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9:05 PM
@MadaraUchiha Unrelated to Pokemon, but to your name, I just found another reason to dislike Naruto completely.
What's that? :P
Apparently, that Hiraishin thing was invented by the Second Hokage.
@Jin Hey
That's right
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9:07 PM
So much for the "new generation surpassing the last" bull they were trying to push early in the series.
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RWBY is glorious..
@Yuki well, yeah, that much was realized much earlier actually :P
@MadaraUchiha I know, but he's making it worse and worse.
9:09 PM
Future generations are better than previous?
Madara wiped the floor with the 5 kages
And they're supposed to be the top of the generation.
Regardless of his regenerative zombie status, they couldn't even touch him unless he wanted to.
The Sage of Six Paths, which was the first generation, was a literal God
I want to stop reading this series, but it's like watching a building being demolished.
@Yuki in sloooooooow motion
I really wish SnK would be released more often
Or at the very least have longer chapters
Also... in an Anime/Manga chat room? Time to post random images.
@Yuki umm.. read the description. That's my job.
9:13 PM
Q: What should our site design look like?

MochanKeeping with the little note about "The Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta", I thought I'd open the discussion about the graphical interface of our lovely anime/manga site! So, I suppose anyone with suggestions should post them on up! I'm sure the whole community would love to see all ...

it's time we talk about that
Oooooo Heya @Jin Nice to see you here :
@MadaraUchiha hai
@Krazer what happened to the digging?
Let's see
@LoganM @Mysticial @JNat @JonLin @Eric @Krazer everyone here?
@Krazer Awesome!
9:15 PM
Not sure if it's been posted here yet, but IE has a new mascot:
Seems like no
@Jin could we schedule a chat meeting?
@MadaraUchiha I think it's better just to post ideas in that meta post for now
I think a realtime chat thing is more appropriate when discussing design.
That works too though
I'll tidy it up and put it up as .
my initial idea: obviously the site should feature handdrawn anime-ish drawings, but the challenge is we can't really use any well known characters since they're copy righted.
9:17 PM
I do like the idea of having an anime.se mascot. so we can use that for future promotional work for the site
@Yuki that's the like the third time its been posted here
still wierds me out when she transforms
Alright, we'll see if we have a member with drawing skills willing to donate us a mascot character @Jin :)
@MadaraUchiha why not just ask jin?
I was waiting for someone to say that :P
i can't even remember the number of circles I had to draw for my intro to GD class
9:20 PM
Whaddaya say @Jin?
(I need to go for about 20 mins right now, hope you'll still be here, if not, we'll do our best regardless :P)
@MadaraUchiha I can't draw :(
our past attempts at Sakamoto the firebreathing walrus:
Jun 9 at 5:37, by Krazer
user image
@Jin Hrrm.. if I am following this right. Graduation-wise. Looking ok right?
I'll most likely commission a great anime art, once we finalize our ideas.
@iKlsR yes :)
@Krazer As @LoganM would say. Needs more moe.
9:22 PM
I could ask my sister to draw something.
@Jin your icon needs more gestalt
@Jin Sweet. :) Anything official on meta, can't see anything.
I did the same thing for the RPG site. I commissioned an artist for the header image once I had an idea of what I wanted.
She's pretty good at anime-esque designs.
@iKlsR I normally don't make the meta post once I have a design ready to show.
9:22 PM
@Jin we have a rocket propelled grenade site?
@ton.yeung yes
@Jin LIEEEES! that's a role playing game site
@ton.yeung you can RP as a solider...
a solider who shoots RPGs
Hrmm.. Since we are tossing ideas around, I like Arqade's spaceship thingy. We should have something like that.. a windmill.. dunno?
9:24 PM
i thinks this girl is really good: inma.deviantart.com/gallery
has a range of anime art styles
@Jin needs to be loli
or @LoganM will have a cow
XD lmao.
I wis thinking of making the page in the stile of a tankoubon with each section as panels
the chibis might count.. i don't actually know if he counts chibi
Yes, if @LoganM doesn't approve. It can't go up.
9:26 PM
I also would like the main site to be fully rendered in color, and the meta.anime would be pencil outlined version.
like the rpg site
@Krazer Would love a mascot that we could have as a chibi for the icon.
@Jin damn that's bad ass
I should do that for my backend admin pages
btw I joined rpg.se just to see it
was worth it
@ton.yeung I just clicked on a user and went to their meta page..
9:30 PM
@MadaraUchiha wut?
@ton.yeung I like your last name. it's the best
@Jin are you a yeung too?
yes. well, i spell it "yang"
@Jin ohh right, @Krazer had this clan tree thing, our ancestor got this name waaaay back
@Jin I wish I knew how to spell my name correctly the tew chow way
i think this one girl I know is might know how its pronounced
@Krazer you got any idea?
@ton.yeung your name or her name?
9:35 PM
@Krazer Yes.
I just text her to see if she know
but I figured I should ask you too
@ton.yeung send me the characters in your name?
I think we should be kinda careful with any characters we draw that may be very very very similar to known characters, not so much because of copyright and whatnot, but rather because I think it always looks lame to have characters that "are supposed to be" recognizable characters. Always looks kinda fake to me.
@Krazer just the last name is fine
9:37 PM
@iKlsR Actually I was the one who suggested a fire-breathing walrus named Sakamoto.
@ton.yeung Google Translate has a handwrite option now. You could probably use it to get the pronounciation.
@ton.yeung Yáng for poplar
Then again, considering the room, that's probably been done to death.
@MadaraUchiha No we're not here.
anyways, i'm off to do some work. meanwhile, please post your ideas to that meta thread.
9:39 PM
a few things to consider:
Does this mean that we're graduating?
@Mysticial Looks like it!
for the logo, it needs to be simple and clear, something we can use for site icon etc
Dammit. I don't have 10k yet.
9:39 PM
@Yuki @Krazer no... the tew chow pronounciation
楊 孝 宗
@Mysticial yes
I already know how to pronounce it in mandarin and canto
@Jin I actually think the logo @Krazer did was pretty good
@JNat which one?
@Jin Wait a sec
9:40 PM
@ton.yeung Yang Xiaozong
A: What should our "unofficial" community name and logo or mascot be?

KrazerHere is my proposal for the community logo. I did it in the style of the Japanese mon (family emblems): This typographic logo uses the stylized kanji for 画:

@Krazer right.. that's the mandarin version - I want the tew chow one
@JNat that is really good!
@Krazer I'll use that if you don't mind and credit you for it. i may make minor tweaks to it
i like it too
liked on facebook
for example, the outer circle is evenly divided horizontally, i feel the bottom part should be higher.
it'd look closer to 画
9:43 PM
@Jin True
but i really like the overall aesthetics of it, reminds me of Mon
@ton.yeung You can also like our page :P
we have a page?
@Jin I had other was I'd like to improve the ascetics into more of on Mon feel
is it just me or did this guy just rip off linkin parks song? youtube.com/watch?v=lB2P95mATns#
9:46 PM
I can't find my unicorn mascot concept
nm here it is:
@Krazer lol
@Krazer err... that looks familiar...
btw, what's a good anime series to watch on netflix right now?
i've watched most of the good ones i think. Apple TV's Netflix client's search feature is rather bad
@Jin What hanve you watch and what do you like?
@Jin i think @Memor-X would be better to ask
9:49 PM
the art styles i like are: Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bepop, Afro Samurai, Vagabond etc.
he's the only one I know that gets his for consumption anime from official channels
@Jin You can stream Gundam Build Fighters on YT
more realistic type, not kawaii ones
@Jin you want completed series?
@Krazer i've watched all the gundam series :) I'm the biggest gundam fan
I prefer series.
yeah i prefer completed ones
9:50 PM
@Jin Vagabond is the best
I'm not sure if you will find these, but I liked un-go
especially one of the ost tracks
and what was the name of that one detective anime where if a person has a "cloudy" aura they would go to jail...
I wish they kept up with Claymore anime.. and Gantz
@ton.yeung Cuticle Detective Inaba?
9:53 PM
those are the only 2 mangas i'm reading now
@Jin And yet you didn't ask/answer questions :(
Or did you? :P
@MadaraUchiha there are only 4 gundam questions on the site?
@Krazer no, psycho pass
@Jin And yet you didn't ask / answer questions :(
because i know all about gundams!
actually I'm more of a fan of gundam models than the series
9:55 PM
@Jin gundam 00 was the only series I ever completed
@Jin How do you use Mr. Mark Softer and Mr. Mark Setter?
@ton.yeung i tell most people new to gundam to watch the 8th mobile team first. it's short and the story is really good
@Krazer what?
@Jin I have a Zeta Gundam I won from Daisuki's launch campaign
@JNat master grade?
the one i have,(seen in my blog post) is the older MG. they released a new Master Grade
9:56 PM
@Jin What's that?
@Jin for decals
oh Mr. Mark Softer
i never used it really.
most of the modern decals are much higher quality than before, I don't see the need for it anymore
plus you put Mr. Topcoat over the decals after you're done
I'm a HUGE fan of this guy: youtube.com/user/vegeta8259/videos
@Jin ppl mention it's useful for non-flat surfaces
I love his WIP and Review videos of the kits.
9:59 PM
@Krazer hm that's true. I suppose you just drip the decals in the solution for a bit
@Jin How do we progress from here?
I'm a fan of this guy - youtube.com/watch?v=VAOBnDWN8Y4
I'll tidy up the "How should our site design look like?" and feature it.
@Jin nevermind, my box says Real Grade
@MadaraUchiha well, you just keep practicing until your Gundam modeling skill is so wow.
10:00 PM
@Jin I can cast you into a world of dreams where your Gundam modeling skills are the best.
@Krazer do you think gundam build fighters is a nod to people who build gundam models or is it just a marketing attempt?
or both?
@MadaraUchiha I wish. I have so many kits I bought over the years. I'll never be able to finish them.
@Jin Just relax, have a deep breath, and look into my eyes.
I still have 4-5 perfect grades that I don't dare to build yet, because my skills isn't as good as I want
@MadaraUchiha which eye?
@Jin Doesn't matter, I already got you :)
@Krazer, @JNat you have company.
10:03 PM
@MadaraUchiha are you hitting on me?
@MadaraUchiha Wait... what?
I am under your genjutsu too?
@JNat Did you ever think you weren't?
@Jin Red Frame Astray? Strike Freedom?
@MadaraUchiha Why? I would willingly follow you. No need for genjutsu here
@Krazer Zeta, Mk2, Wing, Strike, Red Frame
10:07 PM
@JNat Loyalty must be guaranteed, not willed!
@Krazer I guarantee it
@JNat No, I guarantee it.
What did I miss?
@MadaraUchiha I see what you did there
@Mysticial Rambling
Alright, let's had on to that meta post
10:10 PM
Dammit. NOOOOOOOOOO Don't graduate yet!!! MUST GET TO 10K FIRST!!!!
@Mysticial Better hurry :P
@Mysticial Lol, we believe in you
oh, are we graduating soon?
We are
@ton.yeung Thus the conversation about our design
10:11 PM
@JNat nice
@Jin Astray Red Frame, totally worth it:
@ton.yeung inorite
@Krazer that's a big sword
I wish there way a way to like transfer some of my SO rep over to Anime.SE.
10:13 PM
@Mysticial there is, but it involves lots of collusion
@Mysticial Find someone willing to trade
(not technically legal, but you probably wouldn't get caught)
@LoganM Probably wouldn't get caught? I beg the differ.
@Krazer yeah. I have the MG version as well. I love it.
@MadaraUchiha Depends on how much it happens. If it's a one-time thing it would be hard to catch.
my fav gundam is probably Gundam Ex-s Booster unit
10:15 PM
Rep Laundaring. :D
one day... i shall have that.
@Jin That's a really small kid.
@Jin wow
@Mysticial and lol
maybe one day, I shall drop $2000 for that kit, but not today...
10:19 PM
@Jin that's huge! is it on the pole because it can't support its own weight?
@MadaraUchiha I don't know if everyone here will get the "6-8 weeks" joke.
@ton.yeung yeah it's pretty much a brick kit, just like the master grade version.
@Jin me no understand brick kit
@LoganM Better? :)
@ton.yeung means a big heavy kit with very little posablity
10:20 PM
I'm a software guy, havent really done any hardware stuff until about a week ago
like the full armor unicorn gundam MG kit
one of these days, they'll move
on their own
@ton.yeung On that day, I'll stop them all.
@MadaraUchiha why? it'll be bad ass
@MadaraUchiha Oh nice, MetaSO already has the new multicollider.
Hadn't seen it yet
10:22 PM
Me neither, really? :o
@ton.yeung Imagine me inside of one of them suits :P
It was done very recently, unless I'm mistaken
I had been there earlier today and it still was using the old one
@MadaraUchiha what, you got tired of susanoo?
@JNat They switched to the new one around the same time the podcast aired.
@ton.yeung No one said I wouldn't be using it as well :P
@LoganM I see
But it's only on Meta
SO still has the old one
10:25 PM
They always use meta as a pilot before adding it to the rest of the site
Still sort of buggy. The dropdown only has some of the sites listed (not us yet). That could just be cached. There's also no main site link and no chat link.
@LoganM There is
It's in the drop down
I hope we graduate around the same time as the new SE. It will be like a new experience.
10:27 PM
@LoganM We're the third or fourth from the top
wait.. WTF
Android Gundam:
@MadaraUchiha okay found it
10:28 PM
@LoganM Also, the chat link is in the dropdown menu
@JNat It's listed in the "all sites" list but it's not on my personal list of sites.
new meta.. I thought that wasn't due until about 6 - 8 weeks.
ugh.. I feel sick.
@LoganM Right, same here
@iKlsR was it something you ate?
my meta.so looks broken. only seeing my avatar.
10:29 PM
@Krazer I'm guessing @iKlsR does not like the new design
header is too dark..
@iKlsR There are a bunch of sites which have been planned to graduate for a while, and I'd assume we're behind them on the list. I know Salesforce and Graphic Design, and there might be others too.
No, it just became black for you.. on meta.so
@LoganM Yh. I know. Didn't think we'd be so soon.
I guess the new policy is in effect!
ugh.. my icon does not look good on a brown background
No more Math.SE in multicollider. Fuck yes!
10:32 PM
@iKlsR I'm honestly not sure we're ready to graduate, but OTOH the only possible negative change is that rep levels increase. If that's it that just means it'll be a bit more work for a while for those of us with >3k.
I do think we're still fairly low in terms of overall users, and our answer stats could use some work.
@LoganM I think the new design that'll come along with graduating may be good in terms of attracting new users
But graduating will probably help, or at least not hurt those
@JNat yeah I agree
@LoganM And new users will probably help the other stats
@iKlsR the logo needs to be bigger
I feel good. No more math.se.. it's a good day.
10:36 PM
@JNat I think the badges should be lollipops so we can make jokes about collecting lolis
@Krazer Ah, nice
@iKlsR IIRC they're planning on putting the hot questions list on the sidebar somewhere.
@Krazer lol, I'm vetoing that one.
@Krazer I have two gold lolis
Actually, I wanted 金 for gold
銀 for silver
But there's no single kanji for bronze :P
Unless there is and I'm not aware of it
10:39 PM
@MadaraUchiha 銅
That works
Though not exactly the same as bronze :P
(Copper != Bronze)
@Krazer I bet @LoganM would second this
@MadaraUchiha 銅 is what they use for bronze medals in Japan.
@JNat yeah but already vetoed
@LoganM veto can be overridden with enough votes
@Krazer Okay count mine towards that.
Also, just realized I need almost 9k more rep if we're graduating or else I'll lose privileges. Looks like I have some work to do.
10:47 PM
If we could commision a piece I wonder who we can ask
@ton.yeung why?
@Memor-X cuz you watch completed series too
Alright folks
I'm off to bed
Come up with ideas dammit! And post them on that meta post
Nightz :P
@ton.yeung how familiar?
@MadaraUchiha o/
@Krazer looks like this one cartoon (like newspaper cartoon) dog
along the lines of snoopy i think
10:56 PM
@ton.yeung i've no idea of the selection on Netflix but i'll suggest some
Ouran High School Host Club, Clannad, Black Butler, School Rumble, xxxHolic, Ga Rei Zero, Soul Eater, Full Metal Panic, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Chobits, Baka and Test, Samurai Champloo, D.Gray-man, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Fruits Basket, Death Note, Sgt. Frog ... the list goes on~

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