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1:14 AM
Q: What does "gal" mean in Hajimete no Gal and/or Japanese culture?

Dan WhaleyIn the anime Hajimete no Gal (aka My First Girlfriend is a Gal), it's made abundantly clear in the first episode that "gal" is not just another feminine pronoun. Based on the 2 "gals" in the show, and compared to the other girls in the show, it seems there's a marked difference in style, persona...

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2:28 AM
@Gao i know about vivaldi, but when i looked at it last year, it was still so new and some stuff wasnt working
2:39 AM
it is pretty fine
3:17 AM
3:56 AM
Schrödinger's Bra and Panties in SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash
because with that small of an image you can't observe if she is wearing any or if they are just white
5:42 AM
@Unihedron ^_^
what is that
it's a comic
Q: I really want to know how this manga is called!

SashaFirst of all, thanks in advance for reading this and sorry for my bad english. So, today I started to think about good mangas I was reading a couple of years ago, and tried to make a list of them. And I rememberd one of them but I can't remember either the name or the characters names. The ...

not my comic though
title? source?
hitoribocchi no oo seikatsu
5:54 AM
oh I think I know that one
@Darjeeling title?
yep, figured it wouldn't work
but Danbooru and Sankaku Channel did think it was Christmas Witch
48 mins ago, by Unihedron
hitoribocchi no oo seikatsu
@Darjeeling ahhh. Dynasty Scans has it.
4-koma, Comedy, Moe up the butt, School girl, School life, Subtext
it is cute
ye like most moe manga
you already read it :p
6:42 AM
@Darjeeling not really. it was in my collection tagged as Moe up the butt, i commented on that and i just posted the link of the doujin i was looking at
^ Chapter 1 Page 4......what the hell! my heart i breaking already!
why would you do that!
"i'm not going to be friends with you until you make friends with everyone in your class. i don't want to not be friends with you so please succeed"
7:03 AM
@JNat could you unfreeze Shinonome Lab again? thanks
@Gao done
@JNat thanks, and Mornin'
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9:24 AM
@ToshinouKyouko long time no speak, how have you been?
^ Me during summer (cc @Avery).
9:40 AM
Q: Which doraemon episode is this?

Anonymous I have been looking for this episode for quite a while. I would appreciate anyone's help. Thank you.

@Sakamoto ID are off topic
@Dimitrimx so busy :(
@AnkitSharma if it's within a know series it's ok
@Dimitrimx yo, can't remember the last time you were here
that or my memory is shite
@Gallifreyan colourful
@Memor-X i've been out of this chat for a while. Visited last week though.
@Dimitrimx then my memory is shite. how's things anyway
9:47 AM
Pretty good, very exhausted, relatively new job, Moving, working on my own company as well, as it is slowly starting to increase in scale.
How have you been @Memor-X
@Dimitrimx almost the opposite. not exactly relaxed because of the dam sheep bit i'm not moving, not starting my own company and my contract for my current job expires next week and since they don't want to renew it i'll be out of work
@Dimitrimx i take it starting your own company and new job are one in the same?
@Memor-X really? Is that rule clear?
@Memor-X no, I have had my own company for almost a year now. But it ain't enough to live on (yet). So I have a full time job besides it, which i recently switched.
It's now hinging towards being able to sustain me, but I rather not risk it just yet.
@AnkitSharma well since we know the series is Doraemon then it's way more answerable than some random scene from some random anime . it's thing exception which also allows music id requests and in series identification
@Memor-X so ID this episode is on topic?
Anyway CV retracted
9:54 AM
@AnkitSharma more or less yeh
@Dimitrimx so what's your job now?
10:25 AM
@Memor-X SaaS developer.
So pretty much glorified Webdeveloper
@Dimitrimx when i think web development i think building websites. so what do you do as a SaaS dev because from what i read (basic) you seem to just build regular aoftware which is stored and executed from a server
@Memor-X Yeah, thats the catch. SaaS is software as a service. So indeed, i build software which is stored and executed from a server, often with a restfull api, and a interface to interact with said API through a website, mobile devices, IOT objects
So the work i do is not really limited to 'just the back end'
So building MVC websites, android/ios apps, setting up IOT objects is al part of it
I like the diversity of the work, must say I also find it tough. Ending up as a skilled in all, master of non developer. As I need to switch between 5-9 different programing languages per day.
Due to this way of working, I have had some hard times getting used to it. And feel like I have been underperforming severly, all though they keep telling me they are used to 6-8 months of getting used to.
Previously it would take about 2-4 weeks to get into a project.
11:06 AM
@Dimitrimx so how long to projects normally go for?
11:34 AM
so we have a bit under 24 hours before the election is over and we'll see who is out next mod
I voted. proud voter
11:53 AM
@Dim what's the expected pay for the time spent?
12:04 PM
Q: Where can I watch the Doraemon New Year Special which aired on 31st December 2001?

AnonymousSo I just figured in my previous question ( Which Doraemon episode is this with Shizuka and multiple mini Doraemons? ) that I cannot get a DVD of this New Year Special. If possible, I would like to know then where I can watch these. Thank you a lot.

@Memor-X Very different. Some want updates/maintenance. Those projects usually are active for 1-2 months in a row, and go dormant for as long as nothing new is requested. Others are actively maintained, with bi-weekly updates. Or one time projects, which often run 1-2 months as well. All together, you usually get a task in project A, round it up, and grab a task in project B. Some priorities in between, or having to explain previous decisions, bugs and so on.
All together, I usually work on 4-5 projects simultaniously
@taisho The pay? Full time, 30k/year. Which is fairly above average here considering my age
@Unihedron and you get a shiny silver badge for it
@Dimitrimx is there any code that you work on/maintain cross project?
@Dimitrimx what's the currency because 30K in AUD is less than what i got doing repeated PHP Web Design and i hated that job in the end
@Memor-X Sort of yeah, there is a generalized library we maintain with generalized business logic which is often reused. 30K euro (44K AUD top of the head maths)
@Dimitrimx to be honest i would probably expect close to $52k AUD/year. especially now that from what i am hearing out of university all 3 Programming Courses are taught using Java rather than Python, C++ then Java and C# for Analysis and Design so there's little room to develop programming logic to apply across multiple langues. ofcause that's Australia, not sure what Programming in school is like were you are
I could rant about the educations here for hours. But summed up, quite crap.
12:16 PM
they still teach java? wtf?
Previous job paid me 18k/year + travel exspanses. which was literaly minimum wage
@Dimitrimx i wouldn't have worked for that as the AUD equivalent. way too low to build up savings
This is somehow ridiculous. I believe the latest 2 questions about Doraemon was posted by same person, using 2 different accounts...
As a 23 year old developer, with 6 years experience, 30k, here is pretty nice.
@AndrewT. the user is unregistered. They don't always persist
Believe that happens if you use inprivate/clear cookies.
Maybe even if you close the browser at all.
@Gao it may have changed in the past couple of years, it was what i last heard about 3 or so years ago...which to me is crap because the reason they appear to that is so that you don't have to learn a whole new language
@AndrewT. there's nothing wrong with that. just so long as there's no sock puppet behavior like voting on your own questions or using it to bypass bans
12:21 PM
And that user was originally posted and deleted the first question and having 101 rep (assoc bonus). Oh well, I know it's permissible to post using other account if they don't want their user to be associated with the question
@AndrewT. their loss in the end for any rep they gain (didn't know they had posted the question before)
@Dimitrimx 6 years work experience?
@Dimitrimx that's actually impressive. i didn't get my first job until i was like 23-24 and i only have about 5 years experience now
I had a part time job (non programing) at 15, posting flyers. late 15-17 worked at a local Do it yourself shop, giving paint advice. After that rolled into gamedevelopment for 4 years (24 hours next to my study) and 2 years of full time webdevelopment after that
started the working live early ;)
and I haven't really counted my own company in there yet, and there has been some overlap between the all of them.
12:48 PM
Q: Can the two titan powers inside Eren be separated and given to two different people?

HenjinSo Eren we can presume that if someone were to consume Eren So can some one consume or gain just one of the titans? Like when the original titan(the original Ymir) divided her powers in to nine different powers and gave them to her descendants?

1:13 PM
I just received a email from [email protected] . This a legit thing? @JNat
@Dimitrimx hmm, @so.EMAIL? That... doesn't sound like us. Can you forward it along with a link to this convo to team@?
@Gallifreyan seems like a good way to flood your room with bugs and mosquitoes
1:16 PM
@Avery Look at the big picture, past the technicalities.
@JNat send it.
it looks so sketchy though
it definitely is stack.
The email looks like ours. I'm just not sure about the .email part — will check. I thought ours were @so.com and not .email...
1:19 PM
@JNat SO Careers sends from .email
the rest is still .com
Same here, it ended up in my spam folder. So I was curious
It is from us @Dimitrimx (cc @Avery). Will just archive your ticket without reply :)
gotcha, guess ill whitelist the .email, as is seems to identify it as spam
Q: Is email from [email protected] legit?

StijnI've just received an email from [email protected] titled Announcing the Stack Overflow Developer Story. Is this a legit email? If so, how come you use this domain while other emails (e.g. job matches) come from [email protected]?

1:31 PM
Guess I never noticed it before due to it going straight to spam ;)
.email lol
1:53 PM
@Taisho i believe that is Deuce, never really used her in combat as i generally went with Queen
@Dimitrimx you using gmail?
2:07 PM
I got a writer onboard designing a scenario for my next game
at this rate I might actually form a game circle
so happy
@Memor-X hotmail
@Unihedron what are you missing
@Memor-X more people... lol
@Dimitrimx ahh ok. don't know what their anti-spam measure are but i know that gmail will give false positives for some emails which look very obvious as spam by how they are worded but they are from a trusted source
2:28 PM
@Uni have you got game design covered yet? what genre is it gonna be?
@Taisho there's only one people (me), nothing is covered, haha
that means everything is covered by you
that's a problem because I'm incompetent, I'm still in the process of getting people together
I can't art ffs
you're stretched ever so thinly over every aspect
you can always try programmer art
I know a few artists so hopefully it won't come to that
2:35 PM
Wasn't taisho a bot ._.?
if you want to work with me that's great, I can cover coding everything you throw at me that falls in scope, so if you know a lot about mechanics the world is your oyster
it was and still is
bots can talk
bots are people too
It talks about itself in the third person ._.
the year is 2017 man who can tell what's real anymore
2:37 PM
I was going to draw more of this, only have two pages now unfortunately
official artist advice: draw a rough sketch first and use a pencil if you plan on erasing lines, or just don't spend too much time perfecting the lines, just figure out the general feeling of the frames, and then make a final drawing, perhaps over the pencil and then erase the pencil sketch when it's done
or you can photo/scan the sketch and draw over it on a computer/tablet
drawing on a screen first is not gonna be a good experience
unless you've got some pro tools like a ms surfase studio or a wacom cintiq
also congrats on drawing at least something!
I tried making people here draw stuff a couple years ago and this is the first fan art since then
@Unihedron I'm interested in seeing what you've got so far coz maybe there isn't anything I could help with, maybe you've got a pretty standard idea in mind and there's nothing to add/change
just started today and I have nothing asides from walking up to a fanfic writer who was in a distress spiral between looking for a game to play and being aware of wasting his time and said let's make a game together, if you write me a story, I'll make a game out of it, if your story shows promise, I'll get an artist I know onboard
@ton afaik it's still capacitive and basically simulates a finger tip so idk how about the technical/mechanical precision, there's gotta be software smoothing in play
IPads detect pens? that's amazing. you have to buy a special stylus to work with tablets here
they're like $220, more expensive than a tablet. screw that
currently hunting for a second-hand drawing tablet around where I live, haha
just draw with a thin sausage :p
2:48 PM
it's not an ipad :'(
glad for you
@Uni looks like you're planning to make an rpg then
I thought about getting an ipad for some reason for a while and then I checked out all the possible shops and used tech trading sites, and it's so fucking shady that I decided I don't need a tablet after all
what I would like tho is a ms surface pro 4 or something of that kind, and only with a screen close to A4 format or larger, so 12"+
there's an ipad pro about 12" but it's not running any photoshops or visual studios so fuck that price tag
I've been hearing that ms surface studio's screen is a whole tier above the top cintiq model, so that's fine
I'm not an artist but I'd like to be able to sketch shit quickly, so the tablet is the better platform for me, and also for reading manga on a big portable screen
@Taisho here is our chat archive, most of it is irrelevant, but I figured since it's all I have it might give you a better picture than handing you my organized notes ix.io/yFB (I'll delete this later)
I know some artists who are already planning on getting the new surface studio when it gets better processing hardware, or when it's possible to connect its screen and pen units to a powerful desktop
@Uni got it
by later I mean like 72 hours so don't worry about it
you could delete the chat message right now :p
[test a bunch of spaces between words]
2:56 PM
nah I have access to the paste, so don't worry about it
also how do you organize your notes?
[point] [stars or question marks] a list of these
I mean like is that starred chat messages in a private chat room or a trello board or a onenote book?
I use a text file >.>
most retro person in the universe
it's ok I had a text file but it's called change notes.txt and it's just a list of what's already done and what needs to be done above the dashed line
then I realized that the part above is growing exponentially faster than the part below and had to utilize onenote to sort it out into separate notes in different categories
I'm still regularly revisiting the groupings and categories when reviewing my notes so it's not a static system
3:02 PM
oh I get what you mean by the question now, I do a lot of aggressive filtering before an idea makes it onto my notes, so I don't get that problem as much
and I've seen some developer diaries where every genre of game has its own note structure, because it's the only thing that makes sense for that kind of game
well, if that works for you at the moment, that's cool, but it sounds like you don't have enough written down to break up into different categories yet
yes, I kill a lot of ideas before they make it onto notes, I recognized that my idea bin was going too large to be carrying around, so there's a mini tournament ideas have to win before they make it onto the notes, I call it the uni's triaging method
1. perform some kind of test that filters the idea into any of three types: I want to see this come true in ten minutes, probably won't happen, no chance in hell
2. if it's not in the first bucket, throw it in the trash
3. if it's in the first bucket and I haven't done anything significant in five days, move it to the right
very, very few survivors
from your chat I get the sense that you wanna make a visual novel?
plot-heavy gameplay-light story basically
what is a game?
a game is where you can influence the outcome
3:07 PM
my problem with gameplay elements is that I don't know many of them, my career in games is limited to cookie clicker, kittens game and realm grinder
that's why I need someone like you, haha
if the outcome is always the same, it's technically an interactive adventure, but sure it's called a "casual" game these days
well, just take a look at some popular RPGs and VNs and see which sort you wanna turn your story into (coz you seem to have some story in mind but not any specific game mechanics)
now that I think about it, almost everything I play are interactive adventures
usually that becomes a VN or a light RPG made in RPGmaker
TellTale games are basically cutscene quick time event movies
we can't do both?
I think fire emblem is both
it's not bad, it's a valid type of games, it's just not something I dabble in
like phone games like match3, bejewelled, wash the crocodile or feed the green hungry lizard with a rock candy
3:11 PM
I don't know what you can do with RPGmaker, I'll look it up.
dude just ask @Mem he'll give you a taste of it
he's been making his game for a while now
take a look at Disgaea series, it's an RPG with some advanced combat mechanics
it's turn-based RPG which I dislike for how slow it is, but kids love it, adults love it, and I have no quarrel with the devs, it's just not something I enjoy :p
you might like VNMaker from the developers of RPGmaker or whatever it's called
they have different versions geared towards fast development on a basic kit
my game was supposed to be mechs heavy but I just can't seem to stop writing stories and characters for it! it's so fucking fun!
have fun :D
right now I'm sorting through my story and character notes once again coz I need more specific categorization for scenes, missions, grand overarching stories, recurring character appearances, etc and so forth
gotta study the good examples too coz I don't know off the top of my head how to make it all fun, believable, and evoke certain emotions which I haven't yet though of
I've never played Disgaea or really any RPG. Speed also won't be a problem, it's that I don't know a lot about games to design one, I trust my competence on implementing anything we'd need though.
I do enjoy the process a lot
3:18 PM
I consider VNs books, not games, but that's another debate for another day...
you should check out Child of Light as a gameplay-heavy RPG with some rather simple story but pretty cool art
Disgaea is also gameplay-heavy but it's not as short on plot, there's cutscenes upon cutscenes with dialogue
if you hate yourself and don't have a life, I suppose give Persona 5 a try :p there's like 20 hours of main story gameplay if you never ever turn left to see what's behind that door
that's a hell of a story-heavy game
I don't have the console for that so I'm just checking out some streamers playing it for me
I know what persona is, I don't have time for the franchise unfortunately
it's just too long.
what I wanted to say but ended up rambling about everything, check out the best examples in each kind of RPG genre, not the entire 200 hours, just long enough to get a sense of the balance of gameplay / story / mechanics / art and decide which kind of game you wanna make
and then learn from the best!
3:23 PM
I'm scared of being stuck on survivor bias but I guess that's reasonable
look at it this way: every artist experiences all sorts of self-doubt, existential dread and peer pressure all day every day for the entirety of their life. So why let it get to you too much? Just make sure you've got enough money for food and you actually enjoy your art, and if that's not a concern, there's nothing to worry about then
I've heard first hand from artists 30 years deep into painting that they're experiencing these same negative emotions just the same as 30 years ago when they started out. It never ends. It's just something you gotta learn to live with
interestingly enough, I've heard basically the same from non-artists, like engineers and programmers, but in a slightly different flavor related to insecurity of their current job and rumors that their company is downsizing soon
there's also "I wonder what my life would be like if I decided to become an artist (or an engineer/programmer)" from both types, and the answer is probably same shit but in a different office
@Taisho this is true
3:29 PM
for most people the best job is the one that's only a hobby that you enjoy, so if you're enjoying your work, fuck yea boi!
@Gallifreyan you really like this artist don't you
@Avery What gave it away?
animating a show is just drawing backgrounds, drawing keyframes, calculating the best method to fill in (twos or thirds?), draw inbetweens, put them through a program
feels oddly similar to programming
there's a cool panel from PAX with some senior guy in like his 50s where he says he's dreading that he'll accidentally fuck up his whole career one day and his dream job will be over, so that's another confirmation that self-doubt never ends!
3:31 PM
I know this because I've been crafting a vr360 movie in my free time
anyway, no matter what happens, I'll at least take ten days to draw the rest of my comic because you asked
Jul 10 at 14:32, by Gallifreyan
user image
Jul 21 at 11:00, by Gallifreyan
user image
2 days ago, by Gallifreyan
user image
just a guess
4:06 PM
surface pros are too expensive imo
buy a used one from a noob who bought the wrong thing, the discounts are usually in the range from 20 to 40 percent on second-hand markets
or a used one from a knowing customer who wants an upgrade, in which case you know it was handled well and has worked fine for a while
battery will be used a bit tho
secondhand is THE life hack
I got my e-piano for free literally just because someone near me moved out
I got a 61-key usb keyboard with a 40% discount just coz it was a mistake purchase by someone
and when I looked for a broken Razer mouse for spare parts, I got 1 for 5 bucks with all working clickers inside and a fresh unscratched top part, and the guy was kind enough to just drop me the other one I was making eye contact with for a long time
there sure are nice people out there
@Ave eyy watup my friend with an equally gloriour leader! reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/6p55xn/…
4:31 PM
arrests for defending internet
4:44 PM
@Taisho That's more or less good advice, but there are two considerations that need to be taken into account. The first is that it applies, more or less, to every product, so if there is a cheaper alternative to the Surface Pro that can also be found under a similar circumstance, it would probably still be more cost-effective to buy that. The second is that used products often lose their warranty status, if you are buying something which is relatively likely to need it.
@ton.yeung not bad similar to the red dragon
@Avery And in saying that, I should say that it seems like there is a cheaper alternative to the Surface Pro: I was watching Linus Tech Tips earlier and they suggested that the Eve V is a good and cheaper alternative to the Surface Pro.
where can you get an eve v?
5:08 PM
@ton.yeung Perhaps "is" was premature of me to say, but I am under the impression that it is due out sometime this summer. Also, strictly speaking, the surface pro doesn't have a discrete G.P.U. either from the looks of it. Granted, I suppose integrated G.P.U. performance is probably worthy of consideration.
5:33 PM
Q: Why did Subaru suggest to run away with Rem?

noClueIn episode 18, Subaru gives up on basically everything and suggests to Rem that they run away to live a happy life in another country. However, he knows that... I know that Subaru has suffered a lot at this point and he's broken and hopeless, but surely he would know he would only get three da...

2 hours later…
7:17 PM
the coolest thing about surface is that it's got very good pen support
if you want a cheaper surface, just get a pro 2 instead of 3 or 4, it's already cheaper
especially if you look for a used one, that's a double huge discount
also who's gonna fix it if it breaks?
with microsoft there isn't that much doubt that you'll be able to repair it
and attentive users are saying it's got a weak cpu, which kinda explains why it's cheaper
I haven't found anything specific about the display type and quality but surfaces are known for good displays
and they've got the whole pen thing going on… just questions all the way
7:50 PM
Q: Closing "where can I watch/read this anime/manga" questions as duplicates of our list of legal sources

HakaseOn the topic of this question: Can we stop immediately closing "Where can I watch" questions as "Requesting illegal copyrighted materials"? StackExchange used to have a close reason that sounded like so: This question can be easily answered by a simple search query Which most "where can ...

8:05 PM
I didn't vote coz votes don't matter in this election :p
@Hakase Maybe you should just vote for the badges, unless they don't stack. XP
badges don't matter either
points don't matter even more
reddit is fucked coz of its upvote whoring and SO has a related problem also
difference is though that reddit can be used for marketing and political manipulation and propaganda, but SO can't, so wtf SO users???
rhetorical question of course
I know wtf
it's like a gaming addiction, you do it for the points and the fleeting joy of being appreciated and better than others
people on the internet say things like "I'll make this app when I get my programming degree in 4 years"… wtf is a programming degree??
can't you just sit down, open a "how to code book from complete noobness to actually useful apps and scripts" and in like 3 weeks start writing the thing?
idk man I might publish a book like that
@Hakase The reason the points don't matter is because the voters don't really understand the subject matter. Stack Exchange is trying to be like a peer reviewed journal, except the subject matter is being reviewed by lesser peers, as oxymoronic as that may sound.
8:16 PM
Also, the voting is a little biased in the favor of positive votes. Votes against an answer don't have enough of an impact on rep. to serve any meaningful purpose, and happen to be penalized as well.
Combine that with the fact that most users are prone to vote for an answer, rather than against it anyway, and of course the points don't matter. =\
@Tonepoet any impact, may I correct
downvotes don't remove posts
@Unihedron They're part of a process which makes answers eligible for deletion, and do count for -2 rep., so that's something, even if it isn't much, or even enough for that matter.
at -3 you can cast delete votes
(if you have that privilege of course)
by bayes rule, it's (probability of something happening) * (impact of something happening) + (probability of not happening) * (impact of something not happening)
on both sides it is zero
thinking of SO right now and I just had to cut myself off from those thoughts coz it's only giving me negative emotions, as usual
8:23 PM
@Unihedron I make the distinction between infinitely approaching zero, and zero, even if mathematicians don't. XP
as long as you agree with me, sure
as long as you conform to settling my insecurities I don't care what you have to take to get there
@Unihedron I'm not sure if you'd like my method of settling your insecurities. It may just involve exposure to the very thing you fear most! But don't worry, the power of friendship, lens flare and some variety of nonsense pulled from where the sun doesn't shine will save us!
I was just kidding haha, I don't care what the technicalities are as long as I've made the point
@Tonepoet mostly because in code you wouldn't wanna rely on them being equal
remembering friction code where velocity is reduced by a percentage of velocity and it never reaches exactly zero @_@
8:39 PM
@Unihedron So what're we going to do with the ultimate doomsday device designed to plunge the world into darkness, the great dragon of delight and despair, and the magical stick of impractically long transformations?
It's a Japanese squirrel. Give it stars.
make a better site
Even squirrels in Japan are awesome.
Not that squirrels in general aren't awesome, but this one is very awesome.
@Gallifreyan I vaguely want to make a trading card based off of that last one, because it looks like the squirrel is combined with the tree to make a new entity.
Someone has to rig @Taisho so that it posts squirrels every time someone says "squirrel!"
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9:59 PM
10:22 PM
huh, never had guessed that was Shinobu until she started boasting
for some it's the 24th of July so it's Akarin's birthday
> Would You Marry an Otaku?
> One question I’m asked sometimes is, how do Japanese feel about otaku? Originally a semi-formal way to say "you" or "your family" -- my Japanese mother-in-law might say to our neighbor, お宅の子はよく勉強しますね otaku no ko wa yoku benkyo shimasu ne, meaning "your child sure seems to study a lot, doesn’t he?" -- the word has come to describe someone who obsesses over various forms of pop culture.

In the same way our perception of the word "nerd" (coined by none other than Dr. Seuss) has changed over the decades, especially as we wouldn’t have companies like Facebook or Google or J-List without us, t
- From the JList Blog
1 hour later…
11:46 PM

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