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12:18 AM
Q: Whats the difference between these these

k-on fanWhats the difference between these these 私でよければ入部させてください 私はよければ入部させてください 私をよければ入部させてください I was watching the k-on anime first episode and I saw this line 私でよければ入部させてください the English subs translated to "if its okay with you id like to join the club" the part that confused me was the 私で I got as far...

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9:50 AM
Q: Why does "Tornado of Terror" have so much power reserved in her storage?

Itoh AtsushiWhy does Tatsumaki have so much power reserve than any other psychics around her combined? I just want to know how is it even possible?

3 hours later…
12:41 PM
@Memor-X as I said before.... Another game, another poor background with the usual flat floor texture.
Can they at least get to BotW level of the detail?
1:08 PM
and also a question for @Dimitrimx.
Genshin lore, base on youtube. If the gods each control an element, and some of them are even at war with each other - see Venti and the Cryo one ....
how comes that each region has people with visions from the other gods?
And also, if the god actually controls the element... current lore seems to point to the Main character to just be able to attune without the god to be willing to give help.
point is, the plot is somehow intriguing and the coincidence about the gnosis story are there
7 hours later…
8:47 PM
Q: In season 2, why does Sakuya Togane have the highest Psycho Pass registered?

Aisteru FirëIn the second season of Psycho-Pass, we learn that Sakuya Togane has the highest Psycho Pass ever registered. How can this be,

9:20 PM
@SPArcheon I'm not invested enough in the lore ._.
9:58 PM
Q: I’ve looking a shoujo manga with a girl have a dead friends

NobodyCan anyone tell me what’s the title of the manga? There’s some girl and have friend a ghost boy. The ghost helping her to change her life and sometimes he’s enter inside that girl body. When the ghost boy inside her, her behaviour changed. There’s a time the ghost boy has disappear and tell the g...

10:22 PM
Q: Hunter x Hunter Song?

KirosI really like the music in Hunter X Hunter and have found all but ONE song. If someone could help me find this one it would be greatly appreciated!! Here is an example of what the song is; in episode 86 at 12:08 https://www.crunchyroll.com/hunter-x-hunter/episode-86-promise-x-and-x-reunion-6230...

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11:43 PM
@SPArcheon is that ReVerse?

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