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1:06 AM
Q: What are the sins of the 7 deadly sins members?

KeithI just saw this question from (1) of a posts here and I am curious for what really is their sins. I remember Ban saying "The real sin is something you cannot atone" and it looks like he really have done something so grave for him to say that. What are their sins and among them who has the grave...

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4:13 AM
Q: Feature Request: Tag wikis for [blend-s] and [how-clumsy-you-are-miss-ueno]

Maika_Sakuran0miyaTags under review here: blend-s how-clumsy-you-are-miss-ueno I am thinking of adding some descriptions for these tags. The blend-s tag has been used in numerous posts (including my own) here, and how-clumsy-you-are-miss-ueno was only been used once (by me) so far. Neither of the...

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9:10 AM
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10:24 AM
Q: Analyzing the birthdays of the waitresses and Hideri

Maika_Sakuran0miyaI am trying to determine the birthdays of Maika, Kaho, Mafuyu, Miu, and Hideri of Blend S. As far as I know, the birthday of Maika is April 4th. Can someone list the birthdays of the four waitresses and Hideri?

10:45 AM
Q: Is Thunderbolt Fantasy set in the same universe as the other Pili Puppet Drama titles?

Memor-XWhile looking at a wikia on Thunderbolt Fantasy i found this list of Pili Puppet Drama series which lists Thunderbolt Fantasy. what caught my eye was Pili Destiny: War of Dragons which says it's on Netflix (i assume translated subs) I am wondering if Thunderbolt Fantasy is set in the same univer...

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12:45 PM
after lunch work is such a slug
working from 13 to 16 is totally unproductive for myself
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2:17 PM
i think that guru patik is guru lahiema
"you have to let go of all earthly attachments" who dose this sound like?
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3:34 PM
Q: Which was Merlin power level when she overpowered Chandler and Cusack?

PabloAt the begining of the series, Merlin is said to have a power level of 4,710. But later, she's able to overpower some of the strongest demons with power levels of over 100,000. Which was Merlin power level when she overpowered Chandler and Cusack?

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5:38 PM
Q: Is Dio's The World actually allowing him to move at the speed of light?

WimateekaAccording to physics, stopping time would comes with a lot of hindrances such as: When stopping time, everything including molecules are stopped. You are stuck where you because you can't move air molecules out of the way. Also breathing would be literally impossible. With all molecules stopped...

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9:04 PM
Q: Is Ludociel the fastest character in Nanatsu no Taizai?

PabloSo the archangel Ludociel was given the grace "flash" by the Supreme Deity. It's said he can move almost instantly. Does this make him the fastest character in the series? Or do characters like Meliodas or Bang who has shown to be very fast can compete with his speed?

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11:30 PM
@Proxy 13 to 16 hours a day?
or are you using 24 hour time there and you mean 1pm to 4pm?
@xpert well actually that's whole point of enlightenment
but i think Hello Future Me had a video on the Gurus, i see if i can find it
let me back this theory up real quick. The Guru is like the oldest looking character in the entire show in terms of sheer Winkels he was last seen on the air temple (i forgot which one ) he possible that he survived by flying away but flying above it then coming down after the battle he teaches aang about his chakras and how to unlock them etc
you know who else talked about letting go?? Guru Laghima
he could have been ashamed of running away so he gave the assumption that he died without touching the ground when actually he lived
11:54 PM
ok, could not find a video but i do recall Hello Future Me mentioning the Gurus
I do to I couldn't find the vid either
however looking at the wikia, you are right that patik is the eldest human (being over 150 year old) but i would say he isn't lahiema because lahiema was an air nomad while patik wasn't
So what is he? an Air Acolyte?
@xpert i'd say just a Guru. his knowledge seems to be on just chakras as opposed to air bending

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