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11:43 AM
Q: Did manga sales always outperform comic sales?

PabloI was reading by accident that manga sales now are like 4 times american comic sales. I also saw manga sale figures for 1995 in Japan compared to the oldest I could find of american comics (2012 if I recall correctly) and the difference was even larger. What about the golden era of american comic...

3 hours later…
2:18 PM
@Sakamoto because reason.
also Lum->Shampoo for obvious reasons
2:35 PM
BTW, relevant here too.
A: What should be next for community events?

SPArcheonIf you take your time to look at the story of the event that was just shut down you will probably notice that part of an answer is already there. Winter Bash was not born on Meta. Winter Bash is just a generalization of Hat Dash, an event that started on Arqade and was then extended to the rest o...

7 hours later…
9:24 PM
Q: Why can't dragon ball be recognized as top 3 anime/manga again?

HifansimwillDragon ball has been my favorite series for a very long time but I have seen that it has been losing popularity as of recently. What will it take for it to be popular again?

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