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nothing beats officially owning an anime as generally any japanese text has subtitles translating it for you
1:40 AM
Thank you @Sam @Hakase for reviving @Taisho
@Avery works for me, but i started fresh after quantum update because greasemonkey scripts stopped working for me
i don't recall there was an update on december 1 but i definitely installed it and the scripts before then
last updated: 2 december
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#post a loli
#post GARcher
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@Taisho tags
yeh i think @Taisho threw an exception because i stared @Hakase
@Taisho tags
or the listener just isn't working like it used too
6:48 AM
@Gao nooooo, anything but garcher
@Taisho what
Uploaded (UTC): 02.09.2017 21:48:10 by (132581) Gao, tag: noragami
http://iqdb.org/?url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmfFZghSgVrmnDVxFHVAgrxnAB1zLaQmfTdYm4MTVSQrA2/__bishamonten_and_kazuma_noragami_drawn_by_daye_bie_qia_lian__9af0e5368457a646b3d94096c51e5b6b.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmfFZghSgVrmnDVxFHVAgrxnAB1zLaQmfTdYm4MTVSQrA2/__bishamonten_and_kazuma_noragami_drawn_by_daye_bie_qia_lian__9af0e5368457a646b3d94096c51e5b6b.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmfFZghSgVrmnDVxFHVAgrxnAB1zLaQmfTdYm4MTVSQrA2/__bishamo
@SaitamaSama MANnosuke
GARcher? MANnosuke?
are these real things?
7:11 AM
In Gensokyo
ok, still don't get it. i google MANnosuke and i get Rinnosuke and GARcher i get Archer from Fate/Stay Night but neither one is any different
Q: Were there any Death Note Rules not shown mid episode of the anime?

Memor-XIn the anime when there is a break in the episode we have scenes that look similar to the "How to Use" pages of the manga. except they aren't titled like "How to Use XVI". I am wondering, are there any rules that were in the "How to Use" Pages that were not shown in the middle of the episodes? i...

Q: What happened to the other Death Notes?

Memor-XAt the start of Death Note Ryuk says that there were other Death Notes falling to the human world in the past and Light Was the first to write so many names Was the first to think of a way to hide the Death Note But what happened with these other Death Notes?

It's their real names
did you just finish rewatching Death Note @Memor-X? :B
@SaitamaSama no. only 4 episodes
the first 4
which is the first disk of the entire collection
7:24 AM
oh... :P
user image
7:57 AM
This currently airing anime looks interesting: myanimelist.net/anime/35557/Houseki_no_Kuni_TV
are you watching Mahoutsukai no Yome, tho?
@Gao funny how they say that the Gems are genderless, call the main one a he yet all but the one that clearly looks like a guy are voiced by women
8:37 AM
@Memor-X SU does tht too
they're genderless and sexless, but use female pronouns still
@Avery that's why i find it funny
well I don't, tbh
maybe because I'm kinda...
have too many friends
@Avery what? you don't find it funny how it's practically SU
oh, I find that funny too
@Avery lol, i thin you got confused because i originally replied to the wrong message
but yeh, only difference between this and SU is that Steven isn't voiced by a woman
as far as i know
how's things with you anyway @Avery
8:43 AM
it's okay
9:19 AM
Q: What was the function of the sigils Luke drew in episode 2 of Vanishing Line?

senshinIn episode 2 of Garo: Vanishing Line, Luke traces out a number of magic-circle-looking things in a particular neighborhood. He later asks Sword to chase the Horror into that same neighborhood. Sword later does so, whereupon we see that when the Horror touches these sigils or passes by them, th...

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11:18 AM
@ToshinouKyouko yo, what's up?
@Avery i suppose they never heard of regression testing?
@Avery Thank god I'm on Windows
Linux best os
MacOS worst os
11:21 AM
Linux FTW
at least it's not windows
user image
@TimE.Lord That dress looks somewhat intimidating
11:25 AM
the things are too perky >.<
yeah I don't like it
@Avery @Memor-X hiya, just about recovered from surgery
@ToshinouKyouko your tonsillitis?
I can almost speak again
@ToshinouKyouko lol, and in my mind reading your posts you're speaking like normal
11:33 AM
gawd, tonsiliitis is really a nightmare. had been chronic to it for a long time, tho medication has toned it down quite a bit.
@Memor-X i'm not sure what you mean by real, but they are things. Both are unauthorized nicknames for Archer and Rinnosuke. GARcher is allegedly derived from the claim that "Archer is GAR." which is believed to be a typo of gay, in the pejorative meaning of the word. The sardonic folk at 4chan decided to read GAR as a whole new word, meaning something akin to manly or macho which is the antithesis of the pejorative gay and decided to proclaim that Archer is the GARREST character ever.
@Tonepoet ahhh ok.......fucken 4chan, figures
@Tonepoet I wonder how Rinnosuke got that nickname.... is he the only male worth remembering in Gensokyo?
11:48 AM
when in the world is the DVD of Heaven's Feel pt. 1 going to release? :'(
@Gao He's not quite the only male, but he is one of few, and many of them aren't even men (read that as humanoid males) per-se. Rinnosuke is arguably the most noteworthy man, with his only real rival for that title as of yet being Youkai Konpaku, but unlike Rinnosuke, we never see a depiction of Youkai Konpaku: Youkai is mostly just a part of Youmu Konpaku's backstory.
Thus when enthusiasts desire a hyper-masculine character to be depicted in doujinshi works, Rinnosuke is perhaps the most obvious option out of the canonical characters and hence the Mannosuke moniker makes some amount of sense, especially when referring to the character when he serves in that capacity.
12:09 PM
why elevate rinnosuke when they could just do a hokuto no ken cross-over and cross-gender parody?
Other noteworthy males include Genji: A turtle that served as Reimu's equivalent to Goku's Nimbus Cloud in the N.E.C. PC-98 era, and Unzan, a pink cloud that resembles a disembodied head with hands that serves Ichirin.
> Genji
The Overwatch Guy ? :B
@Gao or you-kun
> A turtle that served as Reimu's equivalent to Goku's Nimbus Cloud in the N.E.C. PC-98 era
keyword, turtle. not cyborg ninja
@Memor-X :P
12:13 PM
@SaitamaSama the surgery is pretty sore :(
there's turtle in touhou? i've only seen unzan
> PC-98 era
ancient era of PCs
@ToshinouKyouko that's exactly why I went the medication route...
like the original Touhou Games before Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil which i believe is number 5
wouldn't have liked to go through some painful process at the age of ~12
12:16 PM
@Memor-X More accurately, it's Touhou 1–5 but that's essentially right.
@Tonepoet oh. EotSD is number 6?
@Memor-X Yeah, it's no. 5. No. 5 is Mystic Square.
Mystic Square is noteworthy for being the first appearance of Alice Margatroid, and the only appearance of Shinki.
Unless you count Shinki's appearance in Magus in Mystic Geometries...
i just found out sariel appeared only in touhou 1, as a resident of makai. fan works depict it as shinkai's nemesis for some reason
@Gao Fubuki looks intimidating by default
I was reading up and maybe my voice will be higher from now on :o
12:27 PM
@ToshinouKyouko high enough that you sound like Toshinou for real
@Memor-X not that high I think
I guess I'll find out tho
@TimE.Lord and especially manly (and perky) in that picture
@Memor-X Oh, I meant "Yeah [Embodiment of the Scarlet devil] is No. 6." >_<
@Tonepoet yeh i figured that. was actually waiting for you edit and the re-ping lol
It's funny how when I see an image on danbooru of a male and a female whom I don't know the names of, I can guess with very high accuracy that the character tag with more post count corresponds to the female, even if her role is not as prominent as the male.
It almost always work
12:42 PM
user image
@Gao Anime males are usually rather boring characters, perhaps because so often they are meant to be 'relateable' and hence designed to be as generic and uninteresting as possible. Let's face it: Nobody watches Fate/Stay Night for Shirou, despite him being the main protagonist, and he's one of the better examples. XP
@Tonepoet are you sure? (looks over to EMIYA)
still Shirou
@Tonepoet I first started watching Fate for Saber because I heard she is king Arthur, and she has cool armor and sword, but then after ufotable did UBW, I watched it for Archer and Lancer
@Gao and thus, watching it for Shirou and Lancer
12:51 PM
@Memor-X A Shirou who has lived for quite some years and gained much experience. I never liked Shirou even though I heard he is even more of a badass in the LN than Archer; I think it defies logic that he could become stronger than Archer in such short period of time and it's nothing but plot armor.
Bah, I don't care what the future history books say! Archer's different from Shirou! Just ask Rin! =P
@Gao LN? Light Novel?
He isn't even as calculating as Archer
@Memor-X My bad. I meant to say VN, Visual Novel.
@Gao gotcha
Also, I'm mostly thinking of comparable roles: and mostly lead roles. Shakugan no Shana is not called Yuji's Existential Crisis for a reason. XP
12:56 PM
@Tonepoet I love the couple wear, the matching red color = LOVE
It's called Shakugan no Shana, not Shakugan no Yuji. No one watches it for Yuji
@Gao but Archer's is red because the Church likes having every one of their god dam Shrouds as red
Archer's, Caren's, the one Kotomine gives to Shirou in Heaven's Feel, Shirou Kotomine's
@Memor-X but then why is ciel and kotomine not wearing red?
I watched Kimi no na wa yesterday, it was soooo good *-*
I loved the landscapes and colours everywhere
@Memor-X Huh? I thought the Church mostly wore black.
1:01 PM
@Gao @Tonepoet i said Shroud's, the Church's Mystic Code
Archer's outfit is the way it is because he re-purposed the shroud he ended up getting from Ciel at a later stage (at least i think it was Ciel)
i think it's that lower bit
OK, so the Shroud of Martin given to Shirou by Kotomine is red
Eh, that might be the rationalization but if I were a gambler, I would wager that this was imagined well after the fact. I think it is fair to assume that at least in production, Archer's outfight was designed to match Rin's. XP
Caren's Shroud of Magdalene is also red
@Tonepoet All church members are Rin's fans so they designed the shrouds to match Tohsaka family's color
Come to think of it though, Rin's shirt does have a cross on it....
man i want to see more of Caren. when is fate/hollow ataraxia anime coming out?
1:10 PM
no love for Heaven's Feel?
and remember that Tokiomi allied with the Kotomine's
@Gao might never be. the basis is a timelooped world like Kagtesu Tohya
in a sense every time you reach the end or you die the loop begins again
it's alot of repeating what you did with slight variations to see new stuff
@SaitamaSama no Caren
@Memor-X They can just follow Haruhi Suzumiya's Endless Eight example
@Tonepoet AVG just aborted a connection that site tried to make because of a virus
@Memor-X Shame.
the url that got changed to was http://upic.me/show/52998261
but i did get to see the image before i closed it for saftey reasons
@Gao wasn't that bad though?
Lancer's probably carrying a mop
@Memor-X all for caren
@Taisho I like this Shiki
@Taisho that's obviously SHIKI not Shiki
@Gao ^
@Memor-X How do you tell? They're arm holding so I vote for Shiki.
1:25 PM
@Gao SHIKI is the male persona and the more cheerful one shown in Murder Speculation Part 1
like it was SHIKI that invited Kokuto out and talked about Shiki
@Memor-X Is one stronger than the other? They're both trained as assassins right? And both are weaker than the third personality?
@Gao one is the murderous impulse and the other isn't who was the one who jumped infront of that car
@Memor-X ...... maybe Shiki will open up and become more cheerful when they get married? urgghhh my fantasy!
also not Assassins, Demon Slayers. the Ryuogi are one of 5 Demon layer Families in Japan
@Gao like it's not that i can't imagine Shiki smile but it's more the warm gentle one she would have when Mana is sleeping in her lap
wait, you said fantasy
do you not know of Mana?
@Memor-X isn't the one with murderous intent also the one who jumped in front of the car (SHIKI)?
maybe i got it all mixed up
1:29 PM
@Gao i thought it was the one who didn't want to kill Kokuto and ran away
i know at the very least one of them wanted to kill Kokuto when he found her
man i hate dual personalities. need to rewatch kara no kyoukai
@Gao yes and if you haven't watch Future Gospel
@Memor-X I think I have. Is it the boring one with 20 minutes of conversation? Or the one with the bombing incident?
@Gao bombing incident
the conversation one (where we learn about Void) is Gate of the 7th heaven i think
it might be just conversation but we do learn about Void, she explains how OPed she actually is and that chronologically she was the first Shiki Kokuto met
a shame there's no Void in Melty Blood to do a Archtype:Earth VS Void battle
@Memor-X i learned nothing from it. they talk in the most abstruse way and beat around the bush so about 5 minutes in i'm not comprehending anything
1:34 PM
best we get is Archtype:Earth VS Shiki where Archtype:Earth admits there's something terrifying inside of her
@Tonepoet I'm not rewatching Elfen Lied, thanks. One set of murderer is enough, I don't need two.
@Gao i recall how she says of what she could do
but yeh the rest is like comparisons on her existsnces to what a human could understand
@Gao after her coma, how many people did she kill who didn't have it coming?
@Memor-X maybe because by the time i watched it, it's been years since i watched the last kara no kyoukai movies so my memories of the storyline was vague
@Gao Huh? I didn't say anything about rewatching it. XP
Ah, I see. I was responding to the "I hate dual personalities" part.
1:39 PM
@Tonepoet Her eyes' like "You have forgotten about me" and I'm like "I don't want to remember you".
@Tonepoet Lucy/Nyu is must easier to understand than SHIKI/Shiki
@Memor-X At least they look and act different enough that I could tell when they switch personalities.
@Gao This is how yanderes are born, and I do not believe I need to explain why you don't want Lucy to be yandere for you. XP
@Tonepoet i wonder. would a Diclonis attack Cat Girls/Boys?
if not then @Gao could get away by being one
@Tonepoet She was yandere for Kouta, and I guess she killed his family.
1:43 PM
@Gao no and not her fault
@Memor-X Eeh, it doesn't matter: Gao's not a cat-person: Gao's a nineball.
mmm, are we talking about Elfen Lied?
user image
^When I go yandere
@SaitamaSama yes for the time being
we went from Kara no Kyoukai to Elfen Lied
next we'll some how end up to K-On
and then Clannad: AS
1:47 PM
@Gao Stop being so yandere: You're scaring Dai-chan! =P
@Tonepoet Who's getting closer to my Dai-chan? glares
@Tonepoet safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1991162 birth of another yandere? that face is scary
@Gao you-kun
@Memor-X That's the Wrong answer: The correct scapegoat is always Kyubey. =P
@Tonepoet no that's for when it's fucking with shoujo ai/yuri
also has that little bastard been known to sneak up on a person as they slepted?
1:54 PM
@Memor-X Yes:
@Tonepoet That bastard thinks it is a plush toy
@Gao Yeah, he does:
user image
It's a bad habit he learned from Kero:
The artist also has similar images with Sailor Moon and Lum.
In this case, I'm not buying the coins, I'm buying the whole machine.
2:21 PM
Q: What does this sentence mean 我是男猪脚?

D_AceI tried looking up online dictionary but cannot find the meaning of 男猪脚? Its literal meaning is "I am a male pig's foot" and it makes no sense.

> Its literal meaning is "I am a male pig's foot"
reminds me of the protagonist "tonsoku" pig-foot from masamune-kun no revenge
that slang-connection never occurred to me until i see this question
@Gao She looks great
I ship her and Saitama
Tatsumaki is just tsundere...
Tatsumaki x Saitama is how it is supposed to be
Meh Tatsumaki
Fubuki ftw
2:50 PM
I think I'm going to install Arch into my system... and I'm scared af :B
I'm not really scared of anything except flashing the BIOS
worst case is reinstall the OS
I'll wait till there's a stable Arch-based distribution. For now i'll stick to openSUSE
maybe not more stable, but more polished and less bugs
maybe i can give kubuntu a try, now it's not that fugly as before
3:09 PM
someone hatin on makoto shinkai for 90 minutes reddit.com/r/videos/comments/7h1myy/…
3:23 PM
@Taisho lol his commentary is actually quite funny, and maybe even correct
yea the art of voices of a distant star looks so awful
dem beautiful feet, is that his fetish?
Beautiful feet must be included in every film, nothing fetishy about it
© Quentin Tarantino
3:33 PM
@TimE.Lord That sounds fetishy...
Not if they're genuinely beautiful
I like legs more than feet in that pic tbh
I think that I made it pretty clear
I like the leg more than the foot in that picture.
3:39 PM
user image
> ... and that her waking up might mean the end of the world but also if they fly her to the tower then blow it up then maybe it won't so they do that and it works I guess.
> I constantly felt as though I was supposed to be paying attention to the backgrounds instead of the characters, especially in scenes wherein the camera would just abandon the characters entirely to fixate on some luscious background detail such as the lights moving on the ceiling of a train or lightning in a distant storm cloud...
You were, because they're very well drawn
So the director decided to give some attention to the background; if they didn't, folks would be complaining about seeing the protagonist's face for the whole film
are you guys actually watching that feature length rant?
I didn't mean for you to watch it, just let you know that it exists
it's good so far
i don't even recall there's any "tomato splashing" in Promised Places
well, if you're enjoying it then ok
no idea what that means
just shows how forgettable Shinkai's earlier films are
I decided not to watch this kind of thing after I watched too much of CinemaSins. Granted, CinemaSins isn't the most constructive of criticisms, but I'd rather spend time on watching the films, instead of those "reviews"
3:58 PM
I'm not that big a fan of makoto shinkai's works, and I do'nt have a strong opinion either way
so I'm not gonna watch that vid
Or post anime pics here, that's cool too
if I had any unanswered questions or strong opinions, then sure I"d watch
that's why I watch a bunch of youtube channels about movies
do you have link to more constructive criticisms?
for shinkai makoto i mean
4:00 PM
Not me, I'm having hard enough time watching the actual films
not me, but you can see what's recommended in the youtube's sidebar
4:15 PM
@TimE.Lord <3 loved that scene in Garden of Words
wow i pretty much share the same opinions and ratings with that guy
holy fudge the arm was ripped off!
again i'm having an amnesia because of how boring Children Chase Lost Voices is, but shit it's trying to be princess mononoke or something, aiming to traumatize the hearts of young children
4:34 PM
> rejoice viewers, we finally made it to the foot fetish movie.
There are ~3 scenes with bare feet in that film
It's more of a rain fetish film, I'd say
@TimE.Lord Not showing the whole feet can actually be more captivating, e.g. foot dangling tease. If you count those, it's much more than 3 scenes
> And I can easily put myself in his --- shoes --- as someone who's also spent my senior year of high school blowing off class to write my anime blog.
@Gao don't remember anything
5:05 PM
woah woah, kimi no na wa boring? that i don't agree with
I can kinda agreeee
it was slow
but enjoyable
but slow
@Gao what's this anime again
I have a friend who might enjoy it
@Avery Garden of Words
"asking for a friend"
nah, it's actually for a friend
I'm on more of the...
u no like feet?
user image
5:15 PM
opens thesaurus
I'm more of an authoritative person myself.
@TimE.Lord no
So that guy states at length how masterful the execution of the Your Name film is and yet says Shinkai hasn't produced a masterpiece to date, what the hell does he consider is a masterpiece?
Ah he said it at the end
Some did produce masterpieces, but some are just average
Q: Why people watch science fiction when its never gonna happen in real life?

user55439Why people watch science fiction ? Is there any educative lesson to learn ? What happens in science fiction that never gonna happen in this world so whats the benefit of watching it ? N.B>>> PLEASE DONT MISUNDERSTAND ME THIS ANSWER I WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE OF MY CURIOSITY.

5:38 PM
@Tim what's with that face now
@TimE.Lord what's with that face now???
What's wrong with it? checks the mirror
looks like some puppety professor snape
@Hakase It's Capaldi's Doctor by Doctor Puppet.
@Gao why don't you stop watching it :p
5:54 PM
@Hakase I have already watched it to completion. It's great overall.
he speaks my mind, it's funny, and i can rewatch some of the scenes from most shinkai films
6:16 PM
Q: Did Freezer know super saiyan god?

PabloIn the Dragon Ball Minus manga which is part of Jaco the Galatic Patrolman if I understand correctly, Freezer knows super saiyan god. But in the anime series he seems to know anything about him, since he feared super saiyan and not super saiyan god, which doesnt make sense if he knew super saiyan...

1 hour later…
7:33 PM
welp, guess he's not getting a response :/
Yugioh Monopoly: Go directly to the Shadow Realm: Do not pass away. Do not resurrect as the amnesiac soul of an ancient Egyptian Pharoah in a ten year old boy's body.
1 hour later…
8:48 PM
blegh I removed vivaldi and now I have no way of using signal on pc
might go with chromium
use firefox
I already use firefox
9:06 PM
ah. well, don't use signal then
why would you? only terrorists need encryption
9:19 PM
oh no my pgp smartkey is actually a bomb
10:16 PM
what kind of explosion an encrypted bomb makes
10:29 PM
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