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2:01 AM
Q: Why did Kaworu put on the DSS Choker?

StevoisiakIn Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, Shinji is forced to wear a DSS Choker. He's told the collar will kill him if he tries to pilot an Eva. Kaworu is able to remove the collar, only for him to then put the collar on himself. Later near the end of the movie: Why did Kaworu put on the collar aft...

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3:32 AM
Q: Why did Longinus and Cassius change form?

StevoisiakIn Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, Kaworu and Shinji go to retrieve the spears of Longinus and Cassius to try and reset the world. However, Kaworu notices the spears have changed form and are now identical to each other. Kaworu: Wait a minute. Something's not right. Shinji: What is it, Kawo...

4 hours later…
7:45 AM
Been noticing how lately Amazon has been trying to sell more used manga.
How about a "no, thanks, you are already pretty good at damaging new ones with poor packaging?"
2 hours later…
9:44 AM
May 16 at 8:58, by SPArcheon
... does anyone remember a series of Japanese commercials that had a anime style hero fighting foods to make dishes?
still looking, cant remember the source.
2 hours later…
11:27 AM
Haven't seen an anime as bad as unnamed memory for a long time. what a waste of a very good ed song.
11:40 AM
It seems the studio behind it, ENGI, is notorious for making crappy anime. I will avoid it in the future like a plague
12:29 PM
@Gao try "Future Card Buddyfight"
1 hour later…
1:45 PM
@SPArcheon Kinda reminds me how some companies in the PC market are selling 2nd hand parts as new... which IMO should be illegal
@Peilonrayz no, well, they disclose that the manga is uses.
I just don't get WHO would want an used manga.
@Gao I was watching Unnamed Memory with my friend, along with a couple others, and got super bored of watching and zone out... Kinda a shame since the premise seemed alright.
Thanks for the info about the studio... now I need to look into adding notes about studios to my custom anime website ;_;
@SPArcheon Ok :)
.... found a Pony model variant that can produce pictures that have a nendoroid like chibi style
@SPArcheon maybe the manga is out of print or much cheaper if second-hand?
@Gao possible, still... would you really buy it?
1:54 PM
@SPArcheon usually no, but manga cafe might be interested
@Gao I doubt those buy retail from Amazon.
@SPArcheon lol 3 recommended vs 1 not recommend on mal, and this review is gold:
Also, it was nothing like the legendary "Tale of Electric Mouse Pikachu"
> This isn't the bottom of the barrel. We're through the barrel and plunging into cavernous depths previously unknown to man. This is garbage.
@Gao clearly never saw this one....
1:58 PM
@Peilonrayz yea the premise and vibes seem decent. now i am just trudging along to get a good laugh now and then because it is so bad it's good
^ THIS is the worse anime in history. It is on a whole different level.
hard to imagine. it looks mediocre but not the worst
@Gao you asked for it...
now i gotta check what people say about it. i don't remember it being that bad from word of mouth
2:00 PM
just that it's got no connection to final fantasy the game
This, my good friend, is a Chocobo.
@Gao wish that was true.
i am ok with a featherless bird
but you mentioned chocobo lmao
it's a disgrace to the series
even worse than the new moogle design lol
@Gao soo... In the last seasons of MLP, after Twilight gets a new castle, because of some background story I won't bore you with, they get some sort of "map" that warns them of troubles in the land. When this happen, the cutie marks of the characters best suited to fix the problem sparkle.
Since the cutie mark are on the pony flank, you can probably figure all the poor jokes made about this.
Now, figure a Final Fantasy anime doing the same with the main character because she merged with one of the four element crystals.
@SPArcheon or was that final fantasy unlimited? i've got these two mixed up
And figure having a LADY DORONJO expy as the foe
@Gao also, let me point out that it IS tied to the games. It is intended as an OFFICIAL sequel to FF 5. The girl is Bartz daughter / nephew (can't remember how much time passed in between)
2:13 PM
ok i'm too young for that. my first final fantasy is ff8
@Gao yeah. That is well after the "the games are not connected in any way"
5 hours later…
7:07 PM
Q: Fantasy manga, Not an Isekai (I think), about world of magic and monsters about a little boy who excels at magic

Lovell Padden MaychrzakI am looking for a title about a little boy who was recently born and has an in-depth affinity for mysticism. In the first couple of chapters, we see him emulate the magic of a couple of individuals (his older sister, for one) and simulate it nearly perfectly. In a RAW chapter, he's then seen rep...

3 hours later…
9:41 PM
Q: Why did this character need to sacrifice themself to stop the Third Impact?

StevoisiakIn Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, Kensuke tells Shinji that Mr. Kaji died stopping the Third Impact. [Shinji] Um, what happened to Mr. Kaji? [Kensuke] He died. Someone had to sacrifice themselves in order to stop the Near Third Impact. Mr. Kaji decided he'd be the one. Ms. Misato let hi...

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11:55 PM
Q: Where do animes get ambient sounds?

PabloThere is an ambient sound that I've heard a lot of times in many different animes. I've never paid attention to which production companies did those animes, but every time I hear that ambient sound in another anime, I wonder if there is like a huge repository of ambient sounds for anime productio...


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