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12:34 AM
@AndrewT. funny that you read their profile and they are apologising for various actions that got them suspended, including said trivial edits, and yet they continue here
Sure makes you wonder..
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8:24 AM
Q: What is the name of the soundtrack that plays in Episodes 9 & 12at time marks 4:53 and 6:39 respectively?

OstMonsterI tried looking for it on youtube but I have not been able to find it after listening to a bunch of soundtracks. The first time mark, it's when Dune sees the body of his buddy, the dead conductor's dead on the floor who was shot in the head, and the second time mark, it plays when the Rail Trace...

1 hour later…
9:45 AM
Q: Naruto Shippuuden episode 51 OST starting at 2:50

HamzaWhat is the name of the background song on shippuuden episode 51, starting at 2:50? Thanks

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3:11 PM
Q: what's the tittle?

Mikaylathere was a girl waiting for her childhood friend by the river. they promised to meet each other on the river every year but this boy didn't come. but before leaving, this boy has a bear key chain. after that the girl got the boy contact SNS from her friend.

5 hours later…
7:56 PM
Q: How do Kanna Kamui get energy in dragon world?

Fumikage TokoyamiIn the second episode of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon maid, we see that Kanna absorbs electricity by turning her tail into some sort of a plug. She also says somewhere that electricity is her source of energy or otherwise she becomes lethargic. But how do Kanna get energy in the dragon world? Should I...


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