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4:21 AM
Just realized A&M passed the 10000 questions mark!
4 hours later…
8:51 AM
@Morwenn i was going in to see Mortal Engines so was watching Zoids: Chaotic Century for the past 4 hours before leaving for the movies for another 4 or so hours
@AndrewT. what was question 10000
i see you changed your avatar @Morwenn. i thought you chose a hat and was checking to see what you got
well, question count is not really a good indicator since questions can be deleted (those ID questions...), but as of current writing, How does the “Chakra induction paper” react when someone has multiple chakra natures
which will certainly change after the next roomba
@AndrewT. here might be a query on data exchange which lists milestones like that after filtering deleted questions
1 hour later…
10:02 AM
Q: Why do romance anime exist despite there being legal complications in Japan for teenagwrs dating?

lad212The age of adulthood in Japan is 20. The age of consent is 13 in Japan. The thing is, according to the laws, the teenagers can have sex among themselves, and the ADULTS cannot have sex with TEENAGERS. The teenagers (the people below 20 essentially) have the dangers of being arrested, according t...

10:18 AM
@Sakamoto i get the feeling this person only head the headline of the link they posted because the only thing i can find about teenage being arrested for dating is an example that could happen in an unnamed prefecture
and they seem to equate dating to sex between a < 20 year old and a >= 20 year old
11:19 AM
Q: What was Mithos's vow(s) to the Summon Spirits?

Memor-Xduring the events of Tales of Symphonia where Sheena is making the pacts with the Summon Spirits they all talk about already having a vow with the Hero, Mithos (with the exception to Volt) I am up to breaking out of Welgaia and have learned that Mithos is now given the above and how Sylvarant...

5 hours later…
3:54 PM
Q: How can all Human beings become Ghouls?

RumpelstiltskinArima Kishou made a very "interesting prediction" that if Humans accepted Ghouls then at some point, all Humans would become Ghouls. And later on in Tokyo Ghoul RE season 2, episode 11, we see his prediction actually happening. However, when I think about it, it does not add up, the Kakhous are ...

2 hours later…
5:52 PM
Q: What happened to the Goblin-Slayer tagged questions?

YetAnotherRandomUserA few weeks ago I saw 4 or 5 Goblin Slayer questions. Today I looked at the tag to look up something, and all I find is one. I checked another spelling and there are 0 questions ins in that tag. I also checked the Japanese romanji of Goburin Sureiyā, and found nothing. Did the questions get r...

2 hours later…
7:24 PM
Q: Is there a clickable button to the analytics section?

PabloSo I got the last privilege recently, and I remember somewhere they showed me the link to the analytics section. But I dont remember it and I dont see a button to access it. Is there a clickable button to the analytics section?

1 hour later…
8:29 PM
Q: Why do romance anime exist and are successful despite there being laws against real-life teenage dating in Japan?

lad212So, people, love romance anime and I came across this: https://goboiano.com/why-japanese-teenagers-can-get-arrested-for-dating/ Read the article. Did you read it? No? READ IT! I'm quoting paragraphs from that article (which is talking about Japan) below: (but read the article yourself from th...

1 hour later…
9:30 PM
Q: Is it impossible for Goku and Vegeta to turn Legendary Super Saiyan?

PabloSo from the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Broly, apparently, Is it impossible for Goku and Vegeta to turn Legendary Super Saiyan? In the non canon movie (the original movie) it was made apparently that it was, but with the Dragon Ball Super series/ Dragon Ball Super Broly, is there anything t...


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