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@Gao there are more you know. But yea this is the best animegraphy
@Memor-X :o
5:40 AM
@Tonepoet and what about it. isn't it just mean people can share and use it for any purpose
> When you start to learn a language as different from English as Japanese is, you naturally expect some things to be different. Japanese has a different word order, uses Chinese kanji characters in a way that's similar to how English is augmented by Latin and Greek loan words, and is "agglutinating,' which just means information like past tense, passive voice etc. is often encoded into a verb conjugation.

One thing I was surprised by was Japan's creative use of "sound words" to add flavor to language. All languages have onomatopoeia, words which mimic sounds, like bang, slam, bark and tic
> But they take it up a notch, assigning sounds to abstract things like ニコニコ niko niko, the "sound" of smiling; paku paku, eating very quickly, the origin of Pac-man's name; and pera pera, the sound of someone speaking a foreign language fluently.
From the JList blog
since Nii can mean the number 2 then Niko is "smiling two"
the "sound" of smiling number two
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@Memor-X I think they're all sold out unfortunately
@ToshinouKyouko dam
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization DLC Abyss of the Shrine Maiden Part 2 is out now
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user image
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like it has harold (the "guess I'll die" guy, mascot of traa), lack of help from faceapp (THIS GODDAMN APP JUST GIVES ME AS ME WITH BIGGER EYES AND EVEN THEN PEOPLE TELL ME THAT I'M ANDRO AT BEST AAAAAA)... too meta
needs more communism and felix noises
"hey look I made your chin disappear and suddenly you look better, how do you feel about that?" -faceapp
9:58 AM
can't wait for designer bodies and body swap tech
it's hard being a cat
10:20 AM
cute chunli
10:32 AM
@Avery star for Bonnibel
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@Darjeeling new game manga?
she's making a game
@Darjeeling yeh, that's what made me think it was New Game
you didn't read it?
@Darjeeling not yet
havn't check if it's been localized or if not what the chances of it being localized is
you're such a good fans
11:30 AM
@Darjeeling yeh, need to show that it is profitable to localize
atleast companies are consistent. scanlators can drop a series when life gets in the way
ofcause this is only until i am able to read japanese then i can just buy the raws
so are you learning Japanese now?
@Darjeeling very slowly
been doing it for a while
every day i try and learn more
soon i wont be at the mercy of localization and get my shoujoi ai/yuri direct from japan. weather it be game, anime or manga
good for you
I don't have enough motivation to learn it
@Darjeeling shoujo ai/yuri serializations like Comic Yuri Hime is a good motivation
well. For you it is xD
alrite Rin officially likes Kou
^ something to motivate @Memor-X to read New Game!
11:45 AM
@Memor-X Now that's some strong motivation :D
12:01 PM
@Morwenn don't make it go any faster though
At least maybe it helps you not to give up :)
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^ Tohno seems to be enjoying that way too much
1:50 PM
id enjoy it too
2:20 PM
^ Author‌​.
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Happy Birthday Rachel Amber ! ❤😏 @LifeIsStrange #RachelAmber https://t.co/w66dBIzte0
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@Taisho I like that :)
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Q: Couldn't Light have relinquished ownership of the Death Note before dying?

Chaitu NookalaBefore Ryuk killed Light, was it possible that Light could have relinquished ownership of the Death Note so Ryuk wouldn't write his name?

Q: What is the name of the background instrumental theme in Episode 28 (season 2 episode 14) of My Hero Academia, which starts at 2:19? I

user34744Could any of you please tell me what is the name of the background instrumental music in Episode 28 (season 2) of My Hero Academia, which starts at 2 :19 or a source to get it? I'd really appreciate it. (The situation is training of Midoriya with Gran Torino.)

Q: Was the Dressrosa Arc inspired by the Alabasta Arc?

MANMAIDI saw this post 2-3 days ago. Here Oda sensei explained why he drew that! But apart from that I think there may be a deeper reason why he did that. I think Oda sensei hinted that the story of Dressrosa Arc is inspired by Alabasta Arc. We know he does that a lot. But if that is true then he is...

Q: New season of Re : zero

user158105Is there any news of a 2nd season of Re : zero? Because the ending seemed quite rushed and incomplete to me and I haven't read the light novel yet. Also, how much of the light novel has been converted to manga?

Q: Are there 6 zeno alive?

PabloIn Dragon Ball Super, if I recall correctly, it was told that each ring of time represents an alternative timeline/reality. It was shown by Gowasu there were 6 rings of time, one of them which exploded when Zeno destroyed one timeline . Since there is a "present Zeno" and a "future Zeno" of 2 ...

Q: What was the episode of a 90s cartoon where an enemy of Batman was fixated on time?

Brooks NelsonI'm looking for the episode and enemy name from a Batman cartoon from probably the '90s. The enemy is a skinny nerdy character with a cane for a weapon, his glasses have a clock face on them and he knows the speed of Batman's punches and kicks and so can dodge them. He's very fixated on 'time'.

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Q: what exactly are and whats ther purpose of the pokemon?

riccs_0xI mean in their universe. There are dossiers and encyclopedias around there, but what are? It seems to be animals but are really this, are aliens or something else? All I've seen is that the characters are fighting between species(?) or be captured for people. This is what they really do, they d...

11:32 PM
@Tyhja Have you used Vivaldi? It's probably the most customizable browser right now, a revived and improved Opera.
@Sakamoto holy shit! 5 questions in a row
@Morwenn good wallpaper

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