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12:13 AM
@SPArcheon what are the defects of AI art?
@SPArcheon Damn looks pretty good
@SPArcheon Nice, the chibis you get are pretty neat
@Gao To me the characters look glossy by default, the perspective seems a bit off (but I wouldn't be surprised if anime is the same) and the backgrounds are all very similar. Probably some more issues, but fingers seem fixed.
12:43 AM
@Peilonrayz does that happen to all models though? i treat it as being a single artist with a single style
1:16 AM
Q: A manga boys love

Micah SableI’m looking for a manga that was about a priest who saved a man from suicide because he was charged of murder and told him he was the one who framed him and then I think raped him and then it goes through this lore of how his dad raped him. I know the cover is some guy with white hair about to ge...

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3:31 AM
Q: Is ツリ目 (slant-eyes) considered offensive at all to native Japanese, or are they basically fine with it?

chausiesIn Koi wa Ameagari no You ni EP08, a guy in a conversation is trying to reference a girl, and says "前はよく一緒にいたろう。ツリ目の" (You were with them often before. The one with the slant-eyes), further making a gesture. In America, many might find this highly offensive. But nothing seems off in the anime. J...

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4:43 AM
@Gao I can probably never say an issue affects all models. A year ago I used 5 or so anime models and you can see SPArcheon's above have the same problems. If I started playing with SD again I could probably tell you more.
4 hours later…
9:07 AM
@Peilonrayz Background... not really, it is just me trying to avoid complex things that would cause nonsense mess. I could try to get "Pinkie Pie eating a muffin in a candy shop / bakery" but that would mean that most of the time the background would become a mess.
@Peilonrayz the glossy... depends mostly on the model AND the vae used. This model would produce a washed out color when used alone, yet those pictures where generated adding a vae that ends up with brighter colors.
@Gao Really depends on the model. Here I mostly meant things like bad eyes (you know how anime girls always have light reflections in their eyes? Most model struggle a lot and will go overboard with too much light), bad hands and the obvious result of gan generation - irregularities and so on
15 hours ago, by SPArcheon
user image
this is kinda good because the face is quite well defined, the hair is right, the closed hand is decent enough and the dress is similar to her Wano kimono.
that said, you can't really hope to describe the real pattern in a prompt . Current models simply won't understand something like "orange circles with green flower pattern"
Also, if this was indeed a fabric pattern you would expect all the prints to be identical. Oda as an human obviously knows that... but the diffusion is just noise being refined into an image that matches learned patterns. It will just generate prints that look like a "white flower", it won't try to make all of them look similar.
9:23 AM
@SPArcheon I found backgrounds have to be simplistic. If you want a more complex background you run into issues where objects are out of place, or you need to spend hours getting the perfect gen. Fixable, just like fingers always were.
mumble... let's annoy JNat a bit since they are here :P
@JNat So, I heard you liked Maomao...
RIP onebox :_;
@Peilonrayz the odd part is that sometime the model can create more elaborate coherent background when "hallucinating" with little to no guidance than when you actually describe things.
See some Lametta samples from the original model author.
The AI can be quite 'creative'. However two+ of the mushrooms don't look quite right so is a flawed image.
obviously, tons of "floating" mushrooms and that was my point earlier.
The algorithm only tries to reproduce patterns like a parrot. It has no understanding of the relations between those elements, perspective and such.
9:33 AM
ant -> and?
Yet I am quite sure that if you tried to coerce it more it would get worse instead of better.
I think we agree.
another sample from the author of the same model.
basically this one only had "floral background, lake"
the framing was just random happening
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10:49 AM
Q: A Manga about some girl with chains in a Isekai

RayRayyA long long time ago, I once read a manga on an app called “Manga Rock” about some girl with a dark blue high school uniform who had chains on her wrists, she had a connection to the other side of reality, where I can’t specifically tell if there were dragons or spirits she healed from evil. Ther...

11:12 AM
Q: Anime/Manga where everyone in one side of battle dies then turns into one person

son gokuSo everyone in one side of the battle dies and their dead bodies become one and create one new person does anyone know the name of this manga or anime?

3 hours later…
2:31 PM
@SPArcheon lol, dunno what that is (I did get the pun, though)
@JNat An older Cartoon Network show that got kinda forgotten - probably because it was sightly better than the average showel-shows they usualy make.
That said, "sightly better" isn't exactly something to be proud of when that network made things like Cow&Chicken
4 hours later…
6:20 PM
@Peilonrayz Funny enough, I have noticed that whoever made this pony model must have mixed quite a bit other things. For some reason it produces very good Shantae pictures.
And if you know Shantae, you will realize that her clothes are quite odd.
6:32 PM
@SPArcheon I agree, Shantae is somewhat odd to include in a pony model. With some very artistic designs for clothing. I shan't ask for any pictures.
6:55 PM
That said, this is an anime board... so you know what this means....
7:20 PM
Q: Is there a canonical reason why Shin saved Noi when she was trying to become a devil?

Vun-Hugh VawWhen Noi was trying to be a devil, she was banned from using magic for a year. One day when was having dinner with Shin, some assassins came in and blew a bomb on them. Shin being the white knight he was immediately shielded Noi from the blast which blew up his lower body. Noi used her magic to h...


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