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1:30 AM
Q: Why does the Deus in Mirai Nikki still exist?

MichaelIn cycle 1, Yuno has become god and the Deus is dead, and after that, Yuno enter cycle 2. Why Deus is still alive after he is dead? The same confusion also applies to the Deus in the cycle 3. The cycle 3 take place after Yuno and Yuki killed other diary holders, at this moment, the Deus in cycle ...

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7:18 AM
Q: How tall is Raiha Uesugi relative to the quints?

BCLCIn S01E04, Raiha is about up to their lower necks. In S02E11, Raiha's (relative) height seems to be about the same. But in S02E02, Raiha is somehow almost as tall as Itsuki, like up to Itsuki's forehead. What's going on? (Minor spoiler for S02E02)

7:49 AM
@Memor-X The Qiqi shalt not be harmed.
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9:23 AM
Saw this on sale on PSN.
"Oh, look, this reminds me of Solar Robo" I ingenuously thought.
And indeed, that was the case.
Then... the trailer started.
And I realized this was Valkyrie Chronicles in disguise.
then... it goes Amateratsu.
and then I realized this is probably far worse than Valkyrie.
9:50 AM
don't know what Solar Robo is but if those screenshots are what i think they are i would more say it's FTL with more meaningful choices
1 hour later…
10:55 AM
@Memor-X another game from same company. Far more "jrpg story" styled, there is still a war on and at lore level but it is more... anime story. This one instead seems to be more on the "allegory of historical events" side - hence the comparison with Valkyrie
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6:29 PM
Q: Is there a Naruto factoid regarding the color of horses?

Taco タコスI'm watching the Naruto spin off titled "Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals" and during episode one, Lee says: Just think of me as your hero riding in on a black horse! Tenten then slaps him away and exclaims: It's a white horse, idiot! Black horses are for the bad guys! To which Neji follows up wit...


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