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5:00 PM
I figured it out the moment you were gone
just be yourself
ask kray-san
sorry if my advice sucks :(
@Unihedron better be the person the job wants to hire :p
sometimes that means pretty far from yourself
ok ask Mad then
5:04 PM
what you're supposed to do there
@ton.yeung like, is it a programming job, help desk, etc
good luck :)
interviews are about being the candidate who stands out and has a decent reason to hire, no? :p
a lot of stuff matters
we know almost nothing so how can we advise
be in your best condition :D i guess
yea get sleep
always good
5:06 PM
it depends on a lot of things
you should just do your best and not worry about it too much :)
@ToshinouKyouko this combination of words in one sentence makes it very hard to follow :D
@Hakase :D fixed
@ton.yeung that means theres 499 other companies ;)
I really meant it's hard af to do best and not worry at the same time
unless your best includes not worrying, which in my case it doesn't
@ton.yeung it depends entirely on which one you go to
although I have heard this too
which is why I started with the biggest companies and ended up fuknoswhere :D
was extra relaxed too
5:11 PM
after some thinking I realized I was most worried at the worst possible places and most relaxed at the ones that seemed the best
jobholm syndrome
@Taisho i really like that arist
sometimes knowing the company will give you an edge
for one company i didnt even talk about tech stuff and they wanted to hire me
5:13 PM
i didnt take it cuz it sounded like they just accept whoever tho
relax and figure out what they'll be looking for
I'm sure no real company will want you to know its history of CEOs from 1740s unless it's a japanese holding or something
yeah i meant more of an overview and why they're hiring etc
hmm, i guess there's nothing you can do about that bit then
just ask them on the spot what you're expected to be doing to get a better idea how much you should ask for etc
5:17 PM
you could theoretically stalk their employees and find out from social networks and such what they do at work but that's a bit crazy
the folks on the same position you're aiming for
I guess that's that then
you can only prepare a generic list of questions and ask at the time
you are lol
the feeling of not knowing something is one of the most common reasons for freakoutage
I never know what I'm gonna deal with when they transfer me from bank to bank and it ends up being major systems of random importance levels
from "we got this in 2007 and nobody ever used it" to "we got this in 2004 and all of the bank's money transactions depend on it"
the first one was a national universal card system and the other is the second largest bank group in the country lol
haha yea you know it's bad when this is my first job :D
ooh I like this one
5:31 PM
donchiki tanaka
oh yea finally registered on pixiv and now I can see those pics
it's a palm tree :D
affirmative action doesnt enforce quotas, that guy is an idiot
I kinda sorta know now who these people are who post on such sites after having worked with some >.>
Time for another hardcore episode of Grisaia
@nhahtdh which Grisaia?
@shaggy Grisaia no Rakuen, but if you have just started, you should watch from Grisaia no Kajitsu first
Btw, Imouto = Immortal
@ton.yeung honestly im surprised he called them "blacks", thats one of the unfortunate things about working in the G & O industry, lots of racism going on..lots of idiots.
@nhahtdh thats what i was wondering. thanks for the tip
@ton.yeung oh i know that
thats very true
is very try
6:16 PM
@Frosteeze im a tryhard what can i say
@ton.yeung i was just saying that kind of thing is more than prevalent, and almost a daily thing in the industry wether it be a small company or halliburtin/slumburger... i honestly think theyll brush it off with out a thought.. worse things go on daily. don't think it will hurt them
@ton.yeung good luck with the gig though. should be lucrative.
1 hour later…
7:28 PM
@ton.yeung i'm sure you will
...i'm the one that mentioned that the first time you mentioned O&G... ! I work in the industry! haha
so yeah im aware
i'm just trying to be positive
but yea. GL. back to watching angelic layer
DB: Super ^_^
Q: Can anyone recommend a good anime with humour and a good plot?

emily wiebeI'd really like to watch an anime with some good humour and a good plot line. Something along the lines of fairytail or one piece for plot lines and humour like the devil is a part-timer.

8:22 PM
@Hakase where did you 'hear' that lol? but to some degree thats true, I tried about 8 different titles, and nothing was really pleasing, and most were just ports from the last gen with a few new pieces of content. honestly the only thing that was really enjoyable for me was replaying GTA V, and Diablo3 RoS ....and then i mentioned neverwinter..considering its a free MMO, its not to shabby at all!. did you have any recommendations ?
none at all
I have had no consoles since ps1
you could probably trade it for a ps4 on your local craigslist or in a similar fashion
@Hakase yeah thats the plan, or to sell it and build a PC
or buy a prebuilt of powerPC
you could like Destiny tho
doesn't ps4 have any exclusives you'd be interested in?
what about Bloodborne?
did you play and like any Souls games?
Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1/2
oh yeah i forgot about that i played through that, was my first game actually but once i got end game(at the time) it seemed the only thing you could do was run weekly dungeons/raids....im sure this has changed since there or more content... destiny is a great game, just at the time where i was networked up to had a horrible connection, and well mad play very unenjoyable
@Hakase havent played either, i have looked into/watched reviews for dark souls.. but still havent played.. i'm just hesitant to spend anymore money on games for a system i'll probably be selling/tradding resulting in loss of resell value instantly
no worries though
you could sell along with your games and add the price for them
I hear that is common practice these days
people who will buy consoles will probably want to have games for them, so they would spend money for those games in any case
you could always get discount parts if you're desperate for a new pc
9:05 PM
Q: Can someone please tell me the name of this manga?

Rubi I don't know the plot or anything I just saw this picture and thought it was really cute. Please help!

9:34 PM
finally made the transformation I wanted with isometric and rectangular view… but some numbers don't make sense to me
of course
because the resulting isometric tiles are way too big
10:04 PM
late might simgur?
stupid visual studio bug strikes again
this time without sourcetree
@shaggy A New Mexico parent attempted to have the work banned from her local school district, but her plea was denied. Russian parents made a similar request to Vladmir Putin.
A: Windows 2008 R2 - Kernel (System Process PID=4) is locking files and folders

Maiku MoriAs Dani has already mentioned in the comment: It's a bug in Windows 7 and likely in Windows Server 2008 (possibly 64bit versions only). It surfaces when you disable Application Experience service. Re-enabling this service has fixed this problem for me. A bit more info here as to why it's causi...

I remember turning that thing off…
gonna see if it reappears after enabling the service
I remember you had the same problem and thought you could use this info
if not, oh well
the whole pc?
a bit radical, but a very nice excuse for a break
10:26 PM
user image
ok good luck with interview… wait it's a phone interview why do you need to find your suit?
he might pass his phone interview
nuttin wrong with overpreparing
gives you a great mindset
a suit would put me in a freaky mood
ohh! it's for… for how long after the interview?
assuming you'd have to show up in a suit at least once to sign the contract… maybe just once
I don't like suits, they're uncomfortable
ok then enough coding for today
10:51 PM
Q: What is this manga about a girl with a disabled mom?

user14264Need help finding this manga. Only thing I really remember was that there was a girl whose mother fell down the stairs and now she's in a wheelchair, and she mentions to her friend that her mother is able to to certain things now such as using the restroom. The friend she's talking to I think is ...

11:10 PM
@nhahtdh the first 2 look fine to me. the third one i have deleted because i realized there's a huge gaping flaw and that's we aren't entirely sure how Unisons are born and when Agito was born (i seemed to have the impression that she was born during Belka)
@Taisho if we ever have a "Memes of Anime and Manga" in the Chat we can add one that i will always star shoujo ai/yuri images in the chat
@ToshinouKyouko google definition of nerd - "a single-minded expert in a particular technical field." so anyone who actually calls another person a Nerd is in fact showing jealously because they can not hope to be an expert in the field of the person they refer to as a nerd. with that said i prefer the term "Expert" because that's what i would be
Q: In Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage, who is this blue-haired guy sitting next to Boruto?

Ankit SharmaIn Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage manga, page 3 Who is the guy with blue hair sitting next to Boruto? Is it a new character or did I miss something from Naruto?

^ if i was to make this guess, the guy in the blue hair represents Sy's position in Bolt's team because Sarada represents both Sasuke and Sakura and you need 3 people in the team and unfortunately Sy had a daughter with Ino so she's needed for Ino-Shika-Cho and can't be in Bolt's Team
man the writers of Monogatari know how to pull on my strings. Suruga admits she's a lesbian and is in love with Senjogahara but problem is that Senjogahara, regardless if she is Bi or not, is dating Araragi so unless they break up any fan fictional work which pairs them wont be anything serious
and most people don't have the temperament to write a alternate universe fan fiction which would explain how Senjogahara finds out that Suruga is a lesbian and expresses she's one to before they start to date one another
11:26 PM
gonna have to be some curse that affects regular pairs and so they had to break up to be safe, and then Gahara went out with Suruga
or it could be a bit more dramatic, like only an unwholesome deed could save Araragi from a bad curse
there's really a lot of ways it could work
also it would take up a great deal of fanfic and I'm not sure anyone would want to deviate from the main part so much "just" for it all to make sense
Hello, hello!
How are we all? :)
(Wow, you guys seem really into it here. I just bought the first two volumes of Deathnote ;p)
@Hakase having the cause of Senjogahara and Araragi break up to be a cause which forces them to break up or Araragi needing to do something bad to be freed from a curse which causes Senjogahara to break up with him is a cop-out (considering that Senjogahara has said herself she wont be the one to break up with Araragi) and as i said, to retcon all of it you'd need a great teal of temperament to write a good one
@Iplodman good, i completed Okami HD on the weekend, had to beat Yami twice because the power went out during the final scene before the credits, Platinumed it too (that makes 3 now).
also i got the Limited Edition Madoka Movies Dubbed, now i get to watch those Incubator shits get molested in English he, he, he, he, he
11:43 PM
Congratulations! c:
somehow that sounds less pleasant than it really is :P
@Unihedron what sounds less pleasant than it really is
I don't know.
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