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2:01 AM
Q: I want to remmeber the title of this manga

lolideathpunchAbout a year ago around the beginning of 2015 I was reading a manga that was on its 80ish chapters about a boy who moves to college lives with his aunt who also is his teacher I believe or just was a teacher. she studied a novel called the "Tale of Genji" which kept appearing a lot because she wa...

Q: Does there exist official material on the story of Laputa before its fall?

Phillip D.Is there material (films, written stories, manga, etc) on the story of Laputa from Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky before its fall, that is endorsed by Miyazaki himself or by Studio Ghibli? Or is the content about Laputa in Castle in the Sky all the content about Laputa that is ever going to ...

2:31 AM
boku dake ;-;
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3:49 AM
Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Pre-orders start on Tuesday
time to use Alchemy to make amour which gets more powerful the more echii it is
4:36 AM
in more localization news
^ now i don't have to wait for any fan translation for it
also can anyone confirm this?
"since babies born in Asia have a blue spot on their rear ends until the age of two or so"
^ taken from a JList email
google it
@Quill was kinda afraid to be doing any google search involving baby bottoms. you know, just in case if the AFP is monitoring me and gets the wrong idea
incognito tab
@Quill oh yeh, forgot about that
@Memor-X partially true, but localized... look for something called a Mongolian spot
4:54 AM
Q: I need to find this anime

Victøria LeeI'm looking for this anime which was I think aired around 2006-2008? I can't remember and it was aired in Korea as well, on this Korean Cartoon Network called Tooniverse. I can't remember if it was actually a Japanese anime or Korean anime. Anyways the show focuses around a magenta haired magical...

user image
@Sakamoto not even trying
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ just learned that now
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6:23 AM
Q: Looking for the name of an anime with a crime fighting mom

user22823Does anyone happen to know the name of a certain anime series where a mom all of a sudden gets super powers ands to save the city? It's superrrr cheesy. Like she has huge breasts and theres tons of puns with the vilians.

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7:27 AM
8:15 AM
@Neil no eyebrow :|
@Darjeeling no there is, just very thin, look at the bangs just above the eyes
now those are the eyebrows
wait is that Snake?
@Taisho what
https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtVkpSaDVKQ1BqWnc/d6e55239899c8cda2285520390767bb7_thumb.png | http://tineye.com/search?url=http://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtVkpSaDVKQ1BqWnc/d6e55239899c8cda2285520390767bb7_thumb.png | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=http://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtVkpSaDVKQ1BqWnc/d6e55239899c8cda2285520390767bb7_thumb.png | http://iqdb.org/?url=http://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtVkpSaDVKQ1BqWnc/d6e55239899c8cda2285520390767bb7_thumb.png
8:17 AM
i get a code lyoko feeling from that
symbol almost looks like XANA's
I don't see anything
@Darjeeling depending on the size of your screen you might not be able to see them. open up the fullsize one and you'll see them
well image isn't code lyoko
I did, save it on my pc, zoom in, nothing
if you're referring to the short line just above her eyes, it's not eyebrow
@Darjeeling i belive it is, the left side one doesn't run along the entire bottom of the shadow
8:33 AM
ofcause on the other hand it could be the thick black line ontop of the eyes. on the right end of the left eye it branch off differently while the right side of the right eye has a couple extra lines jotting off
finally uploaded
something like that..
somehow it become way bigger size, and worse quality, should've find another way to export this
8:54 AM
@Darjeeling what program did you use?
adobe flash
9:15 AM
@Darjeeling that'll be your problem. any reason why you use flash for image editing?
I feel so sad for Minorin. I guess the world doesn't accept you if you're bi.
I can only use that xD
beside paint of course
@Wally who? what?
@Wally who?
Toradora. Minorin Kushieda. I guess they accepted her, but she didn't get either Taiga or Takasu
9:18 AM
Minorin is bi?
@Wally it was kinda my hope that she did had feelings for Taiga more than something resembling affectionate sister.
if there is cannon material to support she had a crush of Taiga then i'm hinting Ryuuji down
she should just go with Ami
Yes. Atleast from what Ami said "I don't blame her though. She got dumped by both Taiga and Takasu"
@Memor-X What do you mean by cannon material?
@Wally "a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged."
ie. Ino x Sai and Sakura x Sasuke is canon. Ino x Sakura isn't
probably canon in Kishimoto's mind
9:31 AM
I'm glad Ami's there for her. I guess she knew from the beginning
The biggest spoiler in Durara! Every one is good
Except the Blue Scarves guys. They are like the only bad guys. I feel sorry for them.
@Darjeeling but the problem he he's already paired them off in the story. it's not like Nana saying that Fate and Nanoha are married despite no reference of them ever having gotten married or playing as Nanoha in Lyrical☆Party IV proposing to Fate
@Wally to be honest if Monori is bi and had a cursh on Taiga i wouldn't mind her and Taiga together while Ami can have Ryuuji
But Tiga isn't gay or bi. So in any scenario you can imagine Minorin is bound to have either her heart broken.
But Ami tried to help her. So, it wasn't so depressing.
I think anime and manga authors keep rewatchability in mind.
I notice some stuff that was written like you're supposed to get or feel only when you rewatch it.
@Wally except for this: Taiga and Ryuuji have a real big fight and break up and Minori is there to confront her. Minori confesses by kissing Taiga and Taiga realizes that the feelings she had for Minori before wasn't just friendship but love
also i seem to recall Taiga saying one time (probably as a joke) that she's rather marry Minori
I guess I should have watched the 25th episode before I came here. LOL!
Or second season?
9:48 AM
@Wally can't remember. i seems to remember it during one of the times Taiga is hanging off Minori. maybe it was a response to Ami commenting how Ryuuji and Taiga were like a married couple with Ryuuji making Taiga's lunch
there's no second season, but there are few special episodes
I found animebytes to be the only place to filter anime by tags and wether it was dubbed.
how's it going?
Q: if obito was themaskeman,then how he was of minato's height and could control nine tails when he was 15?

Hiruzen SarutobiI am a naruto fan and you all have answered many questions.Now i also have one for you all.You all know that tobi/madara aka the masked man was obito uchiha.This was revealed in the Fourth Great Ninja War but i cannot understand a thing.How come did obito control the nine tails because at that ti...

9:58 AM
Uploaded (UTC): 26.05.2015 7:45:59 by (23525) Logan M, tag: 美少女
I wouldn't categorize it like that but ok
turns out I implemented tag aliases earlier but it hasn't been used so I forgot
I stopped watching Clannad because all characters looked the same. LOL!
I haven't even started because of that
gotta have some advanced level anti-abstraction to care about any of them when they look like that
I'm writing up some tagging guide for Taisho images
I'd like to ask what tags would be useful in everyone's opinion
we have a "wallpaper" tag and I think we could use "original" tag for images not belonging to a known anime/manga
what else?
as you probably don't know, Taisho now supports multiple tags per image batch
in Shinonome Lab (東雲研究所), 17 hours ago, by Hakase
#post add http://pastebin.com/raw/eLhdPctB megumin | konosuba | testing
@Darjeeling i think there is. signified by the second OP. however i didn't watch no airing of it and had it all on DVD so i'm not entirely sure
10:14 AM
@Memor-X there;s second season?
@Hakase appearance tag maybe? how many tag can one picture have?
@Hakase document it!
@Darjeeling how many differen't Openings have your seen?
first season only, two. I think..
@Darjeeling as many as .net's string can handle
Ova and a DVD special
#post wallpaper
10:16 AM
@Darjeeling yeh that's it. i think what i call the second season might just be the second half to the first season. generally i mark seasons by the OP they use
@Memor-X 24 eps anime usually have two OP
@Darjeeling now that you mention it i don't think i ever seen an anime with 24 episodes with the same OP
even StrikerS which had the most episodes for a season of Nanoha had 2 OPs
no correction, Evangellion
@Hakase .net has strong typing doesn't it. I remember Dim var as Integer
and i think Robotech
10:19 AM
@Memor-X minorin best girl
@ToshinouKyouko for Taiga Minori is the only person for her
@ToshinouKyouko why does she turn into Bazett from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia?
@Memor-X who knows
@Wally idk anything about that, just that it has a certain length limitation
10:22 AM
added multiple tags section to Logan's post here meta.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/2356/… and to my shorter version in some nearby meta post
> Step 12 B: Feed pastebin raw url to bot (with tags)

If you want to tag those images so they could be specifically requested from the tag pool, add tags at the end of the above command like so:

#post add [pastebinurl] [tag1] | [tag2] | [tagN]

Be sure the tags make sense and describe the images in the batch properly. Remember that people will be using those tags, not search engines, so don't use synonymous and similar words. If an image belongs to an anime or manga, use that anime/manga's name, or use the tag original.
I like how South Park parodies everything. Chinpokemon, Yaoi are the anime references I remember. Are there more?
#post add [pastebinurl] wallpaper
#post add [pastebinurl] wallpaper | Miyazaki
#post add [pastebinurl] Madoka
#post add [pastebinurl] KonoSuba | Megumin
#post add [pastebinurl] original
#post add [pastebinurl] original | scenery
I'm not sure about multi-word tags yet but I guess we'll see about that when the need arises
it's not like people are adding images all day
Some times I wonder what it'd be like if you erased your memory repeatedly and watched the same anime again and again and again ..................
it would be worse than watching new stuff
you'd be this guy
and then you'd be like this
gotta b leik diz insted
@Wally i don't remember a Yaoi parody in South Park. than again i don't watch alot of South Park anymore since they killed Chef
10:34 AM
@Memor-X It's a new one. A complete episode. They took fan art submissions in advance.
Tweek and Craig
@Wally there's an emotional mental state i've been trying to confirm which i had when i first played Final Fantasy VII, and effect which to this day i have been unable to duplicate in the same game twice
@Wally yeh, proably wont watch it because it'll end like how the Donald Trump Parody ended, with Mr Garrison raping and murdering one of them.
though i think if Trump is made president alot of people would be wishing that really happened
now that i think about it, you have to be US Born and be of a certain age in order to qualify to run as president. can the undead then run as president?
I think it'd be a really nice experiment to conduct once we can erase memories. Record the same person watching the same anime under different conditions.
And see how he/she reacts
And then show them all the different reactions and see how they react
or you could clone people
bring them up in different ways
figure out the optimal life to lead so anime is important
10:41 AM
"Not what you want but the psp visual novel is a "what if..." scenario where ryuuji loses his memories after the Christmas party." - Redditor
^^ Toradora
@Hakase I thought you didn't wanna bother :P
That'd be perfect. I always wondered if genes were more predominant or the conditions under which you were raised
@Wally yeh but it more or less completes Taiga's story is Ryuuji
10:45 AM
F*** them all to death. - Mr. Garryson
@ToshinouKyouko for a moment there i thought that was a mecha shark but it's mouth is actually being held open by one of those tools dentist use to stop you biting them
The Great Teacher Onizuka Live action really sucked. The actors were terrible
Was dubbed though
it wasn't great
10:51 AM
@Wally I think it would be more useful to catch all the bad guys and make them forget they're bad, teach em how to be normal people and erase terrorism from the planet's face
@ToshinouKyouko lol Taisho
it would be highly unethical coz u gotta allow people be who they are, and if they wanna blast up entire countries, then that's what they should be able to do :p
also it could be used by terrorists on non-terrorists to convert them into terrorists or suiciders, and a whole other range of horrible possibilities
@Hakase Who'd choose what is good. Most governments don't have a good sense of morals. Two words. Donald Trump.
who knows what the end game of that reality would be
I'd say most people don't have a good common sense in general
it's not like you know 100% that erasing the bad parts of terrorists would result in something good
perhaps an even more threatening organization would appear if they learned somebody's "playing god" or whatever they call it
@Hakase it's me turning the entire world into the shoujo ai/yuri heaven, Pullea Magica, ruled by our Goddesses of Hope and Love
10:55 AM
The'd probably prefer to torture them in Guantanamo Bay instead of going through all that trouble
problem is people are always changing and new people always appear, so it's hard to control everyone
some would be very much against of such control
coz controlling people is bad and we should make the controllers forget they can control
then we remember we have the police which basically controls society in a way
it's a long argument
I would probably focus on something that keeps people from negative thoughts and emotions which could lead to bad stuff like described above
actually that would be hard to filter coz we do like de feelz when watching anime
idk, I think it would be a hard thing to solve and I don't wanna try right now
the weather is so nice outside
one minute it's snowing, the next it's bright and sunny
@Hakase thus shoujo ai/yuri. seeing girls to cute things to and for one another in the name of love
I realized that staying away from all those anime with violence tag was a mistake. All the good stuff is tagged violence.
Durarara!! was tagged violence when it was really light
glasslip is the real violence
11:09 AM
man why do they articulate everything in that hyper-american accent
that is a horrible dubbing style
11:26 AM
@Hakase yeah, thats the main reason i dont like dubs
americans are the worst
(apart from any americans here ;) )
Just added more images with multiple tags, @Hakase. Everything working great! ;)
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ whatup!
she better tighten it back up
@Hakase sorry, misspelled
12:14 PM
What do you guys think of Shin Chan and Ghost Stories type dubs.
Where strong sexual jokes and political references are added.
idk about shin chan, but i thought the ghost stories dub was really immature
For example there was a scouts episode in Shin Chan and Boy Scouts (America) anti-gay reference was added.
I like parodies for some reason. I tend to like parodies even if they are not that well made
It'd be one thing if I found it funny, but it's just shock humour
i dont think i'm the intended audience tho ;P
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#post status
Post module status: Enabled. 15 minutes after the previous post, Post module will start checking if 50 messages have been posted since, and then wait 40 more seconds after the latest message before posting. Links unposted: 1099, links posted: 8067, Total: 9166. Image count by user: Logan M: 514; Eric: 1; Frosteeze: 3; Quill: 429; JNat: 152; Next post is due in 30 messages.
#post tags
@JNat There are 1099 unposted images in 23 tagged lists: (untagged − 318); 美少女 − 347; background − 130; 猫 − 72; 百合 − 71; wallpaper − 40; 水着 − 27; SpaceDandy − 25; 絶対領域 − 24; PlasticMemories − 22; 魔法少女 − 18; 食べ物 − 17; GraveOfTheFireflies − 15; メイド − 13; AoNoExorcistMovie − 11; WitchCraftWorks − 10; KillLaKill − 10; ALetterToMomo − 10; HoshiWoOuKodomo − 10; MakotoShinkai − 10; GhostInTheShell − 10; PsychoPass − 10; TheWolfChildrenAmeAndYuki − 10; Another − 9.
There it is. Uploaded 130 images :)
user image
1:19 PM
@Taisho tags
Uploaded (UTC): 26.05.2015 7:45:59 by (23525) Logan M, tag: 美少女
Q: How sasuke was able to summon 2 different types of creatures?

Light YagamiSummoning is a technique which is used to summon creatures. Most of the time many of them were able to summon only 1 type of creature only like for naruto its a frog. But Sasuke is able to summon both snakes and hawks. So my question is how he is able to summon 2 different types of creatures?

no crashes so far
@Hakase How will it behave when I ask it about the tags for an image, like I did just above?
Separate them with commas?
2:14 PM
2:33 PM
Just saw the first episode for Taimadou. Much better than Asterisk or Cavalry, @Quill ;)
the ending was pretty weird as well
The ending for the series?
they're all decent if you get the time
Maybe later I'll give the other two a second chance.
For now, I'll just stick to Taimadou
#post makotoshinkai
2:41 PM
Uploaded (UTC): 28.02.2016 4:38:26 by (145604) Quill, tag: 猫
#post MakotoShinkai
2:42 PM
Uploaded (UTC): 19.03.2016 12:29:00 by (38771) JNat, tag: HoshiWoOuKodomo, MakotoShinkai, background
case sensitive
should not be
fixing that is gonna be bothersome
let's see if it needs fixing until doing anything >.>
(being lazy)
2:58 PM
3:23 PM
user image
3:34 PM
#post makotoshinkai
Uploaded (UTC): 19.03.2016 12:29:00 by (38771) JNat, tag: HoshiWoOuKodomo, MakotoShinkai, background
#post MakotoShinkai
3:34 PM
Uploaded (UTC): 19.03.2016 12:29:00 by (38771) JNat, tag: HoshiWoOuKodomo, MakotoShinkai, background
👍 lowercase support added 👌
Thanks, @Hakase!
now to add multiword tags
> Being alive is bad for your health. 100% mortality rate. Would not recommend.
@Hakase word
3:42 PM
#post multiword tag test
#post multiword tag test
apparently multiword tags have been working all along
no need to change anything for that
honestly, everything in moderation
can't sit all day, can't stand all day
can't work or be lazy all day either
can't fix bot features that are already working
@JNat should I edit in spaces into all of your tags?
oh I know
there should be a partial match
@Hakase Probably, yeah
3:46 PM
ohh but we'll do that next time
I'll just do yout tags now
Which tags did I use?
So so you get the capitalisations right
'Cause I only put every new word capitalised because I thought I couldn't use spaces
@Hakase "and" can go not capitalised
HoshiWoOuKodomo and MakotoShinkai
@Hakase "in" and "the" too
3:48 PM
@Hakase "wo" and "ou" not capitalised
@Hakase "of" and "the" not capitalised
3:49 PM
@Hakase same for "la"
@Hakase and same for "to"
Everything else: capitalise away!
Sorry for the hard work :P
come on it's just ctrl+h
3:50 PM
yea nah .ToLower().Replace(" ", "");
should be alright
#post tags
@JNat There are 1094 unposted images in 23 tagged lists: (untagged − 318); 美少女 − 346; background − 127; 百合 − 71; 猫 − 71; wallpaper − 40; 水着 − 27; Space Dandy − 25; 絶対領域 − 24; Plastic Memories − 22; 魔法少女 − 18; 食べ物 − 17; Grave of the Fireflies − 15; メイド − 13; Ao no Exorcist Movie − 11; Witch Craft Works − 10; Kill la Kill − 10; A Letter to Momo − 10; Ghost in the Shell − 10; Psycho Pass − 10; The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki − 10; Another − 9; Hoshi wo ou Kodomo − 7; Makoto Shinkai − 7.
3:56 PM
Thanks again, @Hakase!
haha no probz
Now back to playing hitman!
imma make some tea and see what to do next
4:17 PM
Q: i dont know the anime name

Rachida long time i watched anime series in the fact i only watched 2 episodes and i wont to watch it again all of it but i dont know his name his story is about a boy in girl magic school ( the only boy in the school ) the boss of the school ( girl) invited him to come to school and win for her the ch...

4:28 PM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ heh that looks terrible
but then again it is alpha
4:44 PM
Q: Which anime is this kissing scene from? - I've looked everywhere and can't find it

CosmosisI found this scene on a side ad on KissAnime today, and have reverse image searched a good 4 times using different engines. I've even tried looking up the orange-haired character on anime character databases. I really cannot find it, and I'm stubborn and curious. Any help?

4:59 PM
Wow! Lucky me. Durarara! has multiple seasons
5:13 PM
Looks like the latest one isn't dubbed.
6:09 PM
Q: Sad anime episode!

user22831a long time ago i think i was on cartoon network & i saw this episode from an anime & the episode was really sad! What happened in it was this boy was laying in his bed dreaming of something. then i remember his mom & maybe someone else walking into his room & she (they) realize the boy is stuck ...

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7:42 PM
Q: anime movie that I totally forgot the name of!

chiyokaziokay I KNOW I've watched it before and it's like there are two sets of couples. one is a childhood friends couple and the other recently met and the latter girl has purple long hair I think. the childhood friend guy eventually like disappears in the end and the two girls have no recollection of t...

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10:16 PM
hi everyone
hi @shaggy
11:00 PM
hello shaggy

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