DVD release or an anime specific paid service that has a better reputation.
@SPArcheon too late for that. Dream Arc is after Death Busters and they already showed Haruka kissing Usagi
@SPArcheon that was Funimation i think
if anything Netflix fund making animation, not just subs it like Funimation and Chruncyroll
or atleast i think
i don't think they just subbed/dubbed an already made Castlevania series
> Distributor:
Madman Entertainment (Australia and New Zealand)
Manga Entertainment (UK and Ireland)
Warner Home Video (DVD & Viz Media Blu-ray)

Internet Streaming:
AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)
FUNimation Entertainment (via Viz Media)
Pluto TV
Tubi TV

Licensed by:
Viz Media (US and Canada; Blu-ray)
Warner Bros. (DVD)
@Memor-X I would have preferred that thing that is the Castlevania series stayed unfunded, unmaked, and unseen from human eye.
that's the english companies involved in Jojo's
like yes, the US had a bad record of censoring during localization but so does every country
but i think the examples you are finding are not Netflix
still, it's going to be streamed which means subscription for a while
@Memor-X plenty of time to pull out the old Sailor Starlight trash from some EU localizations. "Haruka is a male that switches places with his female twin sister when he transforms"
@SPArcheon doubt it. they do that they kill any possibility of a Crystal version of Shadow Galactica
apparently the reason why DiC never localized it was because the original director of the anime saw what they had did with the previous seasons and revoked their licences to localize Sailor Moon
9:44 AM
you assume that the idiots who would do such a bad "localization" to avoid to "disrupt the natural development of the children who watch the show" (yes, this is some serious [censored] that someone once said when the cuts on the original show were made) would actually know the series enough to know something is still coming.
If that was the case when executive idiots are involved, then for example Italy wouldn't have changed Luffy D Monkey name to "Rubber" and found themselves in a sea of pain when later the "D" became a central plot point.
(Tried to escape the mess by later retconing the original "localization" to Rubber being just a nickname
10:13 AM
@hyper-neutrino Reddit rant of the day: since the event choose all the annoying enemies (see the vishaps, granadiers and so on) can we at least get their drops?
in the meantime, prediction for the last challenge.
Electro vishap with the electro orb spam, one granadier with the chaos orb, the ring from challenge 2, a frost lawhurl because why not with the cold gimmik from the dragonspine area to make him fell at home.
And put the only two bracers outside the ring.
10:49 AM
new leak from 1.6
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1:18 PM
@SPArcheon yeah I really hope Kaeya won't become actually evil (and I doubt he will). But I saw that and that's hilarious, lol.
@SPArcheon yeah i really wish domains gave enemy drops - even if not the normal ones cuz that would make farming them too easy, at least the super hard domains lol.
yoo croissant hypostasis!
@hyper-neutrino Would be quite dumb writing.
cube-shaped object: exists
genshin players: yoooo hypostasis
But he is quite annoying and he has even the arrogance to get annoyed when you reply in rimes.
(see: Replying "Kayea flirts with darkness" in one event when he gets offended. Two seconds later he says he can be friend with a treasure hunter because it is outside works hours.)
lol, right. my opinion on kaeya is rather mixed; especially if he does come from khaenriah and had his home and everyone around him destroyed that feelsbad but also he's annoying lmao.
Kaeya: Haha, how very amusing. What makes you think I would recognize this symbol?
MC: You flirt with the dark side, so you would know.
Paimon: Exactly!
Kaeya: Uh-ah! You should watch what you say, Honorary Knight.
Kaeya: What do you mean, flirt with the dark side? The Knights of Favonius certainly does not have dealings with its enemies.
Kaeya: That has to do with a certain knightly virtue called "integrity."
Kaeya: If you are curious to know more, I can put you in touch with an informant on the inside.
Paimon: Uhh, didn't you just say the Knights of Favonius don't have dealings with their enemies!?
Kaeya: ...This is my own personal informant. Nothing to do with the Knights of Favonius.
1:25 PM
i found that kind of funny, lol. but also annoying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wish there was an option to reply "and never I said the KNIGHTS flirted with the dark side either. Just you. Personally."
that said "integrity".....
like in "please cover up your father death so that we don't look bad"
Since FF7R is quite popular here... I'm gonna just drop it here (warning: contains spoiler from FF7R Part 1)
1:41 PM
@AndrewT. FF7 is popular, but the PS5 does not exist so that idiot ps5 only dlc can die with the console you can't buy anywhere but from scalpers.
because releasing the thing on ps4 too since the new console isn't buyable anywhere... too smart of a move apparently.
2:28 PM
@AndrewT. the thumbnail is interesting as i thought this was just going to be a Yuffie Story
but yeh as @SPArcheon said it's PS5 Exclusive DLC. you do get a free upgrade to PS5 if you have the PS4 version however even when they release Part 2, if it's on PS4 it's already content inferior
it might mean that Part 2 is actually coming to the PS5 only
2:41 PM
@Memor-X the point is not the free upgrade. The point is that the DLC is ps5 exclusive.
@SPArcheon yeah i don't really personally like the knights that much, lol
also there's a theory (shared to me by my brother, though i think he saw it somewhere else) that the knights are entirely an aristocracy
And that basically is Square giving a nice [insert preferred insult here] to every player who CAN'T buy a ps5 since Sony didn't yet manage to solve the availability issues and does not care at all to stop the cursed scammer scalpers that have probably more than 70% of the consoles locked somewhere gathering dusk
amber's grandfather was in the knights - note that she doesn't have a known last name
@hyper-neutrino amber grandfather was from Liyue
oh huh. well he joined the knights regardless
2:44 PM
and I have the suspect he is pretty close right now.
jean, diluc, and eula all have last names (quite "fancy" ones too, though that's subjective and besides the point)
noelle can never seem to become a knight and note that she doesn't have a last name either
so i've seen a theory that the knights are an aristocracy which kind of makes sense. anyway, might just be random speculation, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
In the lantern rite quest the usually crazy guy in the old people city in north Liyue mentions briefly seeing "that old one came back with his glider"
And mentions he lives somewhere north.
huh..... interesting
basically, I think the missing grandfather is in the unexplorable red circle.
Bingo. Found it again.
Qingce Village
Someone mentions a friend from 50 years before, that uses a wind glider.
considering that lore says that Amber grandfather came from Liyue, seems pretty specific.
Ah. yeah that does seem like it's talking about her grandfather; that theory would make sense
2:56 PM
@hyper-neutrino Here, you have the full text.
oh okay. that's definitely him then lol. that's pretty cool!
Mentions the knight specifically.
i wonder if that area will ever be added as a side region
And that is btw why I HATE that genshin is gatcha.
the fact that the characters are random managed to extend on the one character you will have anyway
In a normal game that would trigger a cutscene with Amber saying something.
Even just a skit like Tales Of.
even if she just said something without a cutscene or anything, just like a voiceline, would be cool
2:59 PM
But here the characters do not react to environment because they are potentially gatcha locked.
cuz it's just weird to have someone talk about your active character to their face in the third person
figure Donna realizing too late it was Diluc she was talking too.
Anyway, there is a priority before that.
Get this one in the teapot.
i've been neglecting my teapot lol. haven't been motivated much to do anything except spend my resin cap and farm matz for ascension and whatever
With a weekly quest, every week she hides somewhere randomly (only clue of her position being a faint song when you are close) and giving you just some basic things like 5 gems.
@hyper-neutrino had a better idea for the last event domain btw.
Water ones.
@SPArcheon that would actually be a really cool idea
3:09 PM
Plenty of them, with boosted hp.
also pls no
and the same annoying feature of regenerating health too fast to be funny
sounds very fun
still waiting for the 6 oceanid event
@hyper-neutrino Albedo idea if I remember correctly?
@SPArcheon yes; i think traveler says something about [some enemy] being easy / not a problem and albedo mentions "then i'll give you 6 oceanids lmao"
don't remember the details
3:12 PM
Think it was slimes.
and could be worse.
6 Borealis.
But don't worry. 6 of the same boss is lame.
But... I bet you will have the pleasure of a double boss fight Oceanid and... Cryo Regivine before the end of the year.
honestly the oceanid fight just annoys me because she takes so long to summon each wave
the fight isn't really hard as long as i don't get overconfident
also if i remember that opening the menu so I can chat does NOT stop me from getting submerged...
I assume that is co-op, in that case it is probably more like "does not stop time".
well, it does stop time, it's just that the submerge counter doesn't seem to observe stopped time
I am sure I was in solo and also the mimics weren't attacking anymore + everything was not moving
3:49 PM
someone has to draw a Seiken Genshin crossover
Duran -> Diluc
Angela -> Mona
Kevin -> Razor
Charlotte -> Klee (Kleewotte)
Hawkeye -> Kaeya or Tartaglia, your pick
Riesz -> Good question.
Replace the fairy with Paimon.
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6:38 PM
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8:06 PM
@SPArcheon ^ 1.6 character costumes, apparently (if you haven't seen these already)
ofc subject to change (idk if these are leaks or pre-release previews)
8:47 PM
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10:04 PM
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11:05 PM
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11:47 PM
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