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12:05 AM
the manga is cute damnit
@EarlGrey Why is the cockroach meowing?
Or maybe how is the better question. XP
because it's moe. you can't be moe if you just creeping on trash bag
@Tonepoet same way i can, meow
or nyaaa, whichever you prefer
Q: Can somebody tell me whats the name of this manga?

notcool I have tumbled across this picture and thought i was so pretty. I need your help though to identify this manga. Thank you!

12:20 AM
@Sakamoto I knew this tag would cause some problem
@EarlGrey only when it's an id request
we shouldn't have that tag imo
@EarlGrey actually we never did have it before
just look it up, seems like it was created for this question
yea since that question create whole 4 new useless tag
@EarlGrey yeh, just edited it to use at least
so now once that id request is gone the tag will go to
i thought we had legit questions on hentai using it
though it's funny
> I have tumbled across this picture and thought i was so pretty.
and you use
of all the tags which get misused for id requests, you use that one
12:25 AM
@Memor-X probably saying 'it was so pretty'
it'd be weird otherwise
@EarlGrey oh, i was reading it as it
> I have tumbled across this picture and thought I was so pretty
it's weird it's funny
@Memor-X yea these tags usually used for id req sometimes
huh, the asker self destructed
or at least a little bang
@EarlGrey Of course not! You also need a cup of noodles on your head!
@Memor-X And as for you:
12:44 AM
@Tonepoet he, he
got this one showing up in my "Up Next" queue
@Memor-X original!
@SaitamaSama name her
at least :p
well.... lemme think of something real quick
how about, Ko-chan
sounds like a nickname..like Kobato or something
hmm... let's go with Kobato then :P
12:57 AM
she's also Kobato :p
Hasegawa Kobato
from Haganai
I see :B
1:46 AM
Oh my Godoka: Kyubey's the mascot for hope version? This must be a terrible world. Please spare me the suffering, and just kill me now:
I mean, I do get it: He grants wishes, but still...
2:14 AM
do you think we should ban hentai tag?
we could still answer hentai-related questions but the tag would contain some text screaming PLS NO HENTAI OK GUD
idk what kind of question would use hentai tag. we usually use for any hentai related question
or like this..
Q: Why is pornographic anime and manga referred to as "hentai" by non-Japanese sources? And when did it start?

DarjeelingIf you try to google "hentai definition" most result would define hentai as a Japanese genres of manga and anime with sexually explicit images and plots. But Wikipedia explains it otherwise: In Japanese, the term describes any type of perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act; it does not repr...

those tags sufficient enough without hentai tag
@Tonepoet well in a way he did allow the creation of the Goddess of Hope
it's like genre tag, we don't need it
yea I think so too
2:26 AM
@Taisho i don't see any reason to black list it or anything like that but currently we don't have any questions which really need it
@Dim @Jnat what's your thoughts on having a hentai tag instead of just using manga/anime production/history tags?
any henati related question i am aware of asks in regard to anime/manga production anyway so all the hentai tag would be is a meta tag
I mean the potential problem is people who come here to ask for hentai identification
if we add banned tag text saying "WE DONT identify hentai here so please go away" it could help a bit
@Taisho If people read the tag text, that would work, but they usually do not.
2:29 AM
I think banned tags are shown in bright red which should be hard to miss
Q: Anime identification request about guy with invisible pills (hentai)

IBGI'll just describe it as I don't want to post NSFW links (plus I can't find them anyways). I just saw it on some fishy site somewhere, and the story was interesting, at least for me. The video was raw, so I didn't understand any of it. This is what I remember of it: The MC is a guy who is a st...

what is that at the bottom?
looks like senshin missed one
oh man that reminds me, isn't it about time to delete all of our existing IDs?
I think we already decide not to delete those
@EarlGrey some of those a tag would be wrong for like this one
yea but we can raise the vote again
2:31 AM
@EarlGrey we decided to delete low scoring ones but keeping high scoring ones and retagging them
see if anyone still thinks it's a good idea to keep them
@Taisho Historic Lock would be a more appropriate option wouldn't it?
eeeh it's had its time in history?
what about the rep people are going to loose?
like some were annoyed by that
we could ask the devs to retain that rep as an exception
2:32 AM
Q: What is a historical lock, and what is it used for?

Robert HarveyHistorical locks are sometimes applied to questions. What is a historical lock? What is the purpose of a historical lock? How are questions affected by historical locking? When is it appropriate to lock a question for historical reasons? When is it not appropriate? How do I request a historica...

I mean this is kind of an exception after all
it's the type of question which poisons the community more than the usual undesirable questions
if we got rid of them all and google stopped ranking us high for anime identificaitons, it could be more beneficial than keeping them locked forever
my opinion is that it would help us get fewer ids, and that not much would be lost
I doubt it'd work like that. I think it's more likely that "Hey, these guys are supposed to be anime experts! Maybe they know what I seek!"
And they'd ask anyway.
@Taisho to be honest i think users will always try to ask id requests here and those question do indicate that id requests are off-topic
as long as they find any anime q/a site they will ask anyway
I see 5 sites which have copypasted the hentai id question, so it's not lost forever in history, it's preserved on copycat sites if anyone wants to google them
I'm not sure we've received that many ids before we made them officially on-topic, so if we change it back, their number might drop back down
but I don't have that strong of a conviction about this right now to push it on meta
for now I'm just interested in what people think about banning the hentai tag
2:40 AM
i'd just wait for someone to ask question using it properly
@Taisho I don't know what the tag taxonomy is like, but I think having a tag like that encourages questions about the subject matter, which isn't necessarily bad in and of itself, but may become problematic if people are emboldened enough to start posting outright pornography on the website...
Uploaded (UTC): 03.09.2017 19:04:54 by (132581) Gao, tag: fullmetal-alchemist
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://i.imgur.com/8ENWSRv.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://i.imgur.com/8ENWSRv.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://i.imgur.com/8ENWSRv.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://i.imgur.com/8ENWSRv.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://i.imgur.com/8ENWSRv.jpg
@Memor-X some of these questions anime.stackexchange.com/search?q=is%3Aquestion+hentai can use hentai tag properly but they don't and it's totally fine
I don't oppose hentai related questions but I think having the hentai tag around could be a reason for at least a portion of IDs being posted
so, again, not that big a deal, really
@EarlGrey no i mean a new question which actually does need it
2:43 AM
movies.SE doesn't have tag either. Don't know if they banned it
@EarlGrey to my recollection they don't allow asking about porn
no porn id requests. no porno movie discussions
@AnkitSharma can confirm *sets the trap*
The other thing about it is that hentai is a rather unique part of our cant. A tag would only really be useful for two reasons: One is finding a hentai specific question that does not already use the word, and the other is removing posts which do use the word but does not primarily regard hentai. I don't really think the second case is really plausible, but what about the first?
also tags are for specialists in an area to easily find questions they might be able to answer
gonna be a hentai pro
however porn and hentai are different things really. the difference between porn and an adult movie which features lots of sex (like Room in Rome) is that adult films have a proper plot to it and the sex supplements it. porn is weird situation bring 2 or more people together than sex for 95% of the film
2:50 AM
is kuzu no honkai hentai?
@Taisho Eh, I don't doubt the existence of a thing like that.
no of course not
hentai on the other hand gets used for adult fiction like Aki Sora which actually has a plot and some westerners use henati on all Visual Novels with adult content (ie. Fate/Stay Night)
in due time hentai experts and good questions will add to our site's collection
So if we allow hentai, what about eroge, ecchi, &c?
2:51 AM
@Tonepoet as tags?
@Memor-X Yeah.
probably them too, coz if they have plot and characters, we can answer questions about them
@Tonepoet i can't see why ecchi would ever be used. eroge could be synonized with visual novel
user image
so what do you think is good airing currently
I only started watching blend S for the certain character and I skipped the 2 episodes before his arrival coz it got pretty dull
5 top shows are continuations of previous seasons and I haven't watched those
there's also Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou which seems promising, and Itsudatte Bokura no Koi wa 10 cm Datta. which could be interesting but because they're both rated so close to blend S, I'm skeptical
kino no tabi seems to be a remake of the original, so I'm not really interested in "rewatching" it
@Taisho Pingu
seriously though, there's been mixed opinions of The Ancient Magus's Bride and Fate/Apocrypha
2 of which i would watch personally if it wasn't for the fact they are both currently airing
3:55 AM
nep nep invades attack on titan
wait a sec, I don't know neptunia has anime anime-planet.com/anime/hyperdimension-neptunia
@EarlGrey yeh, and manga
the anime isn't connected to the games aside from using characters and themes
4:17 AM
Somebody was cheated out of their right to stardom:
@Tonepoet one of the Sega Hard Girls?
@Memor-X Yeah: She's Mega Drive.
@Tonepoet yeh Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls came out well after the anime
The personification of what was by far Sega's most famous console.
i really can only recognize 1 Sega Hard Girl and one member of Gold Third until i actually play the games
4:21 AM
Sega actually did a halfway decent job of it, She has some unforgettable elements of the original console's design:
However, I only say halfway decent because for some reason, they chose to have her A/B/C buttons on four separate parts of her outfit rather than varying the elements., and I think they could've stood to put some words on the spine of the book.
The on/off switch would've made for more better shoe buckles at least.
Also, headphones would've made sense since the megadrive does have a headphone port. It's the only console that I can think of that does actually.
4:37 AM
@Tonepoet you do realize they aren't 100% accurate personifications, after all why would you call the X-Box 360 "Thunder Tits"
and the PSP doesn't have sister issues to the PS3
@Memor-X If you didn't say 360, I'd jest that Microsoft treated the xbox controllers were like boobs: The bigger the better. =P
I don't know how I'd personify a 360, except that obviously she has a white dress with an hourglass figure, and most importantly a red ring =P
@Tonepoet yeh, like i'm sure Vert represents the 360 because that was the rival to the PS3 which Noire represents based off from the fact that the originla game was on the PS3
@Tonepoet No Red Ring on either form
though in the original game she did overheat and was bed ridden
IF nursed her
@Memor-X Hmm, unlike Neptune, I can't see anything that would mark this character off as a video game console personification. XD
She looks like an elven Princess.
4:58 AM
@Tonepoet Leanbox in the original game was more medieval
even in Re;Birth they kept the medieval theme to it
the changed the design to be more modern after that
Geeze, way to ruin the natural beauty of the island. XD
the other 3 are Planeptune (Sega), Lastation (Sony) and Lowee (Nintendo)
Now I can't help but wonder why Alfheim Online didn't occur on floating islands like that.
@Tonepoet it sorta is on one giant island
Jotunheim is actually bellow all of Alfheim in the game
Hmm, Norse mythology...
5:18 AM
@Tonepoet yes SAO's ALO isn't like that
the entire place is called Alfheim with the World Tree grounding out/through of the middle
I just saw some random cooking toy with fate/stay night picture on it lol
there are saber, sakura and taiga on it
and some other girl. I assume another anime, they look bit different
@EarlGrey picture?
5:34 AM
eeh, it's in front of the cashier I don't want to randomly take picture
and I don't want to buy it either
Sakura cooks, Taiga and Saber eats everything. can't think of another girl who eats everything and could be in the nasuverse
you sure it aint Rin?
like older Rin?
no there are like 3-4 other girl
@EarlGrey they aren't have foodrgasms are they
they'd be from Food Wars if they are
Cooking toy? Like a plastic pot?
not from Food Wars I think
@Tonepoet yea something like that
5:40 AM
cooking => big knifes => Prinnys => Prinny Abuse => WHAT HOLY HELL IS THIS!
stuff North Korea's nuclear warhead, this is a way bigger threat! who's collecting so many Prinnys
6:05 AM
in The Screening Room, 2 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
@Memor-X porn ID is off topic, rest in grey area
6:21 AM
@AnkitSharma not porn id but porn tag
we were talking about if we should just banned hentai tag
6:38 AM
@EarlGrey there is a tag called adult movies
7:15 AM
so it's not banned..
how's a tag got banned anyway? you can't type it or what
Uploaded (UTC): 03.09.2017 10:13:27 by (132581) Gao, tag: kill-la-kill
http://iqdb.org/?url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmSQsi7CirscWimzdKUmzy8FLYigAofu2zQdtVtfEHp9Z7/__matoi_ryuuko_and_senketsu_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_sushio__5f3c78e2d40aeebb6ed70e9c74478e65.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmSQsi7CirscWimzdKUmzy8FLYigAofu2zQdtVtfEHp9Z7/__matoi_ryuuko_and_senketsu_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_sushio__5f3c78e2d40aeebb6ed70e9c74478e65.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmSQsi7CirscWimzdKUmzy8FLYigAofu2zQdtVtfEHp9Z7/__matoi_ryuuk
oooh.. so Sushio is Ishizaki Toshio's nickname
7:38 AM
@EarlGrey I think only CM can ban a tag, mods got no such feature
8:29 AM
@Taisho Nothing against it, just doubt it will really add a lot to the question.
8:51 AM
mornnings . ohayou o/
9:06 AM
I destroyed 73 lives today ^^
Compared to around 35 yesterday I'm proud
good afternoon o/
Wait no, 35 on monday, 16 yesterday, 73 today
@Avery :O
Or maybe 32 yesterday? Not sure
is like a TA but not really, she just reads exams for fun and teachers are perfectly happy with that, even if it's a violation of rules and such
9:26 AM
@Gallifreyan looks like one of those diamond girl
@Avery is that the result of the whip thingy? :D
@Morwenn nah, it's the amount of exams I've read
wait, why do you read exams? I feel like I missed something :hum:
9:41 AM
For fun
I enjoy power
reading exams <-> power, wat
I get to grade them too
I have the power to give perfect grades to someone who knows nothing or terrible grades to someone who knows a lot
And the power to witness and ensure justice
@EarlGrey probably similar to what we've done with and . the mods request to black list them
Which is what i do
@Avery converting people to enjoy better things isn't destroying
@EarlGrey it is. Zerochan has it listed as Houseki no Kuni » Cinnabar (Houseki no Kuni)
Land of the Lustrous (Japanese: 宝石の国, Hepburn: Hōseki no Kuni, "Country of Jewels") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa and published from 2012 onwards. It is published by Kodansha on Monthly Afternoon magazine and eight volumes compiling the chapters have been released so far. Set in a world inhabited by "jewel people," it chronicles their efforts to find the place where they belong and defend their way of life. An anime promotional video was released in July 2013, and an anime television series adaptation by Orange premiered on October 7, 2017. == Synopsis... ==
10:06 AM
@Avery :o
10:37 AM
@Morwenn it's fun
people are generally paid to do that x)
I really enjoy that power
@Morwenn true
*watches SidAlpha Video. sees a game on steam in the video. yuri-sense flares up. looks up game*
> This story telling you about two schoolgirls and hot lesbian sex during their summer holidays. It is outstanding wild sex in village
*remembers it's a Dirty Devs video*
i hate people sometimes
already made a post on Hella Yuri if it can be listed as Not Recommended
*prays to the Dark Goddess of Love for some smite. some "do to these guys like what you did to the Incubators" smite*
oh hi @ToshinouKyouko
10:56 AM
user image
11:12 AM
@Memor-X yo
i am back at work
@ToshinouKyouko still sore?
only when i yawn, or burp, or anything involving involentary actions
@ToshinouKyouko which is like 50% of everything you do lol
so aside from being sore after surgery how's thing @tosh
11:24 AM
@Memor-X grand, i bought some board games while i was really sore, and they're all arriving now :)
including one game callled...
Love Formula, which is an anime-romancey game
well, i bought that one a while ago, but its the most relevant one on its way
@ToshinouKyouko i think you also talked about it here when you did aswell
i recall asking if there was shoujo ai/yuri couples
i think there is one
was a stretch goal
@ToshinouKyouko if it was reached i might get it myself
well it's good to have you back (even if you're in pain for the time being)
I caught up with Attack on Titan while sick
@ToshinouKyouko what season are you on? or did you read the manga?
11:32 AM
Season 2
@Taisho it's a meta tag, so I'd advise against it. We don't have tags for other genres or demographics either
I came back to a new office, my commute was usually ~30 minutes, it's now 1hr30m :(
@ToshinouKyouko anything shoujo ai/yuri in it yet
i guess there's a little tiny bit
@ToshinouKyouko crap. you need an autodrive car so you can read/watch anime
@ToshinouKyouko dam. either Season 2 isn't far enough in or the anime isn't showing as much as i wanted
11:34 AM
though 35mins of that commute is on the train so i can watch at least 1 ep
@ToshinouKyouko Cirtus comes out next year. you can start watching it then
also Fate/Extra
and Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc if you're like me who's blindly still wishing for Li to piss off so Sakura can be with her sweetheart Tomoyo
Yuko's comment shall be canon one way or another
@Memor-X yes, i am looking forward to it a lot
i thought it was this season and was disappointed
@ToshinouKyouko well if the "seasons" are mapped to actual weather seasons then it is this season, we're in Winter 2018
just the image i pinned says it wont be airing in japan until January
speaking of Cirtus, i got about 5 Volume of it for my birthday. i'm sorta torn if i should watch the anime first to get the voices in my head or read the manga first because it's going to be forever before i can get the DVDs
there's some sorta sign that my birthday is in the Winter airing season which Cirtus premieres in for 2018
like someone's going
> hey Memor-X, we got a shoujo ai/yuri treat for you as we're airing a new shoujo ai/yuri anime for your birthday season.
but it can't be that because even i'm not insane enough to truly believe that
how was the hospital @ToshinouKyouko after your op? like did you get a TV? what was the food like?
11:52 AM
@Memor-X i got a tv but it was at a weird angle so i didnt watch it, also it only had irish tv which is bad
the food was surprisingly good, was v impressed
good hospital, would go again
@ToshinouKyouko i'll watch out for it on yelp lol
@Gallifreyan does list the series but does list some more good ones
2 hours later…
1:54 PM
ok, so apparently the game which is trying to yuri-bait me is worse than fucken scum. there is this silhouette image with very NSFW Text and it's been stolen from this suggestive gif which i think is actually a guy and girl
finally won fortnite battle royale!
took me like 180 matches in solo and some bonus 80 in squad
I've gotten to like 3-4 place about 40 times though and got killed each time by fucking reaction pros with their shotguns, but this time I brought my own shotgun
alright now I gotta get ready to decide my apt building's fate on the commitee gathering :p
gonna choose some choice benches and trash bins
2:18 PM
Q: Does the door connects only between 2 worlds or does it connects more?

絢瀬絵里In Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to Another World) does the door connects only between 2 worlds (let's call it world A and world B), or does it connects to more than 2 worlds? In other words, does all the other world customer come from the same world, or do they come from many different worlds? I...

1 hour later…
3:21 PM
3:35 PM
Q: Why didn't Shouko confess here feelings to Shoya afterwards?

SaitamaSamaAt the scene where Shouko tries to give to plant pot decoration thingy, she tried to confess her feeling to Shoya, but it was rather interpreted as 'Tsuki' => 'Moon'. I'm wondering now why Shouko didn't confess her feelings later?

1 hour later…
4:35 PM
4:46 PM
damn, what the hell am I even typing
1 hour later…
6:15 PM
@Memor-X looks pretty much like a guy and a girl
@Gallifreyan agreed
@milleniumbug The face you make when people tell you that you can't be scary just because of how you look:
7:35 PM
Q: Is Jiren simply uses brute force?

HenjinHit is a powerful opponent for Goku because he can use time skip and manipulate time and space. Is this could be said for Jiren, Or is he simply an overpowered character?

2 hours later…
9:38 PM
thanks @Gallifreyan for the images to set my mind at ease after seeing such an abomination being sold as shoujo ai/yuri
@Gallifreyan I wonder what the strings signify
a bond?
red string of fate
@milleniumbug dam, beat me to it
there's Red String of Fate in Tears to Tiara which you can buy for 99999 from Epona. when you do Arawn-sama gets yet another wife (after his already increasing harem of several wives which he is still dumbfounded in how it's happening) but if you have the original fan translated version, from what i read Epona forces herself onto Arawn-sama and uses the red string to bind him
though i get the sense he was for it anyway, like it's twine and this is the Demon King Arawn-sama, he doesn't loose that much strength
9:58 PM
Q: How did Boruto learn the shadow clone jutsu?

John DWho taught Boruto the shadow clone Jutsu? In the anime, episode 36 Kakashi asks if Boruto's father (Naruto) taught him the jutsu, but he replied no. If Naruto didn't teach Boruto, then who did?

10:11 PM
@Memor-X It's probably not specifically a Tears to Tiara reference: The Red String of Fate is more broadly a reference to chinese folklore wherein the gods use it to link lovers with the inseverable bond of destiny. You'll see it referenced in anime frequently.
10:23 PM
@Tonepoet oh i know that. i was saying that if what i read is correct Arawn-sama allowed himself to get tied up with red twine by a small elf who forces herself onto him
@Tonepoet still prefer Rin x Saber
then Sakura x Rider and Shirou x Non Magical Girl Ilya
@Memor-X Bah, curse ye who sin through thine forgetfulness: What of Homura and Madoka. =P
@Tonepoet what do you mean? i havn't forgotten them
@Memor-X I'm just joking, 'cause you hadn't mentioned them even though you really do seem to love that 'ship, and Madoka's more or less a goddess.
@Memor-X Also, I misread Magical Girl Ilya as Magical Girl Nanoha, so I didn't think you were only going for fate/series ships with that ranking.
@Tonepoet oh, allow me to correct that
10:34 PM
@Tonepoet well it wasn't really a ranking. just my preference of ships where all good endings happen
@Memor-X Oh, the Thens left me with the impression that you were making a list. Also, it really realy took me by surprise that you're 'shipping Ilya with Shirou. I think it's the first time I've seen you expresly mention a heterosexual pairing. XD I guess there isn't really another good option for Ilya in that continuity though.
@Tonepoet not officially but Nasu (or someone in Type-Moon) did mention there was going to be an Ilya Route but they were running out of time and just merged it with the Fste and Heaven's Feel Routes
but yeh i could have just as well said "fuck Shirou, he can be alone his entire life" but yeh he might be dumb and what not i'm not that much of an ass
though i could have said Luviagelita Edelfelt but the only reason i can think of without having played Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is that she just wants something that could be Rin's
@Memor-X So what about Sakura and Taiga?
@Tonepoet what about them?
for Shirou?
10:42 PM
@Gallifreyan are you awake?
@Memor-X I don't know. I guess Sakura x Caster would be the obvious choice there.
@Tonepoet already said Sakura x Rider
@Memor-X Ah... where'd my marbles go?
@Tonepoet i took them trying to yurify them before putting back in your head
@Memor-X Let's see how long that lasts:
10:52 PM
@Tonepoet well i was thinking for Taiga, weird temporal kerfuffle where she is sent back in time to Iris
but Ilya could work to. Iris's love is inherited to her because Ilya is a magic baby
@Memor-X I wasn't aware of that. XD Hmm...
@Tonepoet well Taiga does show up in Fate/Zero anyway when Iskander steals a keg of booze but there were these side episode things (sorta like the Taiga Dojo and Sword Art Offline) which featured Iris and Taiga
Does Taiga ever learn that Shirou (and Saber) basically lied to her, and if she does, how much does she kill him? =P
but Taiga would be underage and her timeline would lead or Iris dying. temporal kerfuffle would be Zelretch and Aoko messing with their magic and Zero Iris is pulled to Stay Night Tiaga
@Tonepoet if she did and fought them i assume that would be in Battle Moon Wars
or in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. there's a turn based battle game from screenshots i've seen in it or she could have challenged them to hanafuda
not seeing taiga in battle moon wars but seeing other funny stuff
11:14 PM
@Memor-X I was thinking more along the lines of Taiga cracking Shirou's skull open with this during kendo practice:
@Memor-X Since when did she steal Patchouli's headpiece?

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