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12:29 AM
Q: How bad or good is Sayak Maizono to you all?

user65186I just want to know because some people love her and some people hate her so I want to see your opinion and the reason you feel that way

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3:03 PM
the more I browse Amazon, the worse some issues get.
I still can't understand how not only it is full of anime figure garage kits (mostly unlicensed)...
most of those aren't even actual "original kits". Most are "bootlegs".
so, bootleg of an already unlicensed product.
so weird.
4:01 PM
Q: Why does Komi grow cat ears

Aka-InuI was reading the manga KOMI-SAN WA KOMYUSHOU DESU, and I've noticed that Komi Shoko grows ears a lot. She is human and I know that the manga is a "Slice of life" manga and not a "fantisy" manga. Heres a picture. I was wondering if someone could answer this, I could only guess that it has to do ...

4:54 PM
Q: Jujutsu Kaisen 0

C A Tushar Anand Naidu.When will jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie release in India?? It will be releasing in USA and Canada on 18th March. So does this mean that it is world wide release. Iam waiting like a mad for it.

for some reason I know @Memor-X will like this one
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7:20 PM
weirdest gashapon of the day
cat food can rings.
(look at the finger)
not even a single odd case...

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