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12:36 AM
Yesterday while going back home on a railway vehicle, there was this stranger, possibly high school student, who saw me playing this Touhou game app and revealed to me he also plays it and asked me for gaming advice.
Nice to know there are people playing esoteric Touhou games.
I fucking won the squad mode alone!
yea it's kinda weird when people see you play a game they also play and then they ask for advice
that's like some friend making strategy or first steps of a romantic approach
if I was to give advice on any FPS games, I'd only have to say git gud
watch others, learn, and if you can't, you're not FPS gamer material, nothing you can do about it :p
strategy games tho… fuck that
Yea it's basically level up, buy good equipments and play meticulously
I've played some Offworld Trading Company campaigns and lemme tell ya they're all nothing compared to the actual grossmester 40000 IQ geniuses who will fuck you up in the first 10 seconds so you can't buy any resources or build any factories
(but the most nerve wracking experience was just 5 minutes ago where I shotgunned 3 people on like 10 hp left)
jumping around like an insane mofo
didn't expect any of my shots to land, as they usually don't in these situations
and then the 2 downed dudes who didn't make a sound the entire game started shouting RIGHT RIGHT ONE ON THE LEFT ALSO
well I'm glad at least someone got to see my grand achievement of the ultimate prestige :p
@Taisho there're different kinds of FPS. some can be won with knowledge, not fast reaction
well, that's what I meant actually
you know some people don't understand how the fuck you play as a team in Team Fortress 2
like they don't understand that a medic can keep the team of 12 alive if they just keep healing the frontliners
or that you can trap-mine with the demoman, not just pipe around randomly like soldier is supposed to shoot rockets
or that if you just aim and shoot the enemies with heavy, surprisingly they will receive a lot of damage and die very quickly
oh and not a single person in the world knows how to play spy except for cheaters of course :p
in fortnite you gotta build up some walls and keep shooting, even if you don't hit much, coz that intimidates enemies
flanking is the best, nobody sees it coming except for the select few top players
you can build a ramp up the other squad's fort and jump at them from above
you can throw grenades inside their compounds and blast them
12:51 AM
Q: How can Asuka got her right eye injured but shinji don't?

GagantousIn the first (or maybe second) episode of evangelion we can see that shinji got his eva's eyes injured by the first angel, but nothing happen with his right eyes. But when it her Eva's right eye (Asuka's Eva) got injured by lance of longinus in End Of Evangelion, it's also injured her right eyes....

you can shoot down the foundation of their fort and the top part will collapse automatically
but you have to have minimal analytical abilities which a lot of players for whatever reason lack
maybe people don't give a shit, they just wanna shoot at targets, not play minecraft and build forts :p
yeah, people just want to run & gun
oh shit that last minute was fuckign intense with the wall building… they kept shooting them down and I kept putting them back up… what a game
latest firefox nightly fucked up the gui theme
let's see if they fixed it yet
yay they did
12:56 AM
are you talking to yourself?
I refreshed hte browser and it logged me out so I talked through taisho coz it was quicker than logging back in
I remember playing counter strike against a team with a cheater. He basically comes (very high speed movement) and kills everyone in a jiffy as soon as the game starts, but we, shooting at random, still managed to kill him, and as soon as we did, we surround him shoots at his dead body nonstop for like the entirety of that round of game.
I like humiliating cheaters also :p
and I too remember the same exact kinda cheat in cs 1.6
4 hours later…
5:23 AM
Q: How many times was the nine tailed fox used to attack the leaf village?

Elpatron SinghSinds the begin of naruto i know that the fourth hokage (his father) had sealed the nine tailed fox into naruto. But now i am at the part where Madara Uchiha comes into play and i understand that he used his Sharingan to controle the beast and attacked the leaf village. So the nine tailed fox wa...

5:39 AM
user image
6:02 AM
> Okay. I'm done with this sub. I'm finally done.

Every. Single. Post. Every single study that hits the front page is completely flawed in some way. Bad sample size, bad sample selection, P-hacking, laughable standards, a lack of controls, etc.

And there is always some top post explaining how flawed the study is.

I feel like I'm getting disinformation every time I read a study here. The more I'm subscribed to this crap, the less informed I get. This is all junk science.

Mods, having 1500 people on your moderation board doesn't work. It doesn't filter out the junk science. I'm sure some
the sub is r/science btw
and yea every time, every study is flawed and the results are bogus one way or another :p
but it's entertaining to find out every time how exactly it's fucked up!
6:27 AM
@Gallifreyan something else from Death Standing because he can't strip and put an umbilical cord on himself
you know, like how the creator of Nier: Automata weird that Emil head
@Tonepoet ahhh, now i get the context after a bit of traversing
@Taisho sorry if i'm assuming too much here @Ave but what she's talking about is a recent reveal where it shows a scene where a father would beat his 10-year old daughter to death but then it shows the same scene again 2 other times where your character, a robot, either stand in the way or shoots the father
and then the media went into a frenzy going "oh, abusers would get off on this", "you're exposing children to childhood abuse and normalizing it", "this scene should removed from the game" and like crap
apparently it touches too close to home for @Ave which i understand. i just think the media are being fucken stupid in their reaction and calling on David Cage and Quantic Dream to remove it is also stupid
@Gallifreyan reminds me of a younger Lyn from Avatar
should look to see where i can buy Turf Wars and see is Kya reveals who her girlfriend is. still on the bet it was Lyn and Tenzen was the rebound that made the situation worse
@SaitamaSama hello
7:28 AM
1 hour later…
8:41 AM
lol, it works in this room too
@Memor-X what does?
@Ave tumbleweed. when i do it in Movies and TV someone is always summoned
@EarlGrey awwwww
why can cockroaches look like that in real life
@EarlGrey is she a cockroach or something?
8:49 AM
we would think twice before spraying or crashing them
@SaitamaSama yes
she can even meow
@Memor-X this gets funnier if you know that 4chan calls turks cockroaches.
9:05 AM
@Ave on the one hand that's disgusting because 4chan is generally disgusting.....but on the other hand joke's on them as you'd be the cute kind @EarlGrey posted
4chan is hell
1 hour later…
10:25 AM
@Taisho remember the password thing you linked? @hakase
I forgot to stop seeding that.
that's nice
@Ave have you stopped seeding?
@Memor-X no, but I set ratio limit to 24
it's 23.431 atm
should stop seeding by itself in 4 hours
@EarlGrey yes, this was exactly what i was thinking
have i asked for a title yet?
most people only see her as cockroach
@EarlGrey i read
> An anthropomorphised cockroach girl who wishes to become friends with humans, but is often treated with the appropriate response.
that's kinda sad
11:15 AM
@EarlGrey that the ONA? how many episodes was there?
bear with the animation, try it
only 2
@EarlGrey dat animation >.<
2 mins ago, by Earl Grey
bear with the animation, try it
1 hour later…
12:20 PM
When did leetcode, hackerearth, etc become programmers' SAT?
@Gao who did what in the who now?
Fuck that shit, as if all of us were taught those algorithms in college and can solve them in 2 hours.
@Memor-X Where companies pull interview questions from
For anyone interested: solve this in 90 minutes
> Julia has a string, s, consisting of one or more of the following letters: a, e, i, o, and u.

We define a magical subsequence of s to be a sequence of letters derived from s that contains all five vowels in order. This means a magical subsequence will have one or more a's followed by one or more e's followed by one or more i's followed by one or more o's followed by one or more u's. For example, if s = "aeeiooua", then "aeiou" and "aeeioou" are magical subsequences but "aeio" and "aeeioua" are not.
@Gao *asks it on Stack Overflow or Code Golf*
infact i think i saw something similar on Code Golf
@Memor-X Not gonna happen at the interview, unless you're really really good at this or knows what's gonna be asked in advance
Q: Write a function that takes 1 parameter: a string, s. It must return an integer denoting the length of the longest magical sub-sequence in s?

Techno_StudConsider a string s, consisting of one or more of the following letters: a, e, i, o, and u. We define a magical subsequence of s to be a sequence of letters derived from s that contains all five vowels in order. This means a magical subsequence will have one or more a's followed by one or more e...

12:27 PM
@Memor-X that doesn't look realistic
i thought the best you can do is O(nloglogn)
i'll try it
yea it's already wrong
should be 6 not 5
lol that accepted answer is wrong
though still better than mine
maybe that 12 line haskell code i've found is also wrong then. hard to believe it's that short and simple
after all, my wrong solution is also only 16 lines long, even though it's O(n!) (oh the horror!) and it's still wrong
So 2 SO users failed that test
And if they have a test case for the end points of that constraint, if the algorithm is even O(n^2) bad, it might just time out.
The timeout period is about 10 seconds
12:43 PM
another one bites the dust
So you pretty much have to know the efficient algorithm mentioned in Wikipedia
In computer science, the longest increasing subsequence problem is to find a subsequence of a given sequence in which the subsequence's elements are in sorted order, lowest to highest, and in which the subsequence is as long as possible. This subsequence is not necessarily contiguous, or unique. Longest increasing subsequences are studied in the context of various disciplines related to mathematics, including algorithmics, random matrix theory, representation theory, and physics. The longest increasing subsequence problem is solvable in time O(n log n), where n denotes the length of the inp...
which seems easy enough to be understood by average programmers, maybe in a few minutes to a few hours or days
but i've seen much harder algorithms using BFS then DFS then something blah blah
took me 6 or 7 youtube videos to understand roughly what it's about
It's like a hard challenge problem in undergraduate/graduate graph theory math class
anyone remember a image that was posted a while ago involving this fairy getting her wing patched up?
@Gao this is where you ask if that's the kind of problems they solve there every day with a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery skeptical expression on your face and when they don't answer quickly enough, start reciting what you've actually been doing in your previous jobs, and then they say ok ok you're right, this is total bullshit, let's move on from this idiocy
@Taisho Then they move on to introduce other more bullshit policies like if you quit during the first year, say in m months, and your monthly salary is s, you gotta pay back the company s * (12 - m) dollars
I like the challenge problem, and I don't mind companies giving out those (just one or two) in interviews, but they shouldn't be the determining factor.
hell even that "easy" algorithm question is harder than what i heard from my friend who went to microsoft
1:13 PM
@Memor-X how long a while ago?
1 hour later…
2:34 PM
I actually found WebExtension NoScript to be better in some ways than Classic NoScript
like in what ways exactly
@Gao that's when you know they have people quitting this job soon enough to warrant this kind of financial catch
and if they have too many of these tricky puzzle questions, they don't know how to do interviews properly
just spam them with your prepared info as if they actually asked you sensible questions about your experience and expertise, until they either: a) understand that there's no need for the bs and you're a good fit or b) they keep fucking around with bs and you don't call them back and look for something else
holy crap sgldfkjgdfg
I think that a friend is actually buying me a whip now
2:54 PM
@Taisho They use to show mark temporary and permanent as trusted one above and the other below, but now you just click once to get temporary and once more to get permanent. I don't know why I like this way more even when it requires more clicking. The UI kind of looks prettier and as I don't use most of the options in the old NoScript, the new NoScript options is clutter free.
The two clicks to get permanent probably works better on the phone
@Taisho That's what I think. It also sounds illegal or borderline illegal, and there are other red flags I won't mention, so yea I'll look elsewhere.
Uploaded (UTC): 21.08.2017 17:15:35 by (228525) Gallifreyan, tag:
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://i.imgur.com/CZkOTvm.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://i.imgur.com/CZkOTvm.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://i.imgur.com/CZkOTvm.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://i.imgur.com/CZkOTvm.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://i.imgur.com/CZkOTvm.jpg
#what is this relation ship?
Uploaded (UTC): 02.09.2017 7:22:17 by (132581) Gao, tag: [zhan-jian-shao-nyu]
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/yzrvml.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/yzrvml.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/yzrvml.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/yzrvml.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/yzrvml.jpg
3:21 PM
If the numbers are limited to 5, I can do quite well
So I have 7-2 short term memory, the chimps 7+2 (or more?)
3:36 PM
3:52 PM
But is any chimp gonna beat this champ:
@Morwenn hiii
what's up? :D
not much, trying to install fonts to my system and losing my mind due to the complexity
how to make at least 2 characters from monogatari
4:00 PM
@Ave sounds super exciting x)
I had my sister home today, so I cook some vegan stuff, we ate, then we played MTG while drinking tea/coffee
but I couldn't go to my band's rehearsal because of that ^^'
@Morwenn sounds fun ^^
it was nice ^.^
4:38 PM
I realized that 10 years ago, 12-hour nights meant that I woke up late. Now when I sleep 12 hours it means that I went to sleep early.
5:26 PM
Q: Are all the angels children of the Great Priest?

PabloAccording to the Dragon Ball wikia article Great Priest Vados, Whis, Cus, Marcarita, Martinu and Korn are children of the Great Priest. What about the other angels? Are they also children of the Great Priest or who's his father?

anyone want to chat with me to help me temporarily forget that I don't have any friends?
watup ma boi
@Unihedron you just have isshukan friends syndrome
so I'm preparing to get a better/different job, and I'm just starting to learn about databases, sql n shit
don't worry, you have friends, it's just that you forget them once a week
5:31 PM
I kinda did it all robotically for a few years but the better jobs require a higher level of knowledge of DBA stuff than nothing at all :p
sql is no fun
I've read that postgres is the best rdbms coz it's free for businesses and it's open source and it has better documentation than oracle or mssql
is that correct?
don't know, never tried it, but i heard that a lot
@Gao I know but that money is more fun
i'm quite content with mssql. i think it's the best. $$ to m$
5:33 PM
I've seen some shit with Excel spreadsheets, foxpro and access, so I don't think sql is all that bad :p
lol now that foxpro is some shitty shit
well, it's not my money yet but when I'm gonna have to pitch a better rdbms than whatever old-ass shit they've got at the new company, it better be affordable or best free
isshukan friends
sql is fun if you're in the right mindset for it. I love getting raped by ORDER BY and the ridiculous bank of string operations
5:34 PM
string operations?
the sooner you learn that sql supports CREATE temporary TABLE V; which you can use as an array, your life gets vastly easier because you won't ever need to JOIN again and can just write programming code
more like g-string operations
and make inefficient procedures that happens to work cuz lol
(that cockroach girl manga was alright)
5:36 PM
@Unihedron does that include CTE?
if yes, i know what you mean
I've heard about temp tables, sounds like level 2 of basic DBA work but still somehow it's a rare knowledge
everything except CRUD sounds like level 2 to me
well you have stuff like variables and operations
but they're all ridiculously unintuitive
yea sql syntax sucks
you have to SELECT @name=value every time to allocate, and you can't un-select so it will be added to procedure results
5:38 PM
isn't memsql all the hype now?
I've heard about stored procedures and that people get paid for writing the fast ones
mongodb, etc
memsql? like ram disk style?
> MemSQL is a distributed, in-memory, SQL database management system.
5:39 PM
I mean… aren't they all?
isn't software code loaded into ram when it's running
the problem with SQL databases is that they are designed as a place-oriented tool
wow, so distributed, such in-memory, very hype
the problem is that everything is mutable, things can be updated instantly, caching is impossible
the age of limited storage space is long over
where is that useful then
i think the whole database is in ram
5:41 PM
well that's basically ram disks
just copy over the entire database into a ram disk and voila
what's the advantage of using a closed source dmbs for this
well idk maybe these marginal processing speed improvements are worth it
i mean even sqlite supports in-memory db
what's that
@uni if there's another topic u wanna discuss, throw it in
i don't really know. you have to google spark and cassandra. one excels in read and the other in write
all I know is when I'm at work, they don't let me try whatever the fuck I just learned about on the internet :p
5:44 PM
I'm not yet a lead programmer or an architect so I can't make decisions like which software to use
don't know what RD means if i can't play with shit
I can only ask to maybe use git instead of copypasting folders with code
I think most dev jobs are like that
CTOs and line managers make decisions they see fit, often not the best, it's when you do a side project where you can actually choose a good stack
most devs don't get a vm they can play with, and no privilege to install stuff?
5:45 PM
and often times you get a windows laptop that they won't let you install linux on
life is tough sometimes
>copypasting folders with code :see_no_evil:
you can install a VM and linux inside it
yea still better than nothing
only if i could
I just saw that question on SE hot list about copypasting folders, I'm glad I was able to solve that super quickly
all my jobs so far allowed me to use my own hardware at work, even though it's basically a fucking gigantic security hole but nobody cares
and I just wanna get shit done
oof my noise is bleeding
put a lowpass filter on it :p
5:49 PM
nice joke
idk I just jumbled together some words I vaguely understand the meaning of
that's how I impress random people all day on the internet
I confuse low and high pass filters every time
brutal honesty
> In a published benchmark, McObject compared the same application’s performance using an embedded on-disk database system, using an embedded in-memory database, and using the embedded on-disk database deployed on a RAM-disk. Moving the on-disk database to a RAM drive resulted in read accesses that were almost 4x faster, and database updates that were more than 3x faster.

Moving this same benchmark test to a true in-memory database system, however, provided much more dramatic performance gains: the in-memory database outperformed the RAM-disk database by 4x for database reads and turned in
it's not the kind of humor I appreciate or value much myself
months of browsing reddit made me immune to these jokes
5:51 PM
me neither
@Gao I wonder how it saves the states to the drives to preserve them in case of a reboot or an outage
I've heard about the upcoming non-volatile ram modules for servers just for cases like that
until now every time I needed to very quickly "query" some data, I've written a c# app, read all the required data into arrays, lists and classes, and did the usual c# stuff on it
so it's all done in ram
copying over the databases onto ram drives was indeed much slower coz the rdbms is optimized for maximum ensurance that there's no data loss after every major operation
idk maybe that's what they'll expect at these "better" jobs :p
is performance a critical criteria?
maybe it doesn't matter how it works
what you're building is a system of services, your app is talking between each other instead of condensing the queries into a query-specific job on the database
5:55 PM
@Unihedron basically the operation was getting done in 40 hours on regular hard drives, in about 6 hours on ram disk and in about 20 minutes my way
and it was supposed to be a twice a day thing to synchronize all the shop databases
so 40 hours x 2 is… uhh… doesn't fit into 1 day :p
@Unihedron yea right, that's what it was
but you know there's also the part where we make sure no changes are lost
we did that through binary serialization of c# arrays
and ssds
oh no
it's fine
is the entire database's worth of data getting converted into a different data format and back
I mean it was fine when I left, idk maybe it all broke now :D
yea but I'm not a DBA magician, I don't know how to make the queries faster so that's what I did and everybody was happy it 1) worked and 2) worked fast enough to do it twice a day
this is why I'm looking up better DBA ways
good luck
6:00 PM
there was also a compatibility requirement for all data to be put back into the original database format every day coz there were some crazy old software report apps running on it, so I couldn't just drop that
almost every job told me to not bother with technical debt and just use ssds and whatever new tricks I know to speed things up
the ones that didn't tell me that had to let me go soon because they went over budget and over time
love getting dat 100
6:19 PM
apparently I have 150 SE accounts, so that's 15000 total gained from that
it's not real rep though
it doesn't count to total rep
and it doesn't count to new user thing
I've read Shishunki bitter change to the latest chapter n I'm waiting for more
also Tamen de gushi released a few more pages
I've skipped through a couple hentai mangas which will not be named, they weren't good enough
I've started rewatching Made in Abyss coz it's the best
there's also dat rakugo anime second season to watch
and I'm slowly rewatching SZS while I eat
@Hakase oh, what would be the H mangas worth mentioning?
@Hakase I'm still many chapters late on that one :/
just caught up with One Punch Man scanlations
6:30 PM
btw, why OPM updates are so seldom?
well I have like 9 different folder groups each with slightly different rating systems and it's gonna take a while to make a shortlist of the ones worth mentioning, but instead I'll just say that there are roughly 30 weird ones which definitely showed me something I haven't thought of before, and about 15 with plot more interesting than the porny bits
is it translators or the author?
also there are roughly 50 with very nice art which is just aesthetically pleasing and the attention to backgrounds is not normal for a hentai doujin
ugh, why read hentai for plot?
it's an interesting journey to discover these, much more than the actual destination
6:32 PM
I read H rated stuff for plot
not for the... other reasons
sometimes the plot is better than in popular non-hentai works, idk how to explain that
maybe the artist collabed with a very good writer
more realistic?
yep, sometimes
not, it's just new ideas which don't get explored in ordinary works
like certain special psychological aspects
@Ave certainly, but most of hentai is like 80% sex and 1% of plot
6:33 PM
well, yes
I read sylveon hentai for memes tbh.
there are also some absolutely atrocious art styles which are a weird kind of pleasure to look at
it's like how the fuck do you draw such wrong proportions, yet still pay attention to line thickness and cleanness
maybe it's a niche fetish idk
it's a whole new world
there aren't any english rating sites for these, coz most of them are never translated
Q: Do we participate in Winter Bash 2017?

Michael KjörlingI don't think Worldbuilding has missed any winter-bash since the site's inception. This year's begins in about a week. Here's the countdown page. From the answer to Is there a simple page, “What is Winter Bash, and what's all this about hats”? Can we have one? Winter Bash is a fun event, th...

Q: Can a creature summon monsters within itself?

Maiko ChikyuIf a hero went inside a colossal dragons stomach and started stabbing him in there would the dragon be able to use summon monster within itself in order to fight the hero that is in his stomach?

guess this has been a common problem before
Q: You want recommendations? Here's a list of them

HakaseThis is the special meta post where we post our recommendations. It's not for asking, just for posting whatever you feel like others would be interested in watching/reading/playing/hearing. Also, below is a list of third-party sites which may be helpful in finding recommendations. Third-party l...

this is still getting updates apparently
2 hours later…
@Taisho ugh, ok. where're the sounds from?
no idea, maybe some new fps game with russian forces idk
people are saying black ops 1
9:23 PM
I occasionally read hentai for plot too, especially doujins, where characters you know can have cute side quests :3
@Gao no idea. i figured since everyone is able to travel in the past and find posts they might be able to do the same with this
i'm quite sure it got stared
@Ave so would i take that screenshot you posted on The Bridge of whip mods in Minecraft being a sign of something?
I'm a sadist?
@Ave i wasn't thinking that far. just maybe you like whips very much
some of you might like "Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome"
@Memor-X I was about to say that too x3
@milleniumbug looks cute enough, I'll try to keep it in mind
9:34 PM
@Morwenn great minds think alike......which isn't the case here because one of those minds is mine and "great" is only used in "greatly obsessed with shoujo ai/yuri"
the only right definition of "great"
my mind is grate
@Memor-X well :p
I'm not exactly sadist
@Morwenn that's one familiar face on far left side
9:37 PM
I don't like my face on this photo >.>
also I like how you're the only person without a beard :p
right xD
some didn't have a beard either a few years ago, but now they all have one
not sure about the new accordionist, I still haven't seen him
I just realized that the lot of us makes the shape of panties of the photo XD
I can't unsee that now
you're welcome
9:45 PM
that is not how you treat a goddess
the whip this is mostly a meme now
@Memor-X yeah this is whip worthy
@Ave yes it is
it's probably one of the upsides for Lady Blanc, she wont have people doing this too her
problem with Vert because everyone wants to do it but she only wants IF to
9:49 PM
I should write a stack bot
1 hour later…
10:54 PM
I got this new interesting darjeeling, gonna try it in a bit
11:51 PM
@Taisho feel weird reading this :I
Uploaded (UTC): 12.02.2017 15:51:19 by (132581) Gao, tag:
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://i.imgur.com/2jRa5qU.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://i.imgur.com/2jRa5qU.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://i.imgur.com/2jRa5qU.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://i.imgur.com/2jRa5qU.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://i.imgur.com/2jRa5qU.jpg
@Memor-X lol who is that
@Hakase why of course :D

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