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1:36 AM
Q: Who is this person?

thatLookHe appears recently in OP Song , is he an enemy ? an ally ? Snapshot in Opening Song

i need hero
@iKlsR wut?
@romcom_god is hero?
@iKlsR no sorry, but i'm a kami
1:41 AM
@iKlsR what do you need a hero for?
@romcom_god a user here has been harassing me
i can't slp at nites
i live in fer
greatest hero has come
@iKlsR - what kind of harrassment?
@romcom_god verbal abuse, spamming etc
1:45 AM
@iKlsR - uh oh, can't mods do anything about it?
@romcom_god i can't do anything, i'm afraid
he is even here right now, watching.. waiting
i cry at nites, @Eric leave me alone pls
@romcom_god he's mod
that's too bad...
@iKlsR As I understand it, it doesn't count as harassment if you are a hat. So I can't help you.
2:05 AM
why we separate and ?
can also refer to OP/ED animation sequences, which was the original logic for keeping them separate. If you want to suggest merging them, you could post on meta, but they're big enough tags that I'd suggest not to do it manually. In any case, I don't really care personally whether they're together or separate.
@iKlsR no thx go away
Music could refer to BGM, and soundtracks played as the episode progress, theme-song refers to OP/ED. At least that's what I think.
Music could also refer to OP/ED in certain cases.
@LoganM - yeah music is a very broad term.
2:11 AM
but theme song also music
but yea those two tag has lot question, to join them manually will be hard
I feel a little bit lazy these days to post anything
I've been deliberately holding off most of my posts for the past 6 months or so
(in preparation for Winter Bash)
so you're going all out for winter bash
Yeah I have to win or else I wouldn't be the winner.
@LoganM again?
he's gonna be the very best
like no one ever was
2:27 AM
@LoganM This is discrimination against hats, but since hats aren't people it's okay
@Frosteeze I discriminate against hats every time I put one on my head, since I don't put people on my head.
Maybe I should start putting people on my head.
put lolis in your head
Putting cute girls on my head would just waste their cuteness.
2:47 AM
not really on her head but still cute
3:12 AM
Q: What kind of sword did Assassin use?

kuwalyI'm on episode 7 of Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, where Assassin has shown up. From what I have read, his sword is a long katana, but it doesn't have a tsuba (hilt). As far as I know about katana, they can have shirasaya (mountings without tsuba), but they weren't used for battle. Was th...

3:25 AM
@LoganM :(
3:42 AM
Darn hats.
Burn all the hats
@Frosteeze Insta-star.
That doesn't sound environmentally friendly.
4:04 AM
Lifehacks beta is really amusing. I'm seriously tempted to go in and post semi-troll (but technically legitimate) answers on a bunch of questions like @Memor-X did.
@LoganM - have you read his fap answer. Really LoLed at that one :P
@romcom_god yeah it's hilarious
But I'm worried their questions could steadily go into decline after a month or three, not good.
@LoganM and someone scolded him on the comments IIRC
They have nowhere to decline to as far as I can tell. They're already covering literally everything except the few things they aren't covering (which have been decided fairly arbitrarily).
A ton of their questions have a lot of unconventional solutions which are nonetheless completely valid. For example, Question: "How do I eat an orange without getting sticky?" Answer: "Try eating the orange while you're taking a shower."
@LoganM By covering everything in life, they'd be answering most of them. Wouldn't questions be tagged as duplicates after a while? Unless there'd be drastic updates in our life problems that will constitute a need for a lifehack, (which you said, have been decided arbitrarily) wouldn't they eventually go down?
Or is my assumption incorrect?
4:12 AM
Sure, they'd eventually have duplicates, but that's not any different from any other site.
At the end of the day, if you really take their scope to be as broad as their meta suggests, they cover almost everything. Which means they will have less duplicate trouble than most other sites. In practice that doesn't seem to entirely be the case, but duplicates alone aren't a good reason to close the site.
@LoganM : Hmmnn, that's right, now that you mention it. By covering a broad scope they'd have lesser problems about duplicates. But the problem would then go from duplicates to possible overlaps of site X or site Y.
Yes, overlap is a huge problem so far
most of their questions are on topic elsewhere.
I've noticed that too,especially with questions overlapping with Personal Productivity. Parenting could also be a problem if there'll be questions related to it.
Cooking, DIY, gardening, workplace, and some other sites have also had a bunch of questions. Not sure about parenting.
4:26 AM
gtg, see ya later...
1 hour later…
5:30 AM
@LoganM Trolling there is fun.
@Yuuki Yeah perhaps too fun.
5:46 AM
Yuyuyu time
6:16 AM
Q: What is Cyua singing at the beginning of "AL℃-@"?

senshinAt the beginning of "AL℃-@" (track 09 on the Aldnoah.Zero soundtrack), before the German lyrics ("Ich reich dir meine Hand" and so forth) kick in around 0:46, the vocalist (Cyua) is singing something. Whatever it is, it's not part of the printed lyrics, and it contains the word "Aldnoah". Beyond ...

2 hours later…
8:09 AM
@LoganM Gardening's been especially a problem since apparently a couple those users jumped on Lifehacks and have been trying to ask gardening questions there.
2 hours later…
9:53 AM
Q: What is this bubble thing next to Marco's face?

ton.yeungThe white bubble thing coming out of Marco's mouth kinds of stands out. What is it?

Q: What episode and what chapter do Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 series and Fullmetal Alchemist Manga start to differ?

MerrythoughtI just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 series. I would like to read the manga now. Does anyone know at what chapter the story of FMA2003 and the story of the manga go different ways?

Q: I can't remember the name of this anime?

Moriama29I saw it in 2004/5 so must have been released way earlier. It wasn't in the normal shoujo/shonen style drawing either. All I remember is that there was a competition and the winner would inherit the forest. And people from evil compainies were buying/bribing the winners to win and give them the ...

1 hour later…
11:12 AM
wanna put a red scarf on him
11:57 AM
ma nu cup
12:51 PM
user image
this is one kind of internet content that is not working so well when the whole image can be seen as a preview
imagine what it would be like if say a picture contained the whole plot of a detective story
like you couldn't help seeing right away who the murderer is
Yeah, the resolution's adjusted to fit in a small division.
@Hakase LoL at that
spoilers ahoy
2 hours later…
2:46 PM
Kurumi <3
Date A Live Encore, shitsub is out
@ton.yeung @ʞɹɐzǝɹ So, when and where are we going to meet up?
Q: Why is Kyoko not present in Madoka Magica's official artwork?

Chris SpragueIs there a reason that Kyoko is not pictured in some of the series' more prominent artwork? As part of the story's main set of magical girls, and a character important to the plot, I would expect her to be featured with the rest of the quintet. I consider this piece to be the anime's "official...

3:04 PM
Gaworare, shit sub is out
1 hour later…
4:30 PM
@Yuuki we'll figure it out when @ton wakes up
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ 'Kay.
4:54 PM
5:16 PM
why 5 million views
who would want to hear that awful sound
and so few downvotes
5:54 PM
Younger Asuna's <3 Strike Zone
6:37 PM
@Sakamoto all kyoukos must be recognised
7:00 PM
Q: Why are they trying to pass out Sugar instead of beating her into a pulp?

hkBattousaiSugar turned a lot of people into toys. Goal of the team Usolando is to turn those toys back into human beings. In the theory, if Sugar loses consciousness, the effect of the akuma-no-mi will lift off, and the toys will turn back being their original form. So, they prepared a super hot pill, disg...

4 hours later…
11:04 PM
Q: What exacly was Tatsuya afraid that Mizuki could discover with her sensitive eyes?

MindwinWhen Tatsuya learns of Mizuki sensitive eyes, he thinks to himself that he has to take care not to let her discover something about him. Unmarked spoilers below. What was it that she could discover with her ability? Possible things: The seal Miyuki placed on his abilities (since mantaini...

Good Evening
11:23 PM
@Sakamoto Her special, special eyes.
Q: Why is it that almost every anime I watch is about School kids?

SheharyarSure, there are a few exceptions, but very few. Every anime I watch is about School kids and/or usually takes place in a school. Why is that so? Is it about the general audience, or something else? Edit: Oh yeah, also School Clubs. Schools and school clubs. Seriously. Also, I don't know what ta...

@Sakamoto because schoolgirls are moe
@Sakamoto Because target audience?
I mean, why are most animated films about kids?
Or things related to kids?
Q: Is Platy really a Platypus?

SheharyarIn the Sabagebu! episode 4, Mokarin tries to find out where Platy comes from. Everyone thinks that Platy is a platypus but they aren't able to confirm it since it doesn't do anything a platypus does. So my question, is it actually a Platypus?

11:39 PM
Target audience of most seinen anime isn't school children, but a large fraction of them still take place at school.
11:51 PM
Q: How come Mokarin's mom is so good with guns?

SheharyarIn multiple episodes of Sabagebu! you see that Mokarin's mom handles her gun exceptionally well and she's sort of badass too (Episode 7). But how come? Was she part of her own Survival Club or has she had some professional experience with guns? Was this ever revealed in the Anime or Manga? Spoil...


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