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9:18 AM
my computer build is complete. she's working all fine and currently going though installing everything on her
^ that's my baby girl
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
Q: Help Me Find This Naruto OST Song!

TommyWhat’s the name of the song that plays on naruto episode 172 at 7:28?

6 hours later…
5:21 PM
Q: I want to find a anime

UzuNaruI cant remember name but in that anime they are fighting with car but one of the car is cursed and its killed one user.That car can draw pentagram or infinity I cant remember.Pls help me.

2 hours later…
7:45 PM
@ToshinouKyouko I kinda miss the nuclear bus explosion... The greenery color in the footer has some sickly yellowish tinge and the depth of it gives me horror/phobia vibes, like what happened to the person who wore that hat and held that kite? Straight outta r/nosleep and Totoro "they all died" interpretations...
badges don't look like anything in particular, maybe some mechanical part? a round thing with 2 triangular slices taken out of it half-deep? I thought it was supposed to be a sakura petal, and I know how that looks, that's not it
I think it would be dope af if we had a traditional japanese contoury style of art
1 hour later…
9:03 PM
9:20 PM
I missed you
10:16 PM
Q: Where and how was Diavolo hiding where he was after the body swaps of Silver Chariot Requiem?

user1821961I don't understand the rules of the body/soul swap and where Diavolo was hiding during the soul swapping shenaniegans of Silver Chariot Requiem. Was Diavolo apparently hiding inside King Crimson who was attached as a summonable stand of Trish (along with Spice Girl)? If so this raises many oth...


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