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4:05 AM
yo genshin has 2FA now?
just found out apparently
4:41 AM
useful when you have the reception for the 2nd factor
5:17 AM
true. also it can't be disabled which is weird
you can use either email or mobile. i guess that's fine cuz if you can't access email due to internet you probably can't log in to the game either
user image
@hyper-neutrino 2FA via email should be ok but Email 2FA is problematic because then you only have mobile for the 2nd factor
@Memor-X that was fast
10/10 tho
@Memor-X as in, to 2FA logging in to your email you'd need mobile?
5:32 AM
@hyper-neutrino yeh
@hyper-neutrino i assume that comes from a very recent event?
ah. yeah that's true. (can you 2FA email with a backup email? in which case then you'd need something to 2FA that, etc :P)
@Memor-X yes, the eula trailer is quite recent and the eula dancing with amber thing comes from that
well that would explain all of this then
i was wondering why these 2 dancing was popular today
@hyper-neutrino yeh because the 2nd factor has to be as or more secure
phones are easy enough because you can keep them on you and locked
Ah. yeah, not too surprised by how much and how far they made fanart for that :p
@Memor-X yeah, true.
idk if it's smart for me to keep so much on my phone. i have a flip case with card holder slots and if i lose my phone i'm pretty much fucked from how much i put with my phone, lol
at the same time it might be easier to lose stuff if i carry it in several different places so idk
2 hours later…
7:55 AM
@hyper-neutrino the more I see Eula, the less I like the design. Another character that looks like a lot of effort was made to make her as sus as possible.
@SPArcheon it's the mona story quest camera angles (or whatever it was) all over again
i'm still not sure. gonna need to trial her before deciding. i initially was sure i'd pull but i lost pity for childe getting rosaria so then i wasn't sure, but i should get enough by the end of the banner, but now it feels like they're trying too hard to get people to pull
@hyper-neutrino again, the 50/50 mechanic hurts the sales.
my friend is close to the 50/50 pity. Now Eula comes out. But Klee is next.
i feel like it hasn't really influenced my spending. i buy welkin moon because i play enough i think it probably justifies it, but i don't plan to spend more (for topups / bp or whatever). but 50/50 more or less sets a higher bar for minimum spending so more people aren't willing to match that and instead just spend $0
so, suppose you try Eula. Fail the 50? Congrats, you have "wasted" a pity that you could have saved for Klee. Win? Congrat, your next Klee pity is now 50%.
I still think that paradoxically removing not-limited 5* characters from the event banner would improve sales.
At the very least, would give a reason to the acquainted fate to exist.
i agree
8:04 AM
Want to still keep 50%?
especially that last part - pulling on the permanent banner just seems kinda pointless when i'm going to be getting permanent characters like 1/3 of the time anyway
Ok, counterproposal to make even the 50% look tasty.
(i don't know what the expected value is)
Modify the way the 50% works: win, and you get the current character. Fail and you get the limited from the PREVIOUS banner
And this, my friend... I am quite sure that would BOST sales by a lot.
Because now people would in some situations even TRY to fail the 50%
that's an interesting take on it
8:07 AM
Basically, that would mean that a fail on Eula gets you Zhongli. And a fail on Klee gets you Eula.
yeah that ends up giving the same distribution overall as just 100% chance per banner but the overlap means you might end up spending more either because you get the wrong one or, like you said, even to try to get the previous character after the banner ends
anyway it's much too late for me to still be up. ttyl o/
@hyper-neutrino and that is the point. "Getting the wrong one" does not change a thing. You already have the 50% chance to get Qiqi.
But with the above change, one would indeed " try to get the previous character after the banner ends"
@hyper-neutrino see ya
3 hours later…
11:08 AM
The more I see Venti, the more I think about that old manga from Tezuka.
Must be close relatives
3 hours later…
2:02 PM
Q: Why Ash/Satoshi's achievements are not mentioned in new seasons?

Saksham KushwahaAsh/Satoshi is Alolan region champion but this achievement was not mentioned in the episode where Ash/Satoshi go back to Alolan region and it was expected that someone would call him as alolan champion and also in the recent episode ash go back to Ishhu/Unova region to fight with Iris and it was ...

Q: How do saiyans get the evil saiyan form?

PabloCumber and Turles in Dragon Ball Heroes are able to get an "evil saiyan" form with a red aura. What do saiyans have to do to get this form?

Q: Why is it that every fusion in dragon ball Z and Super has never won

Kaden MerchantVegito, Kefla, Zamasu(fused), etc. the only fusions that have ever won was the ones in the movies, that’s because they’re supposed to win, cuz it’s a movie, but what about the show?

2:24 PM
@Sakamoto Because even a Goku fusion is not just Goku and Dragonball Mary Sue complex requires that Goku must be better than everyone, even the other anime characters?
If Vegeto won against Bu, then that would mean that Vegeto is above Goku. And that must not happen.
Goku must top everyone.
See the various random "expi" in the tournament of power, put there to assert dominance :P
@SPArcheon but Vegeto is also Goku
and also Vegeta.....who would never accept it because he must be on the top alone
@Memor-X But not ONLY Goku
and Vegeta, he has to lose even when he wins, so Vegeto can't win because that would mean Vegeta won too...
See Gold Frieza, Vegeta wins but Goku saves the day. Again.
The only time Goku is "skipped" is Perfect Cell.
And that alleged is because the original plan was to shift the protagonist role to Gohan.
@Memor-X And how can someone forgot that Ribriane wants to "Wish to become a goddess to change the rules of the world and bring love and happiness to everyone"?
2:43 PM
> The Kamikaze Fireballs, Top, and Goku call out Android 17 for not allowing Brianne and her friends to transform
lol, i saw this on TV a couple of months ago
Yeah, gets worse the second you start questioning if it was a reference to magical girls anime or deliberate laughing at magical girls shows.
The subtle line between laughing with and laughing at....
At least Sorrel...
didn't turn into an were-rabbit....
I was quite expecting that.
can't really focus why....
@Memor-X on a separate notice, it is funny how Ultra Instinc is basically the canon version of a broken mechanics from the old Budokai games - more specifically, the red potara "auto-dodge"
Q: Hello! I need Help with a Manga Finding Quest!

HenryThe 1st Manga I seek is about a Boy forming a Pokemon like Bond with a Blue Skinned Demon like Creature, who he releases from a Gashapon Machine! The 2nd Manga I seek is about a High School Rich Boy, with a Killer(Not Murderous) Intelligence, who steps into another Dimension, where he makes a Dea...

@SPArcheon i only played Budokai Tenkaiichi 2 on the Wii so i have no idea what that is lol
3:05 PM
@Memor-X the red potara is the fan name given to some equip items in Tenkaichi 3 / 2 that can't be normally got in the game
Their original purpose was to be used in story mode when playing battles when one of the sides was overpowered.
For example, when you are playing the Vegeto VS Bu battle, the game secretly equips your character with those.
The effects greatly increased damage, defense and so on.
It also activated a special "auto guard" mode that automatically dodged attacks under certain conditions.
It is quite funny since in some cases it gets really visible, for example dodging Vegeta Galactic Gunfire has the character constantly teleporting to dodge all the ki blasts...
Years later.... Ultra Instinct does exactly that.
And even better... the original translation for the red potara effects was along the lines of "Gain the power of a GOD of Battle".
> -Health +30000
-All stats +3
-Sturdy Body (won't be easily stunned)
-Will also easily stun opponents
-Guard Crushes remove a huge amount of Ki
-Also, can't be Guard Crushed
-Health and Ki are slowly recovered
-Ki charges ultra fast
-All 4 power ups
-Vanish Attack/Dragon Homing +2
-Blast 1 costs -1
-Blast 2/UB/Ki Blasts costs half
-Various movements will cost no Ki at all (Dragon Dashes, for instance)
-Movements whose costs aren't nullified will only cost half Ki
-Auto Afterimage while in Max Power
3:58 PM
@hyper-neutrino Kaenirah is across the sea from Monstad. They were the ones adoring the God of Time. Kaeya is from there, weirdly enough Paimon talks quite good about Kaeya even with all his shenanigans. At the same time, Paimon actively dislikes Venti and doesn't seem to have that great consideration about Zhongli either...
well disliking venti is... i mean he does kinda suck as an archon :p
but hm, that is interesting.
@hyper-neutrino Are you familiar with Tales of Symphonia?
Q: Hello! Since this Site doesn't Identify Manga

HenryCan Anyone tell me the Names of any Good Manga Identification Sites?

^ this one to be clear (BTW, there is also an anime version available)
@SPArcheon nope, never heard of it
4:15 PM
@hyper-neutrino ok, we can do without...
Read just this page, it is about some central items in the plot.
Then... think about the Visions.
> Exspheres serve as power-enhancers for the party and antagonists, the Desians, and ultimately Cruxis. It is a lower level version of the Cruxis Crystals, which are used by members of Cruxis.
sounds like visions and gnoses
The more I think about it the more I foresee the Visions being something very dark.
> Originally, Exspheres were thought by the main characters to be simply objects that increased the user's fighting and survival potential far beyond his or her maximum limits. However, it is learned in Kvar's Human Ranch that Exspheres are made by Desians by cultivating humans and turning them into Exspheres.
hmmmmm. i see where this is going
Which btw could also explain something a little weird.
... I don't know.... quite confusing still. Paimon crown being the same design of the crowns on the domains white trees.
The mentioning of the hilichurls not having a recognition of time...
Hilichurls... the ones who people think are the cursed people of a destroyed land that followed the God of Time...
Now cursed to forget the very concept of time...
And the Seven.
Bearing the names of demons.
(Paimon too to be fair but.....)
Is this also catching upon the book of Enoch?
(which btw I only know of because of El Shaddai... :P)
4:30 PM
the black four-point-star-shaped thing on paimon's head has always intrigued me. IMO it looks a bit out of place with the rest of her but it also looks familiar (something to do with the unknown god or smth)
anyway. i know only a bit about genshin lore and not nearly enough about other lore/literature to make comparisons :P
@hyper-neutrino If anything, it is quite similar to a certain something.
that too :D
Still wondering if the description of the fates are meant to be canon.
Because, those would make sense gameplay wise.
The other characters not being with you physically but as conjured essence.
hm. yeah that does make sense
Which is quite suspect: the only place when you can see them at the same time as you will be the pot.
A place made from the mind.
Is that the real character or your idea of them?
4:39 PM
are there playables that canonically would not be able to get along in a party? in which case i guess this also makes sense to explain those
Klee, technically is in her room most of the time with the guard outside (wonder: does the guard at any time knowledge when a story event has her outside? Something to look for in 1.6 I guess).
Xiao, technically hates the idea to be around people 24/7.
Venti, technically is in the tavern 24/4
Diluc... who is running the Winery then?
i mean just the fact that you can talk to a character while playing that character :p
Forget that.
The fact the characters still talk to you as you where the Traveler.
Dona talking about Diluc with Diluc in front of her.
Are you just borrowing the idea of the other characters?
Seems like Shaman King :P
Or Jojo.
BTW, just noticed even more weirdness. Some say Paimon is the Unknown God (which isn't even a god by the way... goddess)
notice the Goddess has no star in her hair.
Also, the star she uses has an hole
a fake star for a fake sky.
But... that star....
is also on the TRAVELER
the belt.
5:51 PM
@hyper-neutrino well, it the picture is official, then the star is also the L in the "Traveler" word.
And again, it mentions fate
oh i didn't even notice that
that's cool
there are too many theories that make sense and too little detail.
And the thing is a gacha game, so the plot will go on for years.
The battle pass intro movie
the two heirs are the two travelers.
But then, does the story means anything?
It has some weird parts.
The Traveler, the game says they are from another world.
Would be nice to know the exact wording in Chinese.
Lets flip the thing for a second.
6:17 PM
@hyper-neutrino Furthermore, Genshin lore has a problem.
Some of the lore is intertwined with the events.
most of them don't really contribute that much to the bigger picture
yet some have bigger implications , lost story fragments that new players will miss
Like Dragonspine or even worse... the 1.1 "Unreconcilied Stars"
yeah true
idk, would it make sense to convert the story part of events into a quest one it's over? or something similar
@hyper-neutrino I think that Unreconciled is the big offender there.
They should convert at least that one to like... Fishl story act 1?
Anyway, I really think we should probably do create the other room.
Not really because of spam here, but it this gets it own room, others could find the info too
I will see what can be done later.
In the meantime a final though since I have to go for a while.
Diona powers - part vision, part from the fairy.
Fishl.... I think it is cannon that the raven does not exist and it is HER will that creates it?
Is the raven vision based too?
Do we know?
And while we are at it... who resurrected Qiqi?
Apparently an adeptus.
Which brings another question. Why do the adeptus keep people alive after death?
Is there any special reason? Even Xiao for some reason keeps Dusk around (to the point that sus enough Dusk is said to be most of the time around the same inn Xiao is most of the time)
And.. is that a pattern that some character with "imaginary friends" seems to have... dead relative?
Is the Ruin Guard Timmy dad?
And why then it would be a guard?
6:53 PM
who's dusk again lol
also I think the adepti revived qiqi because they accidentally killed her in cross-fire or something? don't quite remember
also don't remember the deal with fischl's bird; can't remember if it is formed from her will or if it was granted to her with her vision
i think she was going to die or something like that. but i also don't remember reading that in-game or from the wiki so i can't be sure
3 hours later…
9:32 PM
well hi there
hello mate
dont even know why i did that
just felt like it i guess
question i have
are answers like these:
answering part of a question in own words, then just giving a link to explain the rest
is that acceptable
I feel like it'd depend. If an answer shows reasonable research and effort I'd say it's fine
for most of SE anyway
Q: Why is "Uso Da!" used in higurashi?

blake harrisonakerzI come to wonder this because, I haven't heard it used to mean "Liar!" in any other anime from what I can remember, and when I type the phrase into google, it seems to exclusively be a higurashi thing. I wanna know exactly why this is? If it were just a dramatic word that's not really used in rea...

ok let me give an example
Bob has 8 green apples and 7 red apples. How many does he have in total?
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ Can the answer stand on its own? If not; you should quote some of the site you're linking to so the answer can stand on its own.
9:37 PM
And then the answer is like: Bob has 8 apples +7 apples, to find out what that equals, check out THIS link
well I'm not sure I can understand the context from that example
because I feel like the answer you're referring to (if there is one in particular) is probably a bit more nuanced than 8 + 7 = 15
in their words they just give the formula
but in the link it shows that it equals 15
yeah ik just used that as some easy example
im not referring to any answer, just asking if stuff like that is acceptable
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ If you ignore the link; the answer doesn't answer the question.
9:40 PM
I mean that example isn't really a partial answer + link it's more of just a non-answer / link-only answer
let me think of som other example
A: Are answers that just contain links elsewhere really "good answers"?

devinbLinks are fantastic, but they should never be the only piece of information in your answer. An analogy would be if you are standing at 100 Main St. and you ask where 98 Main St. is. A good answer would be: "It is the next building over". points at building If you instead include a link, you are...

i saw that post before coming here but
im talking about partial answer not straight up link
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ Partial answers are still subject to link rot.
9:42 PM
To quote it:
When someone goes on Stack Exchange, the question "answer" should actually contain an answer. Not just a bunch of directions towards the answer.

If your answer provides 'the answer' and the link is additional information, thats ok.

if your answer does not fully answer it, include quotes from the link (link now is a source)

If your answer only directs to a link, it's a bad answer.
ok heres a stupid example but it should work
Question: How do I get to McDonalds if Im on XYZ street?
Answer: to do that, turn right, then, left, then for the rest of the directions, click this link
stuff like that i guess
So say that link rots.
Would the OP be able to reach the mcdonalds without it?
n to the o
Then it's not a good answer.
` if your answer does not fully answer it, include quotes from the link (link now is a source) `
9:44 PM
and if it doesn't rot?
@ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟッ It's not so much that it won't. It eventually wil.
yeah speaking of that
To give a good example.
microsoft has changed the links to their documentation >5 times
i was viewing this question i think "If the anime came first, what is considered canon?"
And one of the answers showed wikipedia and some other stuff for definitions of canon
2 years later some dude is like "wikipedia and all those other xyz sources no longer include the info you quoted, try editing it"
is stuff like that answers that we should avoid/edit
cause theres no telling, that page you quoted can get deleted the second you post the answer
Stuff like that is the reason quoting the text and providing the link as a source to the information. Over just here is a link, because the information may change as such.
And in case those links do rot, or information changes, depending on the information provided, they may become invalid, need to be updated or something else.
9:49 PM
It's an ongoing issue, which stackexchange is slowly trying to adres
Q: Outdated Accepted Answers: flagging exercise has begun

Anita TaylorAs I mentioned last month, the next step in the Outdated Answers initiative is an exercise for flagging outdated answers. Starting May 13, you may see temporary prompts on Stack Overflow that ask if an answer is outdated. The prompts have a chance to appear when the accepted answer is at least 60...

It's part of the outdated answer initiative meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/405302/…
ive noticed many answers with link rots, usually the older answers
i try editing em but too many pending
It becomes easier once you reach the 2k ;p
its not just answers with rotted links but answers that straight up need better editing, which i've seen a lot of
that i probably wont find again since i just ditch 'em once i realize i cant edit them, making a smaller chance the answer will be fixed unless others find it
That's why there is a bookmark/follow functionality ^^
10:00 PM
oh yeah forgot about that stuff
i've been around more than a month and a half but stuff still confuses me :/
It's a big platform. You'll get used to it eventually (or not, I keep forgetting about bookmarks as well)

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