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5:10 AM
i didn't realize who Guru they were referring to was until the end
though i suppose ordering the genocide of albino namekian thanks in part to you blaming from for a drought when it was you drinking all the water is a sure fire way to be sent to hell
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11:34 AM
12:10 PM
how's thing been @Dimitrimx
@Memor-X Pretty good, started my new job this month so been trying to get the hang of things
How's things on your end
12:26 PM
@Dimitrimx good. had Project Iteration Planning today, mostly boring as it's just gathering everyone to talk about what's planned for the current Iteration. good thing about all this work from home stuff is that it's a webex meeting so i can do some work and put myself on mute while it's going rather than sitting around doing nothing for a couple of hours
@Dimitrimx nice. what job did you end up getting?
@Memor-X I took a secondment job, with my first client being in the car/aerospace painting industry. I'll be working on IoT integration of their devices
@Memor-X Agreed, at my previous job I had a lot of meetings that didn't really involve me, besides me just having to be there. Being able to mute and just work makes those a lot more bearable
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1:53 PM
Strange that it wasn't took down. I check if it's restricted in japan, but it was not.
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4:54 PM
Q: Why do akamaru gets angry at stuff?

Alex D'MatteWhenever kiba gets angry about something being said, akamaru (his hound) also gets angry. Do akamaru understand those complex things being said?

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6:08 PM
@Memor-X It worked. Kinda
Apparently, so far, you got a manga
(note: this is not the prequel manga from the site.)
6:28 PM
@hyper-neutrino @SafdarFaisal just to know, anyone saw any beta comments about Kazuha actual gameplay? The more I see about him, the more he looks like a sort of reworked Jean with some Xiao elements.
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7:48 PM
Q: Did Gohan start with all the power he had?

Shaymin GratitudeIn Dragon Ball Z, Gohan was born with a lot of hidden power. On two separate occasions, Guru and Elder Supreme Kai used rituals to awaken his hidden potential. His ascended Saiyan form used against Cell could also be thought of as an awakening of his true potential. Does this mean that Gohan was ...

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11:29 PM
@SPArcheon *proudly puffs out chest* The universe rewards those who wait
which is why i'm going to doom Final Fantasy VII Remake by getting it
@Spade000 could just be they haven't noticed it, it's not like anime companies are trawling the internet for illegal uploads
@Dimitrimx is the secondment a set contract or just so long as you can keep getting clients?

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