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4:10 AM
Watching/Listening to Squirrels and Robots and learned about this Gatebox thing
can obviously see it as Alexa or Google Home but with an anime character as the "UI"
but unlike them would be something i would actually take an interest in
4 hours later…
8:25 AM
@Memor-X Already saw that at least two years ago. Doesn't seem it manage to sell a lot in the meantime.
I would say, while the "features" from the promo ads don't really seem that much, it would have been interesting if they had some sort of "developer kit" available.
At least by now someone would have turned it into a NetNavi, Megaman BattleNetwork style.
9:22 AM
@Derpy i'd so get Roll or Iris if that was the case
@Derpy the way Foamy mentioned it it sounded as if it was something new. he did mention it's getting localised (ie, available to the west) so maybe the "new" aspect is that the west is getting it maybe
2 hours later…
11:31 AM
Q: Fairy Tail's story isn't progressing where should I watch it from?

Sujal MotagiI started watching Fairy Tail a couple of days ago but the story isn't progressing, the first 15 episodes or so aren't very interesting. They're like filler episodes which have a story of their own. Which episode should I watch it from so that the plot starts progressing?

@Memor-X oh, well, then I guess I get to see your reaction "real time"
Yep, there is something new... they presented a "western" version at CES 2020....
how to say... I don't think you'll like the change...
just in case you actually hoped I was joking.
@Derpy but, but, they are the same hardware so we should be able to use the japanese ones right.....right?
first, not sure the hardware will be 100% identical. Second, I doubt the western version will include the Hikari model (or the even more exclusive Hatsune Miku one) and since they don't seem to have any downloadable software on their site... doubt you can swap it.
@Dimitrimx \o
11:46 AM
Third..... even if you had the option to change the model, the voice bank will still probably be Japanese only, with no subtitle option I fear.
The only "hope" is that a worldwide release could catch the eye of some modding comunity
Which hopefully could also add some feature to this product too since right now based on the ads it seems more of a chatbot than an actual assistant.
@Memor-X that said, if it can be of any comfort, I now read that the western version is intended to be used as an assistant on luxury cruise ship, so at least that thing is not aimed at a retail market.
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1:06 PM
Q: Why is the reanimated Madara Uchiha not old?

Surya TejIt is observed that reanimated shinobi just look like the way when they were dead. Then why is Madara Uchiha the exception? If we consider Kabuto took the blood sample from the young Madara corpse (which was a clone), how can a clone stay intact for that long? Because the death of the shinobi sho...

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2:44 PM
Q: What did hisoka whispered to Bodoro?

No_NameIn episode 20 during the hunter examination after knocking down Bodoro, Hisoka whispered something to Bodoro and conceded after. I don't know if it has shown what Hisoka said or whispered that i might've miss or it never did showed it in the anime.

2 hours later…
4:23 PM
Q: Looking for a specific web comic about cats

RosielI have read this webcomic more than 5 years ago, it contained stories about the adventures of multiple cats. I have been looking for this for a while now, but I was not able to find anything. I can remember the following details: The main character (cat) of the comic had multiple kittens at som...

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9:30 PM
Q: Order of watching psycho pass?

QuikCan someone provide the correct order of watching the ova's and movies with the seasons


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