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12:02 AM
SE sends me some of the funniest email.
> Having trouble accessing Beer?
Anyway, Software Recommendations private beta started a few hours ago. They're already up to 58 questions. If anyone needs an invite I just need any email address to send it to (not necessarily your SE email).
@LoganM logged in like i always do using my google account and in my profile it has all my previous accounts and i got a association bonus however my avatar and profile information didn't carry over but it did with Relationships
@Memor-X It usually should carry over AFAIK..
BTW how did you get in. Did you commit to it?
@LoganM hai
12:20 AM
Anyway it's strange that it didn't copy the stuff from your oldest profile or network profile, but you should be able to edit that stuff.
In any case, so far only one closed question.
Not much interesting to me.
I wonder if video games count as software.
@LoganM good question, games technically count as software and Arcade would concider game recommendation lists as off topic
@Memor-X That's the idea
@LoganM is there a meta post about it yet?
@Memor-X not AFAIK
You should feel free to ask. I probably won't because I'd rather not have any sizable participation on the site.
But keep in mind the ground rules for the site:
Q: Laying some ground rules for Software Recommendations

Tim PostProposal: Software Recommendations We're going to let this site go ahead, and see what you all can do with it. While we discussed the topic, we had to take some time to identify our chief concerns with recommendation & shopping type questions. The number one problem that we agreed upon was prett...

12:37 AM
@LoganM got it to work now, just re saved my anime profile using the second save button, strange how that worked and not "Copy Area 51 profile to all Stack Exchange accounts" from area51, maybe a glitch caused by the influx of SE users at the start
12:47 AM
@LoganM Is next sentence "Ask your questions at beer.stackexchange"
@hwlau That was the subject of the email
The text starts out as:
> Are you having trouble accessing the Beer private beta you committed to? We haven't seen you around! If you can't get in, don't hesitate to contact us at area51@stackoverflow.com or visit our support and feedback site at meta.stackoverflow.com. We're here to help!
They always have such email prompting people ask questions.
it is different from most spam/ads
I'm fine with the email, I just thought the subject line was funny.
12:56 AM
user image
1:16 AM
while I said I watched tamako market because I found it was better than sakurasou I have to say it's actually not that bad overall
5 eps in and it's sort of really enjoyable
@AlexM. sakurasou?
the one with the characters I don't like
@AlexM. i know, but your original sentence was ambiguous
i wasn't sure if you were talking about tamako market or sakurasou
have you gotten to the the secret of the genius animator or what the main character wants to do with his life?
I abandoned it at the stupid PLEASE LET ME STAY HERE SOME MORE confession
that felt pathetic
@AlexM. i never watched the anime remember?
i have no idea how much of the LN they adapted
1:19 AM
and I had no idea there was a LN
we're even
the LN gets pretty philosophical later on
I am sure it does, but it has 22 eps or something, and by the looks of it... I don't think it's worth getting myself to watch it anymore
I mean the only character who actually seems to know what the hell they're doing is that playboy guy
@AlexM. lol, he's a mess actually
probably the most pathetic one of the bunch
with 22 episodes they probably covered the first one or two volumes
i would keep watching if i were you, but its up to you
but that's like seeing Rocco Siffredi talking about stuff
@ton.yeung the main char felt worse though
he's like a freaking pussy who can't do shit
@AlexM. that also changes later on
lol, i betcha you would hate accel world
1:24 AM
also he wants to become a game developer
I was like wut, cool bro
@ton.yeung is it a vn?
I remember someone mentioning it somewhere
@AlexM. Anime and Light Novel
related to Sword Art Online
!!wiki Accel World
is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by HiMA. The series began publication in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Bunko imprint from February 2009 and is licensed in North America by Yen Press. Two manga series began serialization in Dengeki Bunko Magazine from May 2010, with another series beginning serialization in Dengeki Daioh in January 2013. An anime adaptation by Sunrise aired in Japan between April and September 2012. An English-language version began streaming on Viz Media's Neon Alley service from April 2013. Two video games were released for...
@Memor-X same author is about as much relation as they have i think
the two worlds are unrelated
what bot is that, first time I see it
@ton.yeung thought the head gear used in Sword Art Online was the predecessor to the gear used in Accel World and the Research Group was using tech which sat in the middle
1:28 AM
is hoihoi-san usable by every user?
@AlexM. yes
@AlexM. yes but not all commands can be sued by every user, like undo
Lolis are the best!
@Memor-X I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Memor-X
1:29 AM
2 different messages?
!!/weather (50.95751, 131.81250)
@AlexM. Novyy Urgal: -36.3C (236.85K), sky is clear
there we go
1:30 AM
@Memor-X that seems to be correct, i stand corrected
but there really isn't any cross over between SAO and Accel World
@AlexM. Chuck Norris used to play baseball. When Babe Ruth was hailed as the better player, Chuck Norris killed him with a baseball bat to the throat. Lou Gehrig got off easy.
@ton.yeung at least not directly yet, i haven't read the light novels but i wouldn't be surprised if one of the Originators was a character from Sword Art Online or the creator of Brain Blast and the Accelerated World
there's also an OVA but i don't think that's cannon
@Memor-X i would watch a continuation of Accel world now that i suffered through it
but man.. there were some arcs where the author seemed to be obsessed with ntr
makes me queasy just thinking about it
1:33 AM
same with some parts of SAO
well I guess this would win against two sexual deviants, a pussy and a girl with undefined behavior any day
@ton.yeung only the entire second arc with Dusk Taker, like i said, it's good to see how Lime Bell was using Dusk Taker from the begining
@AlexM. say what?
undefined behavior
@Memor-X i dont' think we had this convo
1:34 AM
@ton.yeung that's with the second arc isn't it, where same ass kidnaps and imprisons Asuna and plans to marry her
either way having to experience it was not fun
@Memor-X i don't really want to talk about that either
haha sorry, I'm just bashing that anime at this point
and then the whole love quadrangle is no good either
doesn't make sense anymore anyway
@AlexM. you should check out the LN
maybe the anime is just a bad adaptation
1:36 AM
not that much into reading myself :(
anyway, I doubt the anime could have gotten things that wrong
I'm totally Ben Ark
!!user AlexM.
1:37 AM
@ton.yeung i'd only get the second collection just for completion and if a new series continued on from it having Sky Raker, Heavy use of the Imagination System and Silver Crow learning to control the Armour of Catastrophe
wow.. this is kinda bad...
1:37 AM
i wonder what happened
I discovered a bug
go fix it
I'm not hoihoi-san's master
@AlexM. you don't have to be
!!/choose "" ""
1:38 AM
just submit a pull request
@AlexM. That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
now he's lecturing me
this software is totally broken
learn more?
I've already spent like 14 years in school
and you want me to LEARN MORE?
@ton.yeung nah, too lazy
a person who ceases to learn might as well be dead
and besides
I wouldn't know where to look anyway
I'm not familiar with his codebase
1:40 AM
@AlexM. I awoke on Tue, 04 Feb 2014 01:22:01 GMT (that's about 1 day ago), got invoked 37 times, learned 2 commands
!!wiki hoihoi-san
@AlexM. No result found
HoiHoi-san, full title , is a manga by Kunihiko Tanaka that spawned a PlayStation 2 game and a ten minute OVA (sold with first printing of manga tankōbon). In the year 20XX, insects have become immune to all pesticides. To combat the rising plague of cockroaches and other household pests, the tiny, doll-like extermination androids known as "Hoihoi-san" were created. They can hunt down insects and kill them with such miniaturized weapons as minuscule machine guns and tiny combat knives. They can also (and at the same time) be treated as dolls, by dressing them up in costumes and...
!!/eval 4+6
1:41 AM
@AlexM. 10
what kind of stuff would you be able to do with eval
!!/eval document.getElementById('input').value = 'what';
does this even make sense
@AlexM. "ReferenceError: document is not defined"
!!/eval alert("");
@AlexM. "ReferenceError: alert is not defined"
!!/eval var x = 5;
1:47 AM
@AlexM. "undefined"
!!> var x=5;
@ton.yeung "undefined"
hmm.. something is wrong
that should have worked
!!/eval "var x = 5"
@AlexM. "var x = 5"
1:48 AM
I passed a string then
!!> var x=5; x + 1;
@ton.yeung 6
o i c
!!/eval x++;
@AlexM. "ReferenceError: x is not defined"
1:49 AM
so it doesn't keep track of old stuff
!!/eval var x = 5; x++; x++;
@AlexM. 6
hoihoi-san no baka
!!/eval eval('alert("")')
@AlexM. "ReferenceError: alert is not defined"
!!/eval eval('5+5')
@AlexM. 10
1:51 AM
!!/eval eval('eval('5+5')')
@AlexM. "SyntaxError: Unexpected number"
!!/eval eval("eval('5+5')")
@AlexM. 10
!!/eval eval('eval("eval('5+5')")')
@AlexM. "SyntaxError: Unexpected number"
1:52 AM
!!/eval eval(eval(5+5))
@AlexM. 10
@AlexM. umm... yea.. i think you should stop before someone gets pissed
just one more and I'll go to sleep :D
!!/eval eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(eval(‌​eval(eval(eval(eval(5+5))))))))))))))))))))
@AlexM. 10
I'm still going to try to come up with something to force kill it
... later
cya :) and thanks again for the recommendations
1:58 AM
@ton.yeung Speaking of bugs, here's an easy one to fix:
@LoganM Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
ermagawd.. i wasted my one hour trying on network issues
need to be changed to have atleast "Welcome back, my Master!"
@LoganM mind putting in an issue ticket?
I want to log how much time i spend on this bot
I'll get it fixed this week
Methinks we may not even need it, so I'm not opposed to just !!forgeting it, but I'll put in the issue anyway.
2:00 AM
@LoganM yarr.. its not like we have room rules anyway
aside from, don't abuse HoiHoi-San
@ton.yeung I think we can extend that rule to "don't abuse cute girls" without controversy.
@ton.yeung make her a Loli or Miki and i'd reckon @LoganM would punish with extreme prejudice
@Memor-X ... she is a loli
@ton.yeung i meant her avatar
@Memor-X but.. but... i like her baby blue snowflake
it matches her character very well
2:04 AM
@ton.yeung Issue submitted.
(for the welcome message)
@LoganM i got the email letting me know
@ton.yeung well i only have the wikipedia page to go by so i'll assume your correct
i would protect her from abuse and punish abusers if i had the power
BTW does !!afk even work? I tried it before but it didn't seem to do much.
at some point half the stared messages are going to be !!lolis responses
try it
2:07 AM
@Memor-X check check
maybe it needs a message
try talking to me
!!afk eating
@ton.yeung test
hmm... that's really weird.. it works in other rooms...
For some reason she doesn't seem to respond to it at all, even to confirm that the command was registered.
!!tell ton.yeung afk work
2:09 AM
@Memor-X Command afk cannot be used in /tell.
there's something wrong with users list right now too
@LoganM That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
I'm gonna reset her
2:10 AM
that is really weird ...
Could it be because we're on chat SE rather than chat SO?
!!undo *2
it worked before
2:11 AM
@LoganM help, listen, eval, coffee, refresh, forget, info, listcommands, tell, afk, awsm, ban, unban, color, convert, define, doge, domain, findcommand, github, google, hang, inhistory, jquery, learn, lolis, gj, live, die, mdn, meme, mustache, norris, nudge, parse, spec, stat, stats, summon, unsummon, timer, todo, undo, unonebox, urban, user, weather, welcome, wiki, xkcd, youtube, zalgo
I'm gonna have to crawl her code a bit
oh yeh, which room was HoiHoi​‑San first started in, i remember her not being able to find me because i wasn't in the room
2:12 AM
@HoiHoi-San you're right it seems
another bug
@Memor-X That dude sucks
It's taking my chat SE user number and looking for the corresponding SO user.
@LoganM yea, its another trivial fix
2:13 AM
@Memor-X User 96987 not found
it seems every command is trying to return a user
Lolis are the best!
except @LoganM's one
@ton.yeung Is it actually trivial? You can't lookup chat user numbers any more, you have to look them up on Anime SE or something.
2:15 AM
@Memor-X I awoke on Wed, 05 Feb 2014 02:10:06 GMT (that's about 5 minutes ago), got invoked 11 times, learned 2 commands
Actually IIRC the guys at SF use the same bot so it's probably fixed there.
Just have to copy whatever they did.
playing ff14 right now
@Memor-X Are you going to put in an issue for this one or should I?
@LoganM to be honest i don't know how so you can
2:19 AM
@Memor-X ermagawd... you don't know how to use github?
you can't call yourself an IT prof and not know how to use github
@ton.yeung oh github.....nope not really, i dont use it apart from download .zip from it
@ton.yeung i don't think i call myself that anyway
what the hell is ermagawd anyway, i've seen weird images of a girl with that text
@Memor-X its hick for oh my god
read it out load
Okay I made another issue.
@ton.yeung Actually, it seems to be more over-excited teenager with a derp face for "oh my god" rather than hick.
2:26 AM
@Yuki either works
i couldn't even pronounce it before learning what it actually was meant to be
@Yuki over-excited teenager = Justin Bieber fan, another reason why he should be imprisoned, for propagating the use of improper english
@Memor-X define proper english
not trying to combine words into a single work at least
Does @HoiHoi-San have !!define as a command?
@Yuki yes, !!define
!!define baka
2:33 AM
@Memor-X baka bow
@Memor-X Eh, I don't want to use wiktionary...
Not sure if you can one-box the define result from Google though.
Wao so much dorama on MSO right now:
Q: In response to the "lets be nicer to new users" / "people in general" threads

AlienArraysThe following question was asked 9 minutes ago at the time of the screen shot. It has had 28 views. I'm the only person that's down-voted the question as of this time. I am only the second person to vote to close the question. Here are the comments Questions like these should have at le...

@Yuki well unless you code up a new command that's what she'll use
"If a deer gets struck by a car because it froze in front of headlights, its son/daughter (watching on) is unlikely to make the same mistake. This is how communities and societies evolve. Simple fact." falls of chair from hysterical laughter
@Memor-X Please tell me Ken Ham said that...
@Yuki Lightness Races in Orbit
son/daughter get struck by car because it froze see it's parent get struck
that was harder to type with one hand and laughing
2:43 AM
I don't actually see what is funny about that quote.
@LoganM its just how it plays out in my mind
3:02 AM
Is anyone here familiar with Copy? I've never heard of it, but apparently they have 15 GB starting space and allow "fair sharing" so that e.g. 3 users sharing a folder could have up to 45 GB in it. If it works and is stable, it seems like it would work as a way to host the images for the bot to post.
@LoganM never heard f it
@ton.yeung I literally just saw it on the software rec site. Never heard of it before today.
many upvotes?
@LoganM i thought that's where i saw it from
3:14 AM
@ton.yeung It's at 2, which is the highest, but so are 4 other answers.
this week's hamatora... ._.
3:26 AM
It doesn't seem like Copy would work after all. Unlike Dropbox, it seems I can't actually access an image directly or hotlink to it, just view it or download it. If I try to share it, the share link isn't to the image but to a download page.
3:43 AM
Now that I think about it though, Google Drive is probably sufficient for that. I suspect our average image size will never be much bigger than 1 MB, in which case it would take over a year to fill up the drive even at 48 posts per day (which is way more than we'll actually have).
3:58 AM
I have 25gb from that SkyDrive promotion... need to do something with it
awww.. this week's tokyo ravens was awesome, but the ending was a bit sad... that was such an obvious death flag
neither can skydrive
time for sleep
4:36 AM
@LoganM awww, that's cute
@Memor-X I've got thousands more where that came from.
(not even exaggerating)
@LoganM well you don't have a public directory or .zip file i could just download so i'll have to take your work on that
@Memor-X Right now I'm still acquiring them. Once I get all the ones I want (and prune out the ones I don't) I'll probably find some way to share it or something.
4:53 AM
5:26 AM
5:51 AM
Looks like software recommendations is going to beat us in terms of # of day 1 questions. They're at 99 right now less than 12 hours in, while we only had 100 for the first 24 hours.
@LoganM but isn't that an average?
@Memor-X No, I'm talking about the number of questions in the first day of private beta.
@LoganM Dang it.
@Memor-X I see you made a meta post about game reqs rather than asking one.
@LoganM oh, wouldn't be all that surprising considering that recommendation normally get closed
5:56 AM
@Memor-X I'm not surprised, just a bit upset. Since our private beta no other site that I remember had as many day 1 questions.
If the site gets closed during private beta then I'll still be able to claim essentially the same thing, but it's not clear whether it will be or not.
@LoganM thought i'd clear that up first, i'd probably just ask for Space faring games which rpg aspects and allows me to customize my crew from scratch, realistic militarily shooters i can deal with Flashpoint Rising Dragon at the moment, will need to pirate that game since i can't find out where the hell i put it, the moment i want to play it the disk is gone and i don't want to be playing it on the 360
@Memor-X Gilles' answer seems like it isn't going to be allowed.
@LoganM it might still get closed, it has to keep some of the momentum over time
@Memor-X That's one aspect, but the bigger one is proving to the CMs that the content on the site is actually useful and better than the alternatives.
@LoganM seems like it, though he's just one answer and it is a discussion, i'll wait a bit so wee what other people's opinions are cause there may be some rules placed in affect for game recommendation like how Arcade has special rules for ID Requests (have to have a screen shot) which differ from us
6:07 AM
WRT the game thing. It's a bit of a slippery slope IMO. What counts as a game? Is a Rubik's cube simulator a game? Or the tech demo of some physics engine? Or a cooperative online text editor (could be used as an MMO somethingorother)? To be honest, I regularly use pretty heavy-duty data analysis software basically as a game, but it's definitely not billed as such, and I have used games for the practical purpose of stress testing machines.
Q: What is the mission and vision of Honnouji Academy?

KakashiAs per the title suggest,I want to understand the mission and vision of Honnouji Academy. Can anyone please elaborate on that? I know what Honnouji Academy is.I want to understand the mission and vision only.

The claim that it requires different expertise, while correct, is irrelevant. I could ask a technical but practically oriented question about software for physics research, and that would also require very different expertise from most everyday software to be able to answer. Unless he's going to say that the only things that should be allowed are practical everyday things that most people would use, there's no justification for excluding this latter category.
But tbh I'm not really rooting for the site to succeed (it's not a direction I think SE should go in), so I don't really want to be a part of the conversation there.
So if that's the consensus among the people who are there, then w/e.
Interestingly, ignoring this, someone posted a game-rec:
Q: Two-persons keyboard-only racing game for Ubuntu

Nicolas RaoulI am looking for a racing game (Tuxracer-like/MarioKart-like/cars/bikes/boats/planes/anything) that is available for Ubuntu Linux, for 2 (or more) simultaneous players. I don't have any joystick or mouse or anything, I just have one keyboard. So the game has to be controlled by both players usin...

3 hours later…
8:53 AM
9:49 AM
@Krazer Oh awesome! A new anisong list by Krazer-dono!
10:17 AM
Q: Karin's technique similar to Kushina

Nara ShikamaruWarning: this may contain spoilers if you don't read manga. Please see Image for reference:

1 hour later…
11:29 AM
Q: How much of the Berserk storyline do the anime and OVA cover?

Omar KoohejiI watched Berserk years ago and I'm thinking of introducing someone else to it, but I'm told that the OVAs do the original manga more justice. I've not seen the OVAs just the anime series, how much of the same ground do they cover? If I remember correctly the original anime series just cut off w...

11:40 AM
@LoganM I think @ton.yeung used it before and it worked
It worked when Krazer messaged him, but minutes later when I messaged him it did not work
12:05 PM
Q: Are there any anime suggestion engines?

Omar KoohejiI've in the past used apps that have suggested films, books, or music to me based be providing a set of items that I've enjoyed. Is there anything like that for anime? Basically I'm looking for something that I can input that I like anime X, Y and Z and for it to suggest that I might like anime ...

3 hours later…
2:39 PM
@JNat might be some kind of delay, thanks for the heads up
@ton.yeung np
3:01 PM
Q: Are the final fantasy mangas spinoffs or retellings?

Toshinou KyoukoI have played several of the Final Fantasy games and know that many of them have manga counterparts. Having finished the games, I wouldn't overly want to read a retelling of the story I spent hours grinding through. However, If they are spin off stories I would be interested in reading them as I...

1 hour later…
4:10 PM
@Krazer Good stuff
4:26 PM
@Krazer lol
anime needs more girls in bikinis
wait... was utsutsu in a bikini or lingerie
@ton.yeung bikini
@LoganM hmmm.. my gf has some lingerie that looks like that though...
I know that Hajime called it a swimsuit in ep 1.
@LoganM oh i see
i should have know better than to doubt you ;D
4:40 PM
@Krazer lol.. good ole bill
@Krazer holy shit! his complete series is like $350
@Krazer That debate was excelsior.
@Krazer so pretty.. such stern...
@Krazer this song always makes me sad
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