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3:43 AM
Q: What is Nami referring arc in this this panel?

JTRNote: This is maybe a spoiler for anime watcher :) ! In chapter 852, when Jinbe saved Nami and Luffy from Book Worlds, Jinbe burn the book to save them. ! When Nami and Luffy finally escape from the book, nami said ! > "I get the feeling... We've been this through something like thi...

4:19 AM
5:10 AM
@Taisho in a way that's cute
5:22 AM
> Man: It's just you, me and the Moon
Moon: Hey! You two should kiss!
@Taisho i think i get it, i just don't understand why do such a comparison
like instead of a Nintendo Controller why not a Joystick?
my grudge is with the comments repeating the overused pattern of "who's the third girl" "I've got news for you" every time
@Taisho but it's clear from the controller reference that it's a guy. since when in anime was there a 1 boobed girl?
thus 1 center stick = penis
you know how it's weird when you've only got one boob at the waist height
everybody knows he's not a girl, we can still call him a girl
just answer the question and say who that is
stop with the "have I got a surprise for you" responses
@Taisho fine. they are a trap
5:38 AM
that problem with such massive online communities is that there's no age (or rather experience) grouping and you get to hear the same jokes you've been hearing since forever, all the time and it's always new and funny to someone coz there's always someone new
5:52 AM
@Hakase yes but not the movie gonna watch it today
@Memor-X not the movie but yeah the whole series
might as well watched all 3 movies at one
@ColdFire yeh, watch the movie. considering what Gen Urobuchi could have done given his previous works it's much better
dips @Darjeeling into black water
@Memor-X ok
Q: Why does Yui have a tail and shackles?

Memor-XDuring the series i noticed Yui has a tail (which at times i think is moving independent of Yui) and she also has a couple of shackles on her arms. Now if her shackles were related to her life it sorta makes sense since she mostly paralyzed from the neck down but that wouldn't explain her ...

Q: Why can't the Battle Front fight NPCs?

Memor-XAfter Naoi's taken control of the Student Council she starts using them as shields against the Battle Front because, as Yuri said, they can't attack NPCs. I would get if it was a moral ground they stood but in the climax we see that a number of the guys following Naoi was holding guns. Sure they...

6:03 AM
oh you are online
@Darjeeling no i haven't finished it yet. i'm 3 episodes and a OVA off
@Memor-X of which anime?
@ColdFire Angel Beats. i figured with 3 questions popping up @Darjeeling might think i've finished it
@Memor-X i have watched the anime series
not sure about the OVA
@Memor-X esper? :o
6:21 AM
Q: Did Yuzuru ultimately cause Hatsune's death?

Memor-XYuzuru Otonashi's sister Hatsune had cancer and there was indications that it was getting worse. came christmas the doctors refused to let her out but keeping his word Yuzuru snuck in and took her out. when we seem them together outside and when Yuzuru talks to her she seems very weak and Yuzuru...

@Darjeeling no that's Kuroko and Misaka
oh hey i just learned that Gen Urobuchi, the guy who wrote a story about children being killed by eldritch abominations, a story about an eldritch abomination who appears as a loli and tried to mutate the entire world and a story about girls being used by a shoujo ai/yuri hating eldritch abomination, wrote Thunderbolt Fantasy which i'm quite sure has no eldritch abominations in it
i wonder how much of Butcher Bingo can be done with it
6:42 AM
@Sakamoto because obviously she's sucubus
@Darjeeling that's what i thought at first but she's human
6:59 AM
@Memor-X omg
7:11 AM
7:28 AM
I'm not surprised
there's copyright on the script
7:48 AM
well, there's that thing where a translated work of literature becomes its own work of literature, so that's a weird ruling
anyway, they can rule all they want in their worldly courts
can't stop the internet
subtitles aren't exactly literature, though
@Hakase word
if i translated harry potter into swahili, i wouldn't be able to publish it though
8:15 AM
@Hakase i think it's just the growth of the site, i dont think there was anytihng in place
if we really wanna find out we could ask on law.se
I just keep thinking that maybe if we hid all ID questions and meta posts from google, it would drop us in the search results for "what anime" or whatever people google when they're looking to ID anime
8:31 AM
@ToshinouKyouko true
meeh @Hakase is seen today
also @Taisho too much switching
8:41 AM
Q: What is the solar cycle that the male recruits follow?

Toshinou KyoukoWomen in the military world of Wombs follow a lunar cycle, which is when they are able to operate. The moon is commonly linked to pregnancy, many regions believing that a full moon leads to more births. There are many other links to the moon explained within the manga. Something that I haven't s...

9:07 AM
@ColdFire can't help it
@Sakamoto sounds weirdly repulsive and kinda interesting at the same time
repulsive coz some dudes are on the big panel
interesting coz weird moon stuff
@Hakase they're only really in it for two pages
I really enjoyed it, it's kinda weird cuz it's about pregnant soldiers, but it's written really well
i think it is ongoing
really unique
@Memor-X you really are an esper aren't you
9:45 AM
@Darjeeling what did you link to? there's no comment and it didn't onebox in chat so it wasn't there when you posted it
9:55 AM
I liked Kochikame
any new episodes ?
@Darjeeling yeh i can't explain that.
@JNat we have an answer which already said that fansubbers was in the wrong legally so that ain't new
A: What are the legality rules in terms of manga translations?

Logan MThis is a matter of international copyright law, and as such is fairly complicated and depends on where you live. However, for most of the developed world the laws are fairly standardized and so, if you're willing to paint with broad brush-strokes and ignore technical nuances, the laws are all pr...

> I'll also point out that while fansubbers and scanalators are almost certainly legally in the wrong, the number of cases related to this is quite small. There are several reasons for this. For one, the Japanese industry is built to sell merchandise in Japan, so they have little interest in prosecuting cases overseas. The licensing industry, on the other hand, was built around an already extant culture of fansubbing, and so they've always just factored that in.

The bigger reason this doesn't happen is probably that the backlash that would occur against a licensing organization which did t
so i think it's just smoke and mirrors. they want to show that they are cracking down on all piracy and setting the legal precedent allowing for IP owners to sue
also the article says at the end...
> A better solution might be for content creators and distributors to release officially subtitled content simultaneously worldwide, much in the same way that some big American TV shows and movies are now being released in Europe and Asia at the same time, rather than a few months or years later.
which ultimately is why people pirate. i don't have the data but i read that since iTunes music piracy went down and the same with pc video game piracy when Steam came out so alot of people are willing to pay but they need to be given the option to get what they pay for
there will always be the self entitled dickhead who thinks that entertainment is owed to them and shouldn't pay but if you eliminate piracy and Japan did at least foriegn subs in all their anime, it's those self entitled dicks who miss out
at the moment though the best we can do is learn japanese which should be made mandatory in all schools and given equal, if not more importance than english. that way by the end of high/secondary school we are all fluent in japanese and have the disposable income to buy everything we want
10:14 AM
japanese ftw!
@Taisho it's a deleted answer so if you didn't use @Taisho's account you should be able to see it
I really wish I could learn japanese... but I don't really have a clue where to start
with the hiragana
@ToshinouKyouko the name and initial premise about pregnant soldiers seems.....errrrr.....to me but maybe that's because when i imagine pregnant i'm imagining last trimester
@Memor-X yeah it's a weird concept, but it is well written
10:19 AM
@ToshinouKyouko might check it out later
10:43 AM
11:13 AM
@Taisho what is that pose supposed to mean?
11:31 AM
just brought Dark Rose Valkyrie and another set of Nepu Nepus..........i couldn't resist! they're so cute!
though i'm surprised they are still avaliable
@ToshinouKyouko you brought any?
@Gao probably came from some anime or something. I've seen another picture with the same pose with different character
two girls
@Darjeeling my attention you have
lol it's nothing yuri. just two girls with the same pose with that picture. I couldn't find it tho. Pretty sure I have it somewhere
it was nice fan art tho
@Memor-X no nepu nepus for me
@Darjeeling dang. i was hoping for something cute and romantic
11:46 AM
maybe when i move into a bigger apartment
@ToshinouKyouko fair enough. but the longer you wait the longer you go without their cuteness
i knowww
although i could get...
11:50 AM
@ToshinouKyouko ahhhhh! i want!
there you go, something cute and romantic
@Darjeeling thank you! ^-^
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1:16 PM
@Tyhja yerself duckself
1:32 PM
i'll bury myself...
1:55 PM
user image
@Darjeeling hey you found it
it's cute
yea I remember the art style and found the artist
the pose has something to do with this tag pixiv.net/…
don't know what it is
huh it's cute pose
love dance
can you read that?
koi dansu
but wth, the girl on the left is drawn badly
2:11 PM
yea I guess he kinda messed up there
2:33 PM
> Specifically, anime producers usually have both greater ability and interest in protecting their IP than manga producers.
@LoganM why is that?
I thought anime gets the most money from running ads around the episodes aired on tv
and manga sells within huge regular journals which also contains other manga and so much more ads that couldn't possibly fit into an episode of anime
I thought we had a Q&A which basically says anime doesn't get any money off-screen like in disc or video-on-demand sales
[citation needed]
user image
anime gets loads of money offscreen
merch is king
oh you mean as in, video sales off-air
@Memor-X I'm not using his account in the browser, it's a textbox in the chat bot app, and I can't browse from there
@ToshinouKyouko I mean as in why would anime makers be more interested in killing fansubs than scanlations
regarding that post by Logan explaining the legalities of both
2:40 PM
I would say that anime companies are probably bigger and have more money to fund killing
yes but why
as stated in Logan's answer, it wouldn't be a profitable deal and not like they could enforce it
folks who would watch the series on TV in Japan, in Japanese, can still enjoy a fansub downloaded copy to the same extent
if they can't read english however, they can't read the scanslations
I think there's some confusion here
I thought fansubs = fan-made subtitles
scanlations are kinda all-inclusive coz it involves typesetting and painting over the existing text bubbles
but you can distribute subtitle files without the video
true, most don't seem to do that though
well, it's not like you'd be getting one without the other, usually
2:43 PM
I'd think they would care significantly more for those that include video rather than those that only release the subs
I'm talking about text-only translations in form of subtitles
perhaps I'm the only one interpreting the term "fansub" this way and the whole answer is written about the whole package deal of translation + original video and audio
but then I still have to question why protecting anime would be more profitable than manga
maybe per-copy the price is higher for anime discs than the entirety of manga, but what about the ad views on TV vs the shounen jumps?
yeah, I dunno who gets what money when and where for what... it is tricky
could just be a "because we can" sorta thing too
the "because we can" is countered by risking public backlash (although I also gotta wonder why if everyone knows it's pretty much illegal)
probably another instance of "because we can", from the fans this time
I could believe that
3:41 PM
> Who was it that translated "tsuki ga kirei" as "two goofs"? Was it Hakase or was it Taisho?
@Darjeeling yeah nice
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5:20 PM
Q: Quiz question on keigo

rhyaerisWhile stumbling across Lucky Star episode 15 (26-second clip, from 8:51 - 9:17), I found that there was a scene where the characters were watching a quiz show, where one of the questions asked was on keigo: Q:「行く」の謙{けん}譲{じょう}語{ご}はなんでしょうか。 A:正{せい}解{かい}は「参{まい}る」でした! (The characters we...

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6:52 PM
reddit.com/r/Android/comments/69yt35/… sounds like a faster phone os built to solve known problems that android can't be fixed to handle
7:43 PM
8:43 PM
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10:15 PM
@Taisho So, is she a young girl, or is she middle aged? >_>
@Hakase which then requires the original DVD, which isn't a problem, and a program which will rip the episodes into separate files. it's the latter which can trip people up especially when you have Region Restricted DVD/BluRay Drives which require using up one of your 5 times in changing it (not sure if this is just a Windows thing) and DVD/Bluray Players generally don't have the ability to play subtitles unless there is a recognizable architecture on a USB Drive which then requires ripping
then there's also how DVDs work. Fullmetal Alchemist (from an English localized) perspective splits the episodes seem to be just one long movie with the chapter skip as the episode select. but in Angel Beats each episode is separate which is why if you look at the DVD timer the 3rd episode of Fullmetal Alchemist is on like +40 minutes while Angel Beats always starts at 0
@Tonepoet when it comes to vampires it really doesn't matter since their appearance generally doesn't match their age
Dark Rose Valkyrie - Limited Edition is avlaible fort pre-order for the US and Europe
10:35 PM
Q: Is there any physical difference between Gohan in base form and Gohan in mystic form?

PabloThe only physical difference I've ever seen between Gohan in base form and Gohan in mystic form it's a radiance he displays for a second in the Battle of Gods movie when turning into mystic form. Aside of this minimum difference, is there any other change in his appearence when he is in base form...

Q: Which was the name of this Rurouni Kenshin song?

PabloI remember the song in the begining of this video was from Rurouni Kenshin. But I can't remember its name. Which is the name of that song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsOJJlLd8YY

@Memor-X The Old Maids Alliance tacitly rejects your claim with a hundreds of furrowed eyebrows, a thousand blushes and a youthful beauty that would make teenagers envious. =P More importantly though, nothing about Vampirism was said in the panel so I didn't know that.
user image
@Tonepoet isn't the members of the alliance Youkai anyway? and also the link right after is what i assume the series is and i assume it's talking about the character who's a vampire
anyway what would the alliance reject to? that they can be 150 years old and still look beautiful?
@Memor-X So I only looked at the picture without following the link that came after. Even if I did, knowing which character in the series that is, is a little difficult without seeing the person's face or knowing the standard uniform.
10:47 PM
@Memor-X Also, I don't really know for certain. It might not be a well reasoned thought, or if it is, the rationale may differ from fan-artist to fan-artist. Much of the joke is that they're bashful about their age, despite being effectively immortal and ageless.
@Tonepoet bashful about their age?
@Memor-X Let's just say the image with the candles on Yukari's birthday cake is far from the only image of its sort.
@Tonepoet ahhh i get you
11:02 PM
11:27 PM
It sure feels like it has been a long time since I looked at Touhou fan-art on a regular basis.
user image
user image
11:55 PM
A: What would be the better alternative to Bittorrent file-sharing sharing over Tor?

Peter GerberThere are a few issues with BitTorrent-like file sharing systems that make it a bad fit for the Tor network. From the top of my head, I can think of this issues: You'll have to use hidden services if you want both sides of a connection to be anonymous. Such a connection involves 6 relays which...

@Mys ^

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