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12:19 AM
huh, I've read Gunslinger Girl before; I remember it being really good, but I stopped reading at chapter 80 because high school was starting to get busy and I just... never got around to finishing it
12:36 AM
Looking through some of the pixiv artists that Hakase linked; all the scenery arts are so pretty!
@Hakase thanks for those pixiv artist links! I found some really nice ones to add to my desktop background slideshow ^_^
1:20 AM
Q: I don't remember the name of my anime! HELP!

tanyag20The scene from the anime is pretty specific - I’m pretty sure it’s towards the end of the entire anime and they’re on an airplane (I think, the airplane part may not be true). There’s a main girl and a main guy who both have pretty OP fighting skills and they’re fighting a girl on the plane. The ...

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7:56 AM
@ahiijny you should have said something earlier, we can hook you up big time!
8:44 AM
Q: Manga with main character abandoned by goddess and his entire class

Ayush KumarI'm looking for the name of manga where entire class is summoned by goddess but the main character has only paralysis poison and sleep skills and is abandoned in a dungeon. He uses those skills to kill monsters in a dungeon. Definitely not Arifureta. And ENTIRE school class is transported.

6 hours later…
2:18 PM
Q: Who taught Megumin Explosion magic? Is she mentioned anywhere in the LN?

Jayed YeameenI have read the KonoSuba Light Novel upto Volume.8 and also the Explosions aka Bakuen spinoff. In the start of the spinoff the writer mentions about a woman who used explosion in front of Megumin. After that she practically fell in love with Explosion magic and eventually learnt Explosion. Does t...

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10:39 PM

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