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12:45 AM
Q: Why is DragonballGT not canon?

HenkyoI've heard DragonballGT is not Canon, even though it was aired on TV years ago. Why isn't it canon?

2 hours later…
2:59 AM
@Gao looks like it's the same as from the official X (past: Twitter) post, only in lower quality
3:24 AM
the asymmetry of the braids is also kinda strange but could be deliberate strangeness
Yeah, I guess even if it's used in the official art, doesn't mean it can't be AI-generated though? :)
2 hours later…
5:52 AM
Q: Ending a sentence with にな

BlakeDoes it mean anything when a sentence ends with にな? I've come across this several times, and have listed some examples below. It seems like the first one could be an abbreviation of になった, but I'm not sure. ああ ツイてねえことにな ヤツは扉を塞いだ 馬が通れない程度にな まるで 最初からいなかったみたいにな 生活のために 金品を借りて回ってたときにな

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7:20 AM
@Peilonrayz there aren't many official arts of her as far as i know (since she is a minor side character)
this is another official art of her: img.nga.178.com/attachments/mon_202108/09/…
^image is webp which i can't upload without a convert
this is the AI fanart i first saw and started a discussion on discord:
@AndrewT. lol "maintenance", the thing they like to do every once in a while without fail
and if you look at that first image, it's as though her left arm isn't wearing through the sleeves of her clothes
@AndrewT. that's my thought exactly, but i wouldn't be surprised since gaming companies are hiring "AI prompt engineers" to pump out some quick assets for games. the initial version could really be created by AI, as the later versions like the one in the link look more polished by a human
8:07 AM
@Peilonrayz (portrait, Twilight Sparkle wearing Shantae clothes)
8:20 AM
@Gao Apparently recently some fanmade projects are moving past the "text only" roleplay chatbot interfaces like the various Tavern AI and such and trying to create "AI visual novels" that merge chatbots + custom background and message sentiment "detection" to visualize an "emotion picture" of the character.
Others are trying to incorporate things like VTuber models and chatbot - just imagine a chatbot powered Kizuna AI that tries to move according to what she says.
All the limitation of chatbots are there, but some are trying to fight the biggest problems with ... quite creative approach (I think some are trying to go in the direction of "Self modifying Bot prompts - the bot adds notices about relevant info to the prompt that can outlive the usual chat context ).
Probably will still be uncanny but...
Perhaps we are getting closer to the day we will be able to play "Just Monica" as an infinite AI game (because let's be honest, in that case being uncanny would be an actual benefit)
@Gao so... took this picture.
and feed it to various "AI detector" samples online.
Some swear it is AI, some swear it is human,
I have tried some of the previous AI gen images I posted and I got mixed results too (many tools claim the Froppy image is real)
I would call the automated tools inconclusive.
So, I will focus on my eyes only.
Other pointed out some oddities like the braid and such.
I will point out some more.
First, the art style is indeed similar to some AI models but that is not a real clue since the models copy actual art styles in the first place.
Yet some details seem quite off.
- The gray "light reflection" on the hair... I saw that on many older anime model. I am not sure an actual artist would use those colors, they just feel "off". Could be deliberate, but it really looks like a defect of some older model.
- the hair seems a little suspicious, I have seen many models produce that "random single hair strings on the edges" effect. Again, could be deliberate.
- the bow-tie is probably the oddest part. Where does it start??? Are you telling me she is just wearing a tie folded in her dress?? The single yellow line also stands out but the placements is still the oddest thing.
- the arms feel a little off, but that is probably due to the jacket she wears over the shoulder.
I can't really say, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was an AI base that some human artist then cleaned up.
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10:10 AM
2 hours later…
11:50 AM
@SPArcheon i've seen some anime characters with asymmetric braids, so this doesn't strike me as odd
@SPArcheon didn't even notice the two yellow lines on the bow-ties
@SPArcheon upon closer inspection, i don't think the jacket is over her shoulder, just extra spacious for her slender arms
4 hours later…
4:16 PM
@Gao She seems to be the most inconsistent character I've ever seen. You can probably find tens of differences between two official images of the character. I'm no AI pro, but one looks hand drawn and the other looks like a 3d model.
But then again a side character's 3d model probably wouldn't be worth investing much into
@SPArcheon The design is really weird. I'm not familiar enough with gatcha games to know how distinct a character has to be to not become a legal problem. But most military gatcha game characters look weird to me.
So you know my opinions are not professional in any sense of the word :)
@Peilonrayz "how distinct a character has to be to not become a legal problem" you say?
I think "not at all".
This being the game made by the same guy that said this in the past
@Peilonrayz not convinced?
want to talk about Atlantis?
4:37 PM
I'm up-to-date on the PalWorld drama. However you've not shown the Pokemon ripping off other games image. However, I don't think posting a bunch of characters which don't directly create profit is equal to games which sell characters for profit.
1 hour later…
5:39 PM
@Peilonrayz I don't get the last part. Weren't you talking about games copying each other?
No gatcha games.
1 hour later…
7:00 PM
Q: Manwha where the firstborn has scales on her face. Is ignored in favour of her younger prettier sister

dfghijoI sae this manwha(?) on a advert on Instagram. It showed a the female main character, the oldest daughter, who was was born with scales on her face. I think she had black or brown hair I'm not sure. Afterwards her mother gave birth to her sister and now her mother completely ignores the oldest an...


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