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Q: What is our current stance on questions about peripheral anime topics? [2015]

Toshinou KyoukoOur previous stance on Vocaloids(quite old): Are questions about VOCALOID allowed? I ask this as the What is the background story of Hatsune Miku? question was re-opened by a moderator claiming that the community consensus was different now. Is that correct though? What is our stance on questio...

10:46 AM
Q: Please synonymize [scope] into [allowed-topics]

UnihedronThere are over 50 allowed-topics questions on Meta, and it even states in the excerpt that it is for discussing about which topics are permitted / in scope on this site. In comparison, scope covers the exact same field (and is therefore synonymous), with far fewer questions (only 4). Please syno...

I remember watching a streaming movie once with a friend
I only shared the link to my home stream just to test if it works
we ended up watching it and making lame jokes throughout the whole movie
in steam chat
movie was The Fault In Our Stars
not a very good movie but it doesn't take much to have fun with friends
@Unihedron Were there more questions there than ?
@JNat Yes, which is why I proposed that direction. On here, it's different.
10:56 AM
Gotcha, that's what I was trying to figure out
And it's perfectly fine because [scope] is a default tag and merging it to a more popularly used one helps define tags. :p
@Hakase i've read the novel version of it
oh there was a novel
just like in anime/manga world :D
Yeah and the direction is similar :D
novels gets turned into movies, light novels gets turned into anime and manga
@HellButterfly Done
Well done! :D
a small step for men towards making the internet a better place
11:02 AM
GAIZ! check this out, I made this. Vote for mascot? but it's from ms.paint :p
now that I sounds like ʞɹɐzǝɹ. I feel crazy
nice hair.
delete the 'm' before png for bigger picture, it's in imgur X3
Coool :D
11:08 AM
thanks X3
I have two picture actually, the only two ever made...
I saw a text in a background on my computer and wanted to see if I could translate it into Japanese, succeeded on the first try, then i continued and after some random typing I noticed something.
Dunno if it's Google translate that doesn't know better or not, but
私を手伝ってください (watashi wo tetsudatte kudasai)
私に手伝ってください (watashi ni tetsudatte kudasai)
gave the same translation
dem grammarz
Now I am probably missing some basic rule, but... wo or ni, I should read up more on the particles, I guess, but are wo and ni sort of the same?
11:12 AM
Japanese particles, joshi (助詞) or teniwoha (てにをは), are suffixes or short words in Japanese grammar that immediately follow the modified noun, verb, adjective, or sentence. Their grammatical range can indicate various meanings and functions, such as speaker affect and assertiveness. == Orthography and diction == Japanese particles are written in hiragana in modern Japanese, though some of them also have kanji forms (弖 or 天 for te て; 爾 for ni に; 乎 or 遠 for o を; and 波 for wa は). Particles follow the same rules of phonetic transcription as all Japanese words, with the exception of は (written ...
I'm working atm, was on a small break so I thought I'd play around a bit with google translate. I'll read up on it more when I get off work :P
I don't see wo anywhere
oh it's just "o"
を is 'written' as wo, but pronounced as o in most dialects
since "o" is お
I should have written "o", I guess, my bad
Like how you write "wa" instead of "ha" for は
I disagree with how wikipedia and others handle this
Pronunciation instead of western spelling
11:16 AM
imo it should be transliterated as wo
user image
sometimes w is silent but when it's not, it doens't make sense to omit it
@Taisho Yummy :o
11:18 AM
@Taisho Google reverse image search doesn't works for me image_url is empty
!!tell :21778878 google reverse image search doesn't works for me image_url is empty
@Hakase It's silent in this case
@HoiHoi-san T__T What
I responded to taisho, who in turn told hoihoi to tell me about something?
Taisho's going to bork town full speed
11:19 AM
@Taisho what
Yup, borked
@Taisho tag
no url
11:19 AM
Uploaded (UTC): 01.01.0001 0:00:00 by (23525) Logan M, tag:
Right O_o
ye ok
At least it's known who uploaded it, but not when or what xD
11:36 AM
@Taisho oh cake ,yummy
getting ready, hora hora
Hehe :p
mou minaide baka
@OshinoShinobu who are they
11:39 AM
siblings of the year
fire sisters
i have not watched
how it is
it's monogatari
i thought i had seen one on the middle somewhere but was not sure
that's Arararararagi-san
i got that when you said it from monogatari series
11:43 AM
#post cute girls
user image
she is cute :D
11:50 AM
Cool painting and cute picture :P
and cute doge
12:30 PM
Q: Can we please stop polling in meta?

Madara UchihaThis is a trend I've noticed that's been going on for quite a while. Whenever someone asks a question on meta, it seems appropriate to answer with two possibilities (or more) and have the community vote on those. It's not. Ask your question, and let people come up with their ideas. Don't create ...

A: Can we please stop polling in meta?

UnihedronI agree. Allow me to quote from Robert Cartaino's comment on Meta LifeHacks.SE: "[...] If you have thoughts on the issue yourself, please feel free to post it as an answer, but it is generally better to let everyone have a voice by soliciting thoughts and opinions rather pre-posting all sides...

1:04 PM
Just out of curiosity, want to ask are you guys not trying community ad on other SE sites this year?
1:22 PM
I think we have enough users or something
@Hakase That's really Nito.
Q: I'm saving money too fast. What should I do?

Rajesh K[Apologies if this sounds (and is) like a first world problem] I get a very generous salary and I am not a spender. I am able to save $2000-$2500 every month. I've invested part of my money in some stocks but I have the feeling that I saving faster than can find new stock picks... I've already ...

cool comments
@AnkitSharma I can't speak for anime.SE but we're already waiting for the artwork before graduating, and there are existing problems like id-reqs to solve before we mine the traffic sources :p
I don't think ID requests are a problem we have
it's a feature we decided to provide although it's not exactly what SE is supposed to be about
$2000 a month isn't even that much.
1:34 PM
let's not take it into account altogether when talking about the site's core parameters, as it's not a core function
ID people are very different from SE people
@Gao true
ID......ahh,.....we also hate them.
But atleast we have restricted them now.
2:30 PM
@Gao he's able to save that much, which is a lot to save each month
not a lot of people can save that much considering bills, necessities, etc.
@OshinoShinobu it looks nice, but I don't want her as our mascot
3:05 PM
yea, he's not making 2k a month, he has an extra 2K
I don't think the site will have a human-like character at all
we'll probably get some shapey stuff for the header at most, like biology and chemistry
I wonder if we'll get an anime-style of the Stack Exchange logo.
Robert Cartaino on July 09, 2010

Groups have an amazing ability to self organize — not by following rules or hierarchies of authority, but through basic human nature. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a spontaneous brainstorming session with a group of colleagues? Sometimes you just know that you’re at the start of something big — something important — when everyone is abuzz with ideas, collaborating wildly with enthusiasm and energy.

That’s how it feels each time a new Stack Exchange site is launched. Not only in the questions and answers that are posted, but in the back room collaborations where the self-governance is starting to take shape — in meta. …

> 6. What should our logo and site design look like?
Who cares, lol
user image
@nhahtdh everything is insignificant, in the end we all die
3:16 PM
@Hakase ii ne!
@Hakase lol A++!!!!
@Hakase kowai
@Unihedron I will start to care when they come up with a crap design
Q: How many bodies does Yuma Kuga have?

MindwinEvery trigger user have two bodies: his original flesh body, and the Trion combat body. When he activates his trigger, the flesh body is stored inside the trigger, and is physically replaced by the Trion body. But Yuma's trigger permanently stored his flesh body (black haired) inside, and he liv...

@nhahtdh You know the art designers at SE has a clear policy; Even if it's not clear what's the right thing, don't do the wrong thing at all :)
very often when it comes to complicated goals like a logo for anime & manga.SE, it's really difficult; and to not do the wrong thing, that means waiting
and here we are, still waiting :P
3:18 PM
Waiting = more time with full privilege
I'm currently having privilege equivalent to 20k on graduated site
It helps to have more users to clean up crap on site, which moderators refuses to touch due to their position
@nhahtdh Yeah. Hence the "avid users" stat on area42
or area21, forgot how it's named
both are wrong, it's area51
> Excellent – Every site needs a solid group of core users to assist in moderating the site. We recommend:
* 150 users with 200+ rep (currently 313 users with 200+ rep)
* 10 users with 2,000+ rep (currently 39 users with 2,000+ rep)
* 5 users with 3,000+ rep (currently 33 users with 3,000+ rep)
I'm talking about 10k and 20k privilege, which is not tracked there
user image
Oregairu is rather confusing this season
@Hakase this is actually really good
3:28 PM
it was a 7 second photoshop job, I did not intend it to be good lol
but you can pitch it to the devs, see what they think
The eye looks like it's from Chaika
#isch anime face template
also senshin has been out of chat long enough that we can't ping him anymore
yea you can
@senshin say if you get this ping, it's a test
3:33 PM
@Taisho aww, she's so cute :D
@senshin boop
no that's cheating
@senshin say if you get this ping, it's a test
@MadaraUchiha madaraaaa!
how ya been man?
@senshin say if you get this ping, it's a test
3:35 PM
he's gonna ban all of us
turns out imgur has a community site which uses Discourse engine
and they also have badges and stuff, but the UI is… not as obvious as on SE
@ton.yeung Naah. But an event like @senshin day could.
we could say it's totally today
couldn't we?
3:37 PM
every day is senshin day :D
what does their name mean anyway?
cool :D an authoritive name
Yeah :D
Apr 26 '14 at 22:39, by user1306322
user image
Q: forgotten the name of an anime please help

robsterleighTheres an anime i watch maybe last year. Its about a girl and she live on farm? with two people. Her father works in this tower next to her home but almost never comes down. The girl had just turned 16 and that means she can go to the royal ball at this far away castle. The dress was blue and g...

3:41 PM
@Hakase So fancy. In my school we used initialisms, not acronyms.
GT for "Gifted/Talented" and AP for... AP.
Advanced Placement, I guess.
@Sakamoto why u so sloh
Shinkansen wa tomaranai
Q: whos eyes are these

Zander no clue what show there from can anyone identify these eyes they probbably have some sort of special power also probbably from different shows

3:57 PM
@Sakamoto quick reverse image search shows where it's from
@ton.yeung Yeah? I dint get anything :/
@EroSɘnnin basilisk
soo, close?
4:14 PM
@Yuuki attack points
or action points, whatev
those turn-based battle games >.>
@Sakamoto wow somebody knows whose eye the first one is
ooh the after-rain air is wondrous
Yeah. It's so refreshing
4:34 PM
Sankaku looks like soup on my tablet
Everything is messed up, and duplicated
@Hakase its easily reverse google searchable
4:54 PM
it needs one more close vote
not sure which to vote on
I spy a @senshin :D
anyone speak spanish here?
Yo no.
I don't, sorry
5:08 PM
@EroSɘnnin Your what?
C---, I mixed Spanish and Japanese.
Obviously, I'm out of the running.
@Yuuki It's Spanish for "Not me." :P
@EroSɘnnin Yeah, I know "yo" is Spanish for "I" but then I mixed in Japanese where "no" is some form of possessive article.
And/or substitute for "of". Was never really clearly on that, tbh.
Well, I guess "ore no imouto" translates either to "my sister" or "sister of mine".
I often consider "no" as "of"
But I'm confused with "to" (english)
の - of, to
5:27 PM
@Hakase Did you find out what Harutora sacrificed to get Natsume back?
5:38 PM
@ton.yeung Sort of. I also have a native Spanish-speaking friend, if you need something specific.
5:51 PM
Q: Why can't the birdcage be cut?

NaveenWhy does it appear that Doflamingo's Bird Cage is indestructible? What is the different between the strings used in DD's attacks and the birdcage? Why can't Zoro cut the birdcage?

@Eric what is a pipiluyo?
@GamesBrainiac never
source material must have answers
6:08 PM
@ton.yeung Need more context. It's a very rare slang but has multiple meanings.
In Mexico, it can be a derogatory term for homosexuals.
@Eric that's probably what it is
there's this mexican guy (yes he's actually mexican) that i work with that calls his boss a pipiluyo
well i guess someone is getting fired
lol, he doesn't call them that to their faces
6:32 PM
^ I am cracking up
Please tell me that's from a first-grade test.
Though something tells me that it's not since those tests usually don't have 73 questions.
@Eric It's from whatever test this is:
Q: Identification of a quadrilateral as a trapezoid, rectangle, or square

The Chaz 2.0Yesterday I was tutoring a student, and the following question arose (number 76): My student believed the answer to be J: square. I reasoned with her that the information given only allows us to conclude that the top and bottom sides are parallel, and that the bottom and right sides are congru...

I don't actually know what level the test is intended for.
@LoganM too bad it doesnt say what the answer is
Answer key says D.
i thought it might be but lol
poorly proportioned frogs ftw
6:39 PM
That's pretty clearly what they were going for, but it's an absurd way to measure the length of a frog.
Yeah. I was looking at it thinking it might be 1" since the frog's rear end is not touching the line (just the leg).
But it's also at an angle, so that might negate it.
I think the angle is more significant here. It looks like it's actually more than 1.5" across its back
@Eric omg u fail standardized testing
which might mean you're a genius or a complete dumbass :P
I actually want to find out.
6:43 PM
you want to find out how long that frog is?
Hold on, I'll ask on Bio SE to identify the species of frog.
No, I'm just going to use the image.
No, we should get an actual frog of the same species. Measure it the way they do in that problem, and measure the actual length, and compare the two to get the correction factor. Then apply that to the measurement of the image.
You can't just rotate the image of the frog, because it's projected onto a 2-dimensional piece of paper, and could be angled normal to that.
Of course not. I'm going to use a curved path measuring tool.
How do you know the frog isn't exceptionally wide, and just angled so that it looks like an ordinary frog?
I don't, but at the same time we can't be sure of the frog's age even if we know its species.
It might also have a growth hormone issue.
By my calculation, the frog is 1.38" long.
7:30 PM
@Eric i bet u cheet
also that could be a fake frog
no, the test says it's a real frog. The test wouldn't lie to you.
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