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4 hours later…
7:27 AM
@hyper-neutrino as expected, survey is out. Time to let them know how player "love" forced co-op with randoms.
7:56 AM
@hyper-neutrino BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... Mona dash is invulnerable to capture
And apparently by dashing against the invisible wall at the area border, she can dash indefinitely since stamina consumption is distance based.
I guess that gives Mona owners an ethical mission. Ensure similar events will be made no more in the future.
Yeah... "We force random co-op so that player won't cheat and manipulate results by losing on purpose"
and now... a single Mona player in the hiders team means the hunter can't win.
9:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino apparently the event is also an unbalanced bug fest
(I do wonder, should we move the genshin rants to a dedicated room on arqade?)
5 hours later…
1:50 PM
@SPArcheon if enough people spam maybe they'll listen? they have incorporated feedback pretty decently so i guess we can only hope for that
@SPArcheon yo what o.O oooookay then
time to abuse this since I have mona
@hyper-neutrino Don't know how true that is.
@SPArcheon that might make sense, though this room seems kinda dead at most times anyway lol
i'm not sure about the infinite stamina thing tho
i used to spam mona's dash against a corner to charge the parametric transformer
and i can't remember if it used stamina or not
Surely, her dash is faster than the other even in the minigame. Some also claim that she isn't targetable while dashing.
not sure about that one
i do know that you can get hit while in water mode
but idk if you can be captured (however capturing works anyway)
Wait. Let me rewrite that. I am not saying monster cannot target her dash. I am saying that some users have reported that the capture skill the hunter has to use to capture the runners in the hide&seek game DOES NOT work on Mona while she is dashing
1:54 PM
oh, okay
well that's silly lol
I don't know if that is true or not, but multiple reddit users claim that running Mona = you lose.
that said, apparently outside of Mona, the game is severely unbalance to the hunter side.
Every single prop hunt game gives the runners some free time at the start while the hunter CAN'T SEE the map.
Here, the hunter can't move for the initial seconds but can look around.
lol wtf
2:08 PM
like I said, this specific event seems rushed and poorly planed. Probably a result of the schedule and the fact that Energy Amplifier already had an above average complexity and on top of that... housing
so probably Windtracer got very little effort.
2:18 PM
3 hours later…
4:55 PM
@hyper-neutrino oh weird.... I have found a clue about the PS friends thing.
To elaborate, on PC... when you play with some random matching, does the game add the players you played with to the friend list?
uh..... don't think so...
then I guess that probably it doesn't do that on PS either. But the real caveat is another
> I have a solution to this. I repeat I have a solution! This is a PS4 ONLY thing. You can add UID's for PC and Mobile friends with no errors. It's not a glitch, but just how the game is designed. You must first be PlayStation friends with your friend in order to play Genshin Impact with them. Then, your friends should automatically appear on your "Friends" list on Genshin Impact. Once there, all you need to do is click on "request to join."
basically, the game works so that PS players are added via the PSN friend system, while PC players are added and managed only from the game
This also would mean that a PC player can not be friend of a PS player ever.
oh so you need to be friends on the PSN (?) first? interesting
okay that makes sense
do PS and PC have the exact same mechanisms (as in, do patches update for all platforms simultaneously)?
i ask this because warframe's console players often get updates significantly later than PC players
5:43 PM
@hyper-neutrino Nope, from what I understand it is not a "PSN FIRST" thing. Simply, it shows your psn friends as friends in the game.
as for the patch level, since the PS players can play with pc ones that means they are all at the same update version
oh okay, makes sense
6:19 PM
@hyper-neutrino Third time I read this comment
> So the first big problem arises:

Some people/hunters just quit when they are about to lose. Thus NOBODY gets any coins. Therefore it is a WASTE OF TIME for everybody bur especially for the rebels who tried their best to win.

If at least the rebels would still get coins, similar to DBD where the hunted still get EXP when the hunter quits.
So, if the hunter rage quits, you lost time for nothing.
well that's fun
especially since you can't choose to play with someone who won't be an asshole
on the bright case, someone did a *basic scan of the traffic from the game
while this seems reassuring, also consider that the "encrypted" part of the messages....
Wasn't the client code leaked due to some beta thief back in 1.4?
has the potential to mean that the encryption could be reversed if it was poorly implemented
Still doesn't feel very safe.
okay, I see
so basically going into co-op doesn't increase the risk of being hacked, it just exposes you to other players and if your account was already insecure/at risk then you have the possibility of someone noticing your account and trying to hack it
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6:51 PM
my question

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