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2:25 AM
Q: What happens to make members of nurse joy's and official jenny's families?

DaveIn the Pokemon anime nurse joy and official jenny have a bunch of relatives who all have the same name and all work in Pokemon medicine/law enforcement, but only the women are in the family profession, so what happens to the boys of the joy/jenny family?

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8:09 AM
@Sakamoto I know....
Katerine rule.
then different country...
and then sometime you manage to see this....
9:21 AM
Another day....
... another menace to @Memor-X health.
@SPArcheon awwwww
@SPArcheon nope. that would be from actually holding hands with a girlfriend
PS: canonically, the little red bombergirl managed to get from Mondstad to.... a cave near Liyue while "going around randomly" during her birthday.
To use Vegeta wise words....
Canonically, the girl almost LEVELED A MOUNTAIN.
10:11 AM
its 6:11 for me so mornin' yall
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ it's 8:13 pm so evening lol
@SPArcheon no garuntee they blow up though
@Memor-X she is Klee. It is almost guaranteed that even the toast she makes will blow up someday.
(furthermore, it was her mother who tried to put an hilichurl in an hamster wheel to be used as a power source)
2 hours later…
12:18 PM
@Memor-X lol
Q: Remove the -1 reputation penalty for downvoting answers on Meta.SE

Ryan MBecause other Meta sites in the network don't have their own reputation (instead relying on the reputation of their parent sites), there is no reputation penalty for downvoting answers on those sites. This is a good thing: Meta sites invite robust debate and discussion where ideas, in the form o...

anyone else agree with this? seems like a fairly nice feature req to me
12:39 PM
i'd agree only for Meta.SE
another one would be a {username} is typing kinda feature
like on discord, if thats possible
1:21 PM
Q: European manga question

SnuwiiiI am searching for European manga authors. Does anybody has any suggestions? It doesn't matter if they are good or bad. Thank you!

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4:33 PM
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ system is broken from its rots.
We don't even have a way to remove wrong/false answers - we can just pay to get them a lower score.
But they still stand, people can still read them, other can still offset what you paid for with free pity upvotes, and if you comment "comments are second class citizen that can be removed at any time"
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7:10 PM
@SPArcheon im pretty sure they say that you should downvote an answer thats wrong but attempts to answer the question
other than a post just being downright stupid
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8:40 PM
Q: What Anime/Manga is this demon from

Aria I know that this girl is from some sort of Anime or Manga, but I cannot find the source. I tried google reverse search, and nothing happened. Help

@SPArcheon Yeah reputation is silly. Downvotes don't really do anything, twice the reputation penalty to downvoting... but 2 rep is nothing now that an upvote (any) gives 5 times that... The only thing that stops me downvoting is not having 125 rep on other sites :/
9:00 PM
@Peilonrayz i think MSE changed rep cost for downvote to 100
i myself can downvote posts with the assoc. bonus only on mse
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ 125 not 100, association bonus puts you on 101
its been decreased on mse and i only have 101 rep there
or are you saying that youd want 125 rep before downvoting so much without instantly losing the privilege lol
Oh, I misread you. I was talking about all of SE D:
Well excluding MSE ofc :)
9:10 PM
although having downvote privilege on MSE with assoc bonus only is kinda lame since you already lose the privilege after only downvoting two posts
Yeah, that's kinda silly :/ especially since MSE affects everyone (normally)
someone told me to participate on the site so the -1 for downvoting on meta isnt so costly
but i literally have no idea what to post :/
i have no feature requests as of now and the only bug ive ever noticed on se is this one
the issue with meta is that unlike pretty much all other sites, the ability to participate doesn't correlate to how affected you are
if you know so little about cooking that you can't post anything on cooking.SE then its site policies probably also don't really affect you
but you don't need to understand enough about how SE works or find new bugs / have ideas for FRs that you can post to be affected by network-wide policies
@hyper-neutrino that is true
i usually get on meta to see feature requests and bug reports, or comment on peoples feature reqs/opinions
my MSE post with the most upvotes / rep gain is this one because i have no life and instantly noticed when chat died and was able to snipe everyone else on the post lol
9:15 PM
literally the only thing someones upvoted for me on MSE is a comment lmao
@hyper-neutrino You sniped me by a couple mins D:<
what does it even look like when chat dies?
is it just this white image for the background
i think the page just didn't load
9:17 PM
i tried sending a message and it timed out
so i reloaded the page and it failed to connect
i also noticed that when you finish review queue the "queue has been cleared" message has just vanished
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ I'm sure if you give it time you'll notice something silly and be able to post on meta. If you wanna check if one of my old CR bugs affects A&M then you could have a question
i posted it on a&m meta then later realized it was a bug "world-wide" on SE
@Peilonrayz yeah but im not literally hoping something on SE breaks so i can instantly make a bug post on meta and gain 10+ upvotes lol, and i pray nobody else does
well even if you don't hope something on SE breaks, you can count on it :)
example: one time they accidentally made the entire network orange
@hyper-neutrino Trump day? ;)
9:20 PM
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ Oh, sorry my bug's been fixed now... didn't realize 5 years have passed so quickly...
@hyper-neutrino lmao wtf
Q: Why did all sites turn orange?

LuuklagWhat happened here? It used to be blue. The primary colour has changed network wide it appears. The Ask a question button is orange on a selected site I just randomly tested, as was also pointed out by Animuson in the comments.

@Peilonrayz gah that white space is so mildly infurtiating
@hyper-neutrino the odd part is that that actually looks quite nice imo
@Peilonrayz lmao, i feel like ive been waiting centuries for 2020/2021 to pass by with all this annoying covid shit
atleast theres a vaccine
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ I've not really found it to be that different. But then again I am a vampire...
9:32 PM
you are a what now
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ don't body shame me ;)
this is news to me
I was making a joke about your typo... then you fixed it ):<
My eyes are sensitive to the light so I hate light...
i dont mind light but
when you just wake up and are instantly exposed to bright light
that pain is greater than them all lol
When you feel it in your retina ): not fun
9:38 PM
> When you're exposed to light in the nighttime, like when you spend a lot of time looking at your screens in the evening, your circadian rhythm can get out of sync. It may not signal to your body to produce melatonin, and you may have a harder time falling asleep, or waking up ready to start your day.
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11:55 PM
Q: I watched this video from the "anime man" on youtube describing a body swap manga where a girl and a boy switch bodies

gyurdfhyuidryfThe boy goes into the girls body and makes his crush fall in love with him (crush was a guy and wasnt gay so he didnt have a chance) (I think) while girl tries to get her body back. I remember that the "Anime man" on youtube had a video on it but I cant find it since his catalog is long.


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