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5:14 PM
didn't you burn them?
so that you couldn't earn them
@Eric why don't you just turn it off?
@ton.yeung Because then A) I can't see other people's hats, and B) that would be conceding defeat.
The hats will not win. The hats will not take me.
@Eric seems stressful, i don't think i have hats turned on, but then i haven't refreshed my tabs in a long time
5:29 PM
@Eric link?
you looking for a job?
@ton.yeung No, it's targeted ads on SourceForge. I can link you but they'll b e different for you. (They're location-targeted.)
@Eric ohh i see
mine's powered by dice
5:38 PM
@Eric Standards are so high these days that you need programming skills to just be a janitor
@Frosteeze I'd get if it was at Google or something, but geez
A real estate lawyer needs no technical background at all. lol
Timelord is out. Looks like I did not get Eureka even though I pinged @Shog9 before it was leaked on meta.
thyme lawd
Yo dawg, I heard you like lawds, so I put a shawg in your lawd so you can lawd while you shawg.
it pings
Why lowercase?
loud noises
wow.. to lower everything huh?
is that for string comparison?
in Shinonome Lab (東雲研究所), 14 secs ago, by Hakase
#edit last LOUD NOISES
5:51 PM
And still lowercase lol'
ye coz I'm stupid
it's bot fixin time!
6:07 PM
#say asdFASD
k we got dis
jelly ufos
aincha happy?
6:13 PM
@nhahtdh I think your syntax might be wrong.
if life gives you a lemon − turn it into three ghost skulls in a lava-filled underground city
@nhahtdh I don't understand your request.
y u only want dubious stuff?
y not food
6:23 PM
I prefer stuffs that once you see, you can't unsee it
so we're the same in that regard
6:36 PM
@LoganM do you know of any visual explanations of all the basic elements more primitive than electrons, protons and neutrons?
I just can't get a hang of anything beyond these three
there are physics books for schools where they are drawn as spheres forming atoms and such, which I get, but everything else I have great trouble understanding coz there are no pics whatsoeva
at least in school books
I mean illustrations that graphically show what these particles do
not just a table of circles :p
They don't do much, I think
like how they interact with each other, with themselves, with a lot of themselves, with a lot of other particles, different combinations, practical cases, etc
Their combinations are not very long lived
except for what we already know
No one is going to test you on those
I just want to know what can be done with them
if there's any practical use
Not much, just prove that they exist
And can be synthesized
6:41 PM
well they must have some effect that can be of use then
They are too small, and they disintegrate in milliseconds
milliseconds is a long enough time to do something
If anything, it is only useful in some sort of detection
now we talkin
@ton.yeung I'm still pretty vexed about it
and I'm not one to hold a grudge
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ: Hammer please
Q: Reading and Understand Japanese

Fmonkey2001Background: I'm an avid reader of all different kinds of manga's and I also like watching the anime's online, but I'd much more prefer to read them. I'm a full time college student/employee/dad. Which implies that I'm broke and super busy. The college I'm at also doesn't offer any japanese clas...

"a rock would definitely not explode"... well, they do, if you get the wrong ones: outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/801/… and outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/1407/… However, the rock will not explode just from putting your undies on them. — Benedikt Bauer 5 hours ago
I don't think there's much use in that modular phone project, but it's somewhat interesting
7:35 PM
you know what
there are no nice pics of USB type C
How are you guys?
looks like everybody else is busy
must be the middle of the work day or the night
it's evening for me
7:40 PM
Have you guys seen Kekkaishi?
Or Read
The Manga's better, IMO
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ meh, you'll get over it
not me
I don't read manga at all
sick :(
@Deep hi deep
@Hakase Have you seen it?
7:52 PM
it's not high on my to-watch list but it's there at least
looks kinda weak
I'm not into shounen genre
I enjoyed it
the focus is on something that just doesn't excite me, is all
Oh alright
What about Code Geass?
nope, I'm not gonna watch it, it's set in stone
Why not?
7:54 PM
I totally dislike that kind of animation
I enjoyed it
faces are weird to say the least
looks good, is on my list
The storyline more than makes up for the weird style
I don't know what kids like these days, but it looks like something their grandpas watched at the dawn of anime era
7:55 PM
High School Of The Dead? Have you seen that?
there are so many more appealing animation styles than before 1990s
@Hakase dont dis the old eras :(
ive seen it
@ToshinouKyouko I just can't stand the animation, it's bad!
7:56 PM
PErsonally, I absolutely cant stand accessively cartoony anime
it's no excuse for an old era
before a certain point animation was about the same in all anime, but then it started becoming an artistic choice that helps distinguish one genre from another
anime is about the story aswell
I would probably watch a remake if it was done in a Psycho-Pass animation style or something similar
but not like this
i have a lot more old animes in my backlog than newer ones
8:00 PM
Remake of what exactly?
especially from the 80s when there was a boom
also the setting of some ridiculous total war didn't arouse my interest a bit, so that's another major reason why I dropped Geass right away :p
lemme tell you what I liked instead
8:05 PM
everything rated 7 and up can be considered something that I liked
@ton.yeung I got over it after some jerky
change of plans, it's pizza night
!!tell 19080032 say stop
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Command stop does not exist.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Looks cool
8:07 PM
@nhahtdh stop
@ton ^
@Hakase wut
Are there any more anime that are like Code Geass?
8:10 PM
in what way
About warfare and more importantly strategy and tactics. Giant robots would be nice :)
@Deep Broken Blade
Burn the hats.
8:14 PM
Those are expensive hats.
you might like NGNL for a bit of strategy and tactics
@Eric has a hat!
I know.
Why remind me. :|
I'm highly concerned I'm going to end up with enough to get 2nd or 3rd place again.
@Mysticial I have those hats.
8:18 PM
@Yuuki You have a flaming team captain?
Except the flaming parts.
I do have the Team Captain though.
I was gonna say...
Any unusual Team Caption - let alone the flaming one is kinda ridiculous.
I've had more luck with uncrating level 100s than unusuals. lol
8:20 PM
Burn the hats.
Bahaha. I love this.
Taisho <3
Did the dupe filter kill it?
Burn the hats.
Dupe filter should probably only register dupes from the same sender.
We both made Taisho post the same thing.
8:22 PM
@Mysticial u uncrateful sumbich :D
I used to trade for days to get a key
then I remembered that it's freaking ridiculous and dropped it
for 4 months I was the top trader of crates in Russia
@Hakase wut about hatz?
who cares about hats
it was about fun until it wasn't anymore
@Hakase I'm definitely not gonna get the most hats this year. But I might get the most passive repcaps as a result of the hats. lol
8:26 PM
need bats not hats
@ToshinouKyouko i prefer cats
@ToshinouKyouko I don't get it.
ugh double bonk
@ToshinouKyouko we can triple it
8:27 PM
@ton.yeung bonk
@ToshinouKyouko or quadrupal it
pls no tf2
1700 hours is enough for me
8:28 PM
i need to catch up on fall anime >_>
before the season ends
but it's not even set in the current season
what's the rush
I for one have no regards for seasons in anime
need to clear my schedule for winter season :)
only ratings
my schedule is what's on top of my to-watch list, sorted by rating
mine is like X from new seasonm + 1 or 2 from backlog
2 eps of Honya-san comin right up
with pizza
8:32 PM
hmm, i think i will drop the new sailor moon
@Hakase :)
i got the pizza
i want pizza , but cant eat cuz sick :(
you will just have to eat it all yourself~
Lots of easily offended people on the network...
huh looks like flags don't arrive over chat websockets
8:51 PM
@Mysticial umm.. yea?
@MadaraUchiha did you read Index NT 11 yet?
@ton.yeung Yeah
@MadaraUchiha did you get it on the baka-tsuki reader? or from the site?
9:03 PM
@LoganM i got pinged, what conversation? is it about hats? the last conversation i remember having before leaving for the night was about Shoujo Ai/Yuri and how one is localized by Madman
Q: Where can I find some medieval magic fantasy adventure mangas?

DiscipolSo I found DUNGEON NI DEAI O MOTOMERU NO WA MACHIGATTE IRU DAROU KA, sword art online and my fav so far, log horizon to be medieval magic fantasy adventure. While sao and log horizon are VMMO in nature, its still finding loot, making parties, defeating bosses, and of course, interhuman relationsh...

9:24 PM
And some good news to cover the cloud of fear. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Sisters Generation is going to be available for pre-order on IF's upcoming store, so no crap about Amazon fucking everyone over like it always does
@ton.yeung The site
@MadaraUchiha ah, okay
I saw that you had problems with the reader
Not sure what to tell you, didn't come across it.
Q: Why is Akame at the center of attention?

hkBattousaiShe is just an ordinary member of the Night Raiders like all others. She doesn't have an integral role in the plot. Neither is she an essential character (her absence wouldn't had changed framework of the story much). She fought an amazing fight though, but didn't all the other members do the sam...

9:36 PM
did anyone else get a flagged image of Penny from Big Bang Theory as Spam?
Oh damn it, the Kuroneko room got frozen.
@Frosteeze wait, is that Australia's R rating?
9:41 PM
I think so
Atelier is so good that only adults can play it
@Frosteeze fuck our ratings board are idiots
that said it has to be a joke, Atelier Tortori came out before the R Rating, even after Atelier Totori Plus, it got though fine and we was told no game that had already been classified would be reclassified
@Frosteeze it has to be, Monster Monpiece was refused classification so i can only get it if i get a second Vita of IF resubmits it and Atelier Totori is by far a hell less echii than furiously rubbing your finger up and down a monster girl's body
i don't have my vita on me so i can't doublecheck the Aus PSN Store but i did download it
Looking at the board's rating list Atelier Totori and Rorona get R and Meruru get's MA, however all of their originals are PG
10:37 PM
Sexual violence (SV) is any sexual act that is perpetrated against someone's will. SV encompasses a range of offenses, including a completed nonconsensual sex act (i.e., rape), an attempted nonconsensual sex act, abusive sexual contact (i.e., unwanted touching), and non-contact sexual abuse (e.g., threatened sexual violence, exhibitionism, verbal sexual harassment).

Abusive sexual contact is defined as intentional touching, either directly or through the clothing, of the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks of any person without his or her consent, or of a person who is
Given the above, wouldn't all content in JRPGs where hot springs are involved and a girl gropes another be classed as Sexual violence?
11:20 PM
@Frosteeze References to sexual violence?
@Memor-X Pretty much, yeah.
Perhaps doubly so since it's homosexual in nature (because conservatives).
@Yuuki this is the rating of the original game on PS3
somehow the remake has way way more violence in it
11:38 PM
@Frosteeze Australians, despite their sexy ladies and blatant promiscuity, are famous for getting worked up about games
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ like this
i like this comment that was made
So how are these games affecting children? Because you're buying them for your kids? Well, I think we know who is really impressioning young children here.
Anyone feel like downvoting me? I need to lose rep to get a hat. Once I get the hat you can cancel the downvote if you like.
@LoganM what questions/answers would you like downvoted
it'll do me some good to get the timelord hat out of this as well
11:53 PM
Doesn't make much difference
@LoganM how many do you need, just did that one
One should be enough
Someone else upvoted :/
but shouldn't matter
Hat gotten
@LoganM How many are you at?
Feel free to cancel the downvote now or waffle it.
@Eric 14 now
@LoganM ok, i'll have to wait for the grace period to end so i can edit and remove my vote to get Time Lord
11:57 PM
I should be able to get all of them
Do you know how many hidden hats you're missing?
Incidentally, while I was away, Waffles was solved. But ironically I solved it too (like 12 hours ago), but couldn't test it because I already used up all my votes here. I could have gotten it on math, but I need to get more hats here so that WB will point to this page.
@Eric Currently 2, though I know how to get 1 and should have it in about 3 minutes.
And no moderator hat this year?
Other one seems to still be unknown.
There may be other secret hats, but none I've seen
No mod hat. Which is stupid.
11:59 PM
The hat of it is stupid, or the lack thereof?
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