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2:57 AM
I never thought of casual kissing as appropriate, that's reserved for special moments in my book
oh wow hello there
@Taisho i'd be uncomfortable from European cheek-kiss-as-greetings
I know I am
@Memor-X I do this sometimes
well, not exactly
3:00 AM
@Darjeeling what, European cheek-kiss-as-greeting or being uncomfortable by it
the first one
but it's more like cheek-to-cheek although sometimes I got cheek-kiss
@Darjeeling and you don't feel weird by it?
no, not really
we definitely didn't cheek-kiss stranger
I only do that within my relative although some of my friend also do that with their friend
@Taisho I just read the manga they were talking about special talent so they were wondering if she have any and they asked her what she usually do and she basically didn't do anything special
@Taisho nice drawing
3:14 AM
thanks for resolving the mystery
3:26 AM
4:05 AM
there's also one for Nozomi Tojo, not sure about the rest of μ's
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2 hours later…
9:05 AM
@JNat morning, how's things
ooooo, Volume 4 of RWBY is out now.
correction, pre-order
@Darjeeling morning, how's things with you
@ToshinouKyouko yo. same question
here's a fun fact. Vic Mignogna, the guy who voices Spirit in the English Dub of Soul Eater also voices Tamaki Suoh in Ouran High Host Club and Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist but you can tell this if you've seen the Dubs for all 3 and recognize his voice when he over reacts
9:21 AM
@Memor-X i'm still sick (eternally...) , but divinity is real fun :)
though i keep killing important npcs...
@ToshinouKyouko important like how, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind important where when you kill them you're told you can now no longer complete the game?
@Memor-X just started to make new fanart
important like, quest-givers
though i've been told you can kill every npc and still do the main quest
its just quite a bit harder :P
@ToshinouKyouko well that's Karma being a bitch for your murdering
but yeh sucks that you're sick again
@Darjeeling can't wait to see it
turns out i wasn't not-sick, doc said it looked like it hadn't gone away that time
so draining
9:27 AM
@Memor-X well, normally I finished one fanart in one or two month so you have to wait a bit :D
@Darjeeling that's fair enough. you can't rush good work
@ToshinouKyouko hate it when a sickness just goes to sleep for a while
@Darjeeling yaay
you weren't planning to go to a con were you? these things tend to know ahead of time and go to sleep only to wake up when it's time for the con
nope, no cons in the near future
@ToshinouKyouko well then this sickness is just being a prick
9:35 AM
yup :'(
10:02 AM
@Memor-X yea actually I can finished it in like two weeks or so but there's always some part that I'm not satisfied with so it takes more time until I can say 'yep, I'm finished'
but even after that I still can find things I want to fix :D
Sakura Saber and some servant I don't know
ah yea Oda Nobunaga
10:19 AM
@Darjeeling Demon Archer is her Class Title
@Darjeeling so long as you don't go out of control it's a good thing
@Memor-X yea not sure what it is tho xD
@Taisho what
@Darjeeling it's just Archer but it's like how Sakura Saber is still Saber but her real name is Okita Souji from the Shinsengumi
So With Demon Archer her Title is Demon Archer, her Class is Archer and her real name is Oda Nobugana
@Taisho an American Hero Otaku's can get behind
10:26 AM
@Memor-X I see..
@Darjeeling The Anivenger
the artist is the one who made that video im@s X captain @merica civil war
he's good
@Darjeeling link link link link link link
I think it was posted here before
the name is Taku iirc
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2:52 PM
Somebody has a sense of humor:
3:05 PM
3:41 PM
4:28 PM
i solved a big problem in work, am happy
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6:07 PM
Q: would pan go super saiyan in dragon ball super

lafiin super would pan go super saiyan as the story would be different now as at least the author knows how to draw a female super saiyan such as Kara and Culifia ?

Q: How does Yukihira Soma get into Totsuki Culinary Academy?

SleepingGodIn Season 1 Episode 2 it it is quite clear that Nakiri Erina rejects Somas application and says nobody passed the transfer exam. I'm aware of the single shot which shows the director hanging in the background, but he didn't taste the food nor is it clear that he issued the invitation to Soma. So...

4 hours later…
10:14 PM
seems accurate to me
Naturally, the one true goddess of anime is Belldandy:
The others are just pretenders. XP Also, that reminds me that I should actually to watch that show someday.
Belldandy, Haruhi, Madoka... Who else is in the anime pantheon?
@Tonepoet Nanoha. while not technically a god she does have the god like ability to punch people and make them fall in love with her
10:30 PM
@Memor-X You're confusing Nanoha with Goku. Your chart obviously shows that Nanoha shoots people with LAZARS to achieve the effect. =P
@Tonepoet Nanoha slapped Arisa. a punch is the level between Magic Laser Beam and a Slap so it's a good average
Goku just likes to punch people
@Memor-X Nice try, but an average is the sum total divided by the number of values. There are seven values in that graph, six of them were magical beams or similar. If the slap was especially strong, it might override the other values but the chart indicates that it was the weakest attack out of all of them, so...
10:48 PM
@Tonepoet yet an average can sway dramatically by very low values and one was held back, which should be stated that Nanoha had several Limiters active then and after Fate they started to be removed so it's held back with limiter, and one was an evaded direct hit. i would think these 3 sway it back down
@Memor-X Hmm, that's an interesting. So part of the question is, if the slap held back enough to override the strength put into the other attacks, including her very strongest ever produced. XP
@Tonepoet Ryuk
because a Death Note has to be in there somewhere
11:10 PM
Hmm, if we're counting shingami as gods then wouldn't we have to count Yuske from Yu Yu Hakisho and Ichigo from Bleach, or are there better representatives from their series?
@Tonepoet so i'm just saying we add Ryuk because who would want Light. if we're just adding any god then would any Saiyen in Dragonball eventually be added in there
11:32 PM
@Memor-X They aren't technically considered gods. If I was choosing a Representitive for a god from the Dragonball universe, it would be either Kami-Sama who was more or less retconned to a mere alien or King Yama. The problem though, is that godhood doesn't count for much in Dragonball. Even the most powerful of godlike beings are regularly defeated by the likes of mortals.
If it was just the saiyens, I'd consider forgiving it, but then there's Majin Buu Saga and presumably more powerful villains have emerged since then.
I don't really know the details though, since most of my information is secondhand.
11:51 PM
Q: Control over Rod Reiss

RyotaI'm not sure in which chapter this took place but after Rod Reiss transformed into a titan: Why wasn't Eren able to control him with his titan power? I mean he had Historia by his side who possesses royal blood. That doesn't make sense...

Maybe Beerus counts come to think of it.

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