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12:18 AM
@Gallifreyan Huh?? It loads for me.
8 hours later…
8:10 AM
@Proxy If the image doesn't end in an image extension then you can still get it to display inline in the chat by prepending the link with an exclamation mark.
Just a neat little trick I recently learned. :P
Prepend, not append lol
I have unlimited power
Q: Where i can buy "Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms" manga / light novel?

Gilang Rizqii found this link in amazon japan Link to amazon jp (さよならの朝に約束の花をかざろう), but i can't found for english edition / translation. Is possible that i can buy this?

@forest magic :O
8:23 AM
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9:50 AM
10:37 AM
@forest doesn't always work
10:53 AM
@Proxy where is it from?
the boy reminds me of Luffy
@ahiijny i don't get it
11:20 AM
@Memor-X gundam.
@Proxy really aught to get into that series some day
i have never watched it
but i like the coats on the figures
@Proxy i like the mecha but when i see Gundam that's generally all i see from it
if i were a girl i would totally wear it
2 hours later…
1:19 PM
@Memor-X from left to right: Ayano, Shintarou, Takane, Haruka
@ahiijny so the overlaps are their shared traits?
1:38 PM
@Memor-X yes
5 hours later…
6:40 PM
Q: Are these the correct ages of the characters of Devil May Cry?

Clarke BarrettI've been investigating different interviews and info that the games and other media like anime and manga provide and I got this timeline regarding characters' ages. Does this seem correct? EVA’s MURDER (1982) Dante’s Age: 8 Lady’s Age: 6 Trish’s Age: 0 Lucia’s Age: 0 Nero’s Age: 0 Patty’s Ag...

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7:43 PM
Q: What song is playing in one piece episode 530 while nami is shopping?

DonWhat song is playing in one piece episode 530 while nami is shopping? The starfish dude is there plus Luffy...

3 hours later…
10:27 PM
@Gallifreyan what, no Virgil?
@Memor-X I noticed that, but aren't they of the same age anyway?
@Gallifreyan well yeh but does he continue to age when he dies and become Neo Angelo?
:| I have no idea what this is
@Gallifreyan Neo Angelo is a boss enemy you fight repeatedly in DMC1 which from what i read, is actually Virgil after he failed to defeat Mundus following the events of DMC3
10:53 PM
#桜 Trick #桜Trick
11:27 PM
@Memor-X When doesn't it?
@forest images that uses a limited time hash to stop hotlinking, danbooru links that do onebox in discord
So server-side limitations and the like.
I just upload them to Stack Exchange's Imgur in that case.
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cc @Tonepoet

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