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3:34 AM
Q: One piece chapters of manga

Aritra BaruaWhat chapters will cover episodes 1-35 of anime of one piece manga?I want to skip the anime episodes and go straight to episode 36.

2 hours later…
hu tao fanart \o/
1 hour later…
6:43 AM
@hyper-neutrino the first image?
1 hour later…
8:07 AM
Q: It's a manhua, manga or manhwa?

AliceGood evening (or morning). Now I'm working on my own comics. There is the plot: A samurai-girl was stolen and was a slave in Ryeo for 6 years. Then she became empress of Yuan Empire. She hit in time portal and fought with five monsters to save emperor's life. But when she fought, she became samur...

8:32 AM
Q: What is the name of this anime

LUCKY 火 NINJA Does anyone know the name of this anime? If so, can please tell me.

8:57 AM
Q: Will Deku become villian as he does not care about All might and he's changed?

Sajida SanadiAs you know if you are a manga reader, ( Spoilers if you are not a manga reader) As you know, Many people are now talking that Deki will become a villain. Deku has left U.A and has changed, as you know He once told All might that he doesn't need him anymore. He doesn't seem to have smile when he ...

9:37 AM
@Sakamoto !!/blame
@AndrewT. Ah yes, the art style is also very important. How'd I forget the most obvious part?! D:
10:23 AM
@Sakamoto saucenao really helped...
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12:40 PM
Q: Do i need to read the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 manga that describes about Yuta Okkutsu or is it just a side story?

BlankzI just Finished watching Jujutsu Kaisen and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 popped up on my anilist account so can someone help me out if it is important to read the manga or can i just wait for the movie

5 hours later…
5:25 PM
@SafdarFaisal Am I wrong or Kazuha burst field will NOT cause swirl?
It's like venti's Q, except instead of sucking in it should theoretically be pulsing anemo damage as well as the elemental absorption..
Atleast this is what I understood from honey impact..
Kazuha feels a lot like an EM bot looking at his kit..
5:46 PM
Kazuha seems like a Jean/Xiao hybrid.
The jump attack is quite cool, the visual design too. I don't get if the jump is as good as it looks on paper (can't pull up any big enemy I guess)
4 hours later…
9:55 PM
Q: What anime is this from?

Ash help please, i need to know where this character is from. Please reply back asap.

answer: yandex.com
1 hour later…
11:07 PM
@hyper-neutrino always found yandex to be an odd name. almost leads into suggesting that it's an index of Yandare
@Memor-X i had the exact same thought when i first saw the name xD

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