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Q: Why does Dyne have a Gun Arm aswell?

Memor-Xin Final Fantasy VII when Cloud and his friends are in the desert prison after a string of murders in Gold Saucer they initially suspect Barret have a witness says the murderer had a gun arm. after finding Barrett in the prison he tells them about what happened at Corel about about Dyne, Marlene...

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@Tonepoet how is it wrong game right name?
@Memor-X Your questions are about machine gun men, but from Final Fantasy VII rather than VIII.
Sadly I don't remember much about Final Fantasy VII. The lessons that game taught me are that healers can't resurrect themselves, and never to turn your back on a thief if you don't want to lose all of your marbles.
@Tonepoet Gun Arms. Dyne's is more of a single shot weapon and a couple of Barret's is are called the Canon Ball and Atomic Scissors which aren't projectiles
there's a few more there but those are the 2 i remember
3:38 AM
@Memor-X The default arm for Barret is the Gatling Gun, and for all intents and purposes I think we can assume that the default weapons are the ones actually depicted on the characters for the duration of the game. The other weapons are mostly just there for game-play purposes.
@Tonepoet actually no, despite it's age the in battle weapons are shown to be difference when you change them
this is more noticeable with Cloud's, Barret's and Cid's weapons
@Memor-X As interesting as that may be, it doesn't change the actual cut-scenes which are more representative of the story and plot.
Yuffie as well but she's optional like Vincent (at least until the remake)
@Tonepoet true but they don't really show their weapons in pre-rendered scenes even with Barret in them
the real only time we see weapons is in through extra work and in Advent Children we see Cloud with all his weapons including a non energy version of the Ultimate Weapon because this shows why the Buster Sword is an Initial Equip like the Gatling Gun. all weapons after those are additions to the base weapon
@Memor-X I'm pretty sure that Barret's machine gun is a part of his character model in the original game. It's just hard to tell because the overworld graphics are, well, early Playstation 1 level graphics.
i like the same with Vincent. i seem to remember his first weapon being Initial Equip and Dirge of Cerberus shows that his pistol is upgradable (though Death Penalty seems to be on him after his Chaos Transformation so not sure if that's Cerberus transformed or if he just gets a new gun)
@Tonepoet oh yeh over-world graphics they don't change and Barret is the one who has a weapon shown all the time for obvious reasons
just thinking about the graphic back then, i don't think it ever showed him with sunglasses and he doesn't have them in Advent Children so i wonder why they have him wear them in the remake
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@Memor-X Yeah, sorry 'bout the confusion. I didn't mean the F.M.V. sequences.
@Tonepoet yeh well my point still stands for most of the characters, they don't really show their weapons. Cloud a couple of times but the Buster Sword doesn't change all that much when you consider a low poly count to the detailed needed to show it's difference
@Memor-X Probably 'cause sunglasses are supposed to be cool and if you're going to remake the first game anyway you can retcon things like that. It also has the convenient side-effect of making old merchandising obsolete.
@Tonepoet oh fuck that's something i don't want. major retconning to make old merch obsolete
i wouldn't mind if they like chnaged out the JENOVA Incarnations to be more unique each time (Imaging fighting JENOVA:DEATH at North Cave, just a towering version of her blue form coming out from the edge of a cliff)
BIRTH could be more what she looked like when she was first born and LIFE would be more what she looked like before she came to VII's world (with the blue woman one we see in the tank being her DEATH form because she's now lesser to what she once was)
SYNTHESIS can remain as it is since you could see that as a new form of her due to Shinra Experiments and Sephiroth
@Memor-X Sunglasses aren't a major change. It's not like they blinded him with laser beams in the original, or gave him mystic eyes of yuri perception and needed him to wear mystic eye killers to make sure he doesn't tragically try to pair Tifa with Aeris. =P
@Tonepoet hey! we all know Aerith is watching over Tifa as Madoka did with Homura. it's hardly tragic
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@Memor-X I'm a per-merger F.F. enthusiast. For me Final Fantasy VII begins and ends with Final Fantasy VII, or maybe Tactics. XP
*she says as she continues to fantasize romantic night between Tifa and Aerith who both blew off Cloud during that Gold Saucer date and just ended up locking the hotel room doors*
@Tonepoet wasn't IX the last one?
like i remember when i booted IX there was this sorta arcadey scene at the start saying thanks and that IX was going to be the last game
@Memor-X IX is the last pre-merger Final Fantasy, but each game was treated as its own isolated story pre-merger. Final Fantasy did not have sequels, prequels, sidequels or any of that sort of stuff during the Squaresoft/Enix rivalry era.
@Tonepoet oh i see
but ofcause even in VII itself it was considered that Aerith sorta ascended because she was able to still pray to Holy to stop Meteor
Then almost as soon as Square-Enix came around you had Final Fantasy X-2, which was the first ever thing of that sort in the series history. Then later on you got Crisis Core, Advent Children et cetera.
@Tonepoet i think Dirge of Cerberus came before X-2 didn't it?
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@Memor-X I thought it was implied that she activated the Holy Materia just before she died. I didn't actually manage to beat Safer Sephiroth though
@Memor-X No. Dirge of Cerberus was released in 2005: X-2 was 2002.
@Tonepoet it was after the failed attempt to blowing up Meteor, they found out that she activated Holy but Holy had yet to decided to save the planet or not as it is the enactment of the planet's will and that she was trying to convince the plant to save itself
it's why only an Ancient could use Holy, because only the Ancients could commune with the planet
@Memor-X I need to play that game again.
@Tonepoet like wise because i've been going though all the FF Games on PC and it's looking more and more liekly that the remake for VII will not be a one-to-one rebuild
like there's is a suspicion that Square will cut out some parts like when Hojo tried to get Red XIII to mate with Aerith or the while Cosmo Canyon and Gold Saucer bits
@Memor-X I think it was announced to come in four separate installments, so Square is going to try and get as much of it as possible if they are sticking with that plan, minus the brothel...
@Tonepoet yeh, don't like the idea of it being episodic like that. will be waiting for when all the episodes are out
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Q: Fantasy - anime

Jackid really appreciate the help, i used to watch this as a kid and want to watch it again unfortunately i cant remember the name of the anime stuff i do remember - aliens that look like humans aboard a ship that contains a few robots which can be controlled by humans - queen with white hair - ha...

square abandoned the remaining DLC Stories for XV despite announcing them so they don't get my good faith there
@Kiki'sExpressDelivery Hmm, that doesn't sound like Final Fantasy Unlimited from what I can remember, so maybe it's Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? That has extraterrestrials in it, but I haven't watched it to be sure, and it is 3D C.G.I.
F.F.U. was not really a show I enjoyed watching, and I was missing the final volume because I did not understand what penultimate meant while reading the second-to-last D.V.D. cover, but just so long as I am thinking about it I may as well show something of it here.
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@Tonepoet but no queens in it
Spirits Within seems more to be like VIII in a sense
down to the whole Monsters are from space and are dropped on earth. though where is different between them and there's no magic
Final Fantasy is a series of role-playing video games developed and published by Square Enix (formerly Square). Its first game premiered in Japan in 1987, and Final Fantasy games have subsequently been localized for markets in North America, Europe and Australia, on nearly every video game console since its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Final Fantasy is Square Enix's most successful franchise, having sold over 97 million units worldwide to date. In addition to traditional role-playing games, the series includes tactical role-playing games, portable games, massively multiplayer online...
I didn't know that Final Fantasy V had a sequel anime in 1994.
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals (ファイナルファンタジー, Fainaru Fantajī) is an anime OVA based on the Final Fantasy series of role-playing video games. It was released in Japan in 1994 and distributed by Urban Vision in 1997 in North America on VHS. Urban Vision have since lost the distribution license and to date the series hasn't been released in any other format, such as DVD, following its initial video release. Legend of the Crystals takes place 200 years after the events of Final Fantasy V. It is divided into four thirty-minute OVA episodes spanning two VHS tapes. == Plot == The story takes place...
@Tonepoet did not know myself either
also did not know that people in V could live that long
> The story takes place on the same world as Final Fantasy V, named Planet R, set two hundred years in the future
both Lenna and Mid are still alive 200 years later
i wonder who ended up as Bartz's wife. i know it can't be Ferris because she ended up with her sister Lenna
maybe Krile?
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@Memor-X I am surprised that you are considering the possibility that men can have wives. =P
@Tonepoet well Bartz ain't a girl and wikipedia says that Linally is a decedent of Bartz so there has to be a woman involved in there somewhere
obviously not Lenna or Ferris
Maybe it was Gogo. =P
@Tonepoet so that's VI you're thinking of
also don't think Gogo can mimic anatomy
only powers
like he isn't a shapeshifter
@Memor-X Gogo was an optional boss in Final Fantasy V too.
It's how you get the Mimic job class.
@Tonepoet oh yeh
but given the opening of the Rift it might as very well be the one from VI too
5:01 AM
You are right that I am thinking about VI though. Gogo's sex was expressly ambiguous in VI, so Gogo could be a man or a woman, and even if not, given all of the other feats of mimicry it does not seem too implausible that Gogo could mimic the ability to become pregnant.
In all seriousness though, I just looked at safebooru and saw this:
@Tonepoet i see your Lenna in a wedding dress but not in a yuri situatation and raise you 2 yuri ones
Of course, with Faris being a Pirate Theif Ninja Princess I wouldn't put it past her to steal somebody's wife:
@Tonepoet it's not stealing when their heart belonged to you in the first place
5:21 AM
@Memor-X Hmm, nobody's heart belongs to another in the first place though. That's why Marisa was able to steal Alice's precious thing. XP
Also, speaking of Alice and Marisa:
Piggyback ride!
That makes me wonder just what really happens to the other character when you change focus in Imperishable Night, since only one character of any given team is active on-screen at a time.
@Tonepoet in the first place no but it can be given
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Q: What is the song inside the attached video?

wesleyI have recently come to across this video in youtube (sorry that the video is non-anime related), but I would like to know the Background song (which I believe its a song from some anime) used in the video. I tried to search part of the lyrics I heard, and also using song detector apps but has n...

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Q: Tokyo ghoul s01 e01 piano soundtrack @2:25

Arpit SrivastavaWhat is the piano soundtrack which plays in background of the tokyo ghoul s01 e01 at after 2:25 when kaneki and hide are talking first tym in the anime? Please tell me I m searching it really very hard but not getting!

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Today is Atsuko Kagari's birthday, so better present is there than this
user image
i read that as "shit" at first and went "ewwww, Pharah, don't ruin the yuri with that filth"

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