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1:20 AM
Q: Did Toei Animations website crash?

JackarlstonI seen a clip of a video saying that the entire website crashed over one leak of a Dragon Ball movie, how has that happened?

8 hours later…
8:56 AM
Q: The King's Beloved Daughter Spoilers please!

Hamna AbidI would really love to hear spoilers(future events from ch17 onward and about the ending of the manga) from the manga "The King's Beloved Daughter" which has recently 17 chapters released in english. it would also be nice if it's raw chapters could be found,as i myself couldn't find them.

3 hours later…
11:38 AM
Q: Looking for anime/manga character

GaryusI've just found this image and i'm looking for manga/anime from which it comes from. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/4a/5b/9d/4a5b9d47a91d8dec00689f6ca48853ab.jpg

2 hours later…
1:48 PM
Q: i want a read a manga the same as "who is the prey" do you have some?

alqi just liked the "who is the prey"manga so i wanted to read manga's the same as this manga

2:40 PM
Q: What is the name of this mature manga

Kinjii I use to read this manga on manga dogs I forgot the name but it was about these two kingdoms one where there was only women and one where there was only men and it was about this guy and this girl and they wanted to become to king and queens of their kingdom in order to unite their people, so I w...

5 hours later…
7:49 PM
Q: What's the song that starts playing at 20:20 in the last my hero academia episode ? (S5 E7)

NostyrOn My Hero Academia season 5 episode 7 from about 20:20, there's an OST playing in the background that I can't seem to track down and I could use some help. What's that song?


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