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Q: Why did "Kaguya clan" branched off from the "Otsutsuki clan"?

Fumikage TokoyamiWhy did the Kaguya clan branched from the Otsusuki clan? We know that Kaguya is from the Otsusuki clan but why did she formed a separate clan called "Kaguya" clan? Both the clans have same special power(kekkei genkai) so ideally both clans should be same so why did Kaguya chose to form another cl...

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12:40 PM
who among you guys has read and finished Arc of a Scythe?
12:57 PM
@xpert I only read part of the toll in that series. Never really got to reading it
if you just read the toll and not the first two your missing out on a lot
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3:08 PM
I haven't watched a lot of anime >.>
Seven Deadly Sins was okay, there is some Prince one on Netflix.
My favourites were Hellsing, Claymore and Ghost in a Shell both the films and TV series.
There are a lot of tropes that put me off a series quite quickly and I haven't read any Manga.
What kinda tropes put you off?
3:20 PM
Like Dragon Ballz with the constant powering up. In a few series the one with glasses that is so blind and always loses them being clumsy but turns out to be their best sniper. Butlers that push their glasses, up, roll up their sleeves and basically do magic.
The typical, bump into each other, guy is clueless, she blushes and falls in love with his rock hard chest in that moment.
I tolerate a few here and there but when it is a constant thing or they just string multiple ones together that is when it starts bugging me.
@ITGremlin its called the Dragon Prince.
that stuff is annoying. It makes the anime too predictable.
Its also the reason why I dont watch that many animes.
Perhaps you would be intrested in psycho-pass (believe it's on netflix as well)
Ill look at it. Thanks for the suggestion.
Alright its official, as soon as I get home Im watching it.
Will check it out, cheers.
3:37 PM
Lets hope you both like it ;")
4:27 PM
Q: What's The OST Playing on The Familiar of Zero episode 30, starting at 18:09?

heroinfatherDoes anyone know the OST being played at 18:09 on episode 30 of The Familiar of Zero? The episode has an old fashion dancing ball with magic dancing dolls as Saito is hiding from Louise. Thiers a harp and maybe a violin being played in the background, I watched the show around 5 months ago but I'...

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Psycho-Pass is one of my fave animes, though I only watched the 1st and 2nd season (not yet: movie and 3rd season)
You also seen the series set in the same universe?
hmm, which one?
anyway, I would probably also suggest Naoki Urasawa's works, though no recent anime adaptation...
Ah I seem to be confusing some series I think
I was thinking of Ergo Proxy
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6:31 PM
@AndrewT. The 3rd season is pretty good but a bit short (only 8 episodes). There's Psycho-Pass the movie, and Sinners of the System Case {1, 2, 3} movies which are also worth watching.
For me, Psycho-Pass 1 > 3 > Sinners 2 > Sinners 1 ~ Sinners 3 ~ the movie ~ 2.
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10:01 PM
@ITGremlin yeh constant powering up is your normal power creep and generally a result of wanting to scale up the crisis
like if you look at the original Dragonball, the worst foes were just armies trying to take over earth. Z you then have aliens and then an intergalactic empire and then threats to blow up the planet and it just keeps scaling up
10:15 PM
@Dimitrimx still a good series, if not a bit rushed at the end, more so that game show episode
"here's Proxy One, here is Boomerang Star which is part of the Boomerang Project, what has this got to do with anything? it's background lore that's not going to be referenced after this but Proxy One is so remember that"
i felt like they could have introduced some of that stuff more naturally but were probably nearing the end of the series and wanted to wrap things up
11:19 PM
Agreed, it's a tad rushed, but liked it overall non the less

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