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3:59 AM
Q: Ending a sentence with っていう

BlakeI read in a grammar guide that "っていう can be used at the end of a sentence in casual language when making a point about something, especially when saying that a result is different from what you'd expect." An example they give is だから「ありがとう」って言うと怒られちゃうっていう。 (So he gets angry at me when I say "Th...

7 hours later…
10:46 AM
This is almost ascreepy as the Monica nendoroid.
2 hours later…
12:37 PM
That Frieren face keeps popping up everywhere.
also no, @Memor-X, it is not what you hope.
and since when has that stopped me lol
1 hour later…
1:58 PM
@Memor-X you can commission someone to give you avatar that face and then use it on april fool
3 hours later…
4:31 PM
Q: is lady tsunade sick in boruto series?

KQ nionIs tsunade sick? I just noticed that her breast size is reduced? First Image is from Naruto Shippuden series. She had 106 cm or 41 inch breast size However, Currently I am watching boruto series and she's flat as cardboard! why? Did I missed something? was there any story behind this? second pict...

6 hours later…
10:16 PM
Q: Chimera ant Arc

Art3misWhy is it that the queens elite royal guard members were born with immense nen but all of the lower ranking chimera ants had to get hit by a nen user to get the ability? Especially because the queen herself doesn't have nen.


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