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from what i understand of the agreement, Harmony Gold still gets to keep Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Southern Cavalry and Mospeeder but now Big West can release the other Macross series to the west that Harmony Gold had been blocking
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5:32 AM
Q: Why is that some anime anthologies are cancelled?

Tony ByrdAnime directors planning to make an anthology film or TV show. But, then it gets cancelled. What might be the reasons?

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7:33 AM
Q: Why do characters from Jujutsu-Kaisen making so many references of Narutoverse?

Fumikage TokoyamiAs I was watching Jujutsu-Kaisen, I have notices several reference from Naruto. Some of them are: They referred the martial arts as taijutsu. With that, the Wikipedia article writes: Taijutsu is a synonym for Jujutsu (method of unarmed or with minor weapons close combat).The words jujutsu and ...

7:58 AM
@Memor-X with all the respect to Humble... that doesn't really make much sense....
you get the first volume of some manga series... then if you pay more you get volume 2/3 too....
yet you can't still focus on just one series.
To be clear: some manga shops here used to have "bundles" like "complete [Manga name] serie". Those seems to make more sense than "random first volumes collection"
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9:47 AM
@SPArcheon even if you're just aiming for 1 series, it's still way cheaper. take Eden's Zero which at the current time there is only 10 volumes in english. from the bundle you can get all 10 for as low as AUD$32.83. on comiXology Volume 1 is (i assume) USD$8 so even if you actually don't want the rest of the manga, you're still getting all current release volumes of it for less than if you brought them
and i havn't check all of them but Eden's Zero is still ongoing with it up to 14 volumes in Japan and those are scheduled to be released in english in May, June, August and October
also if these are anything like the manga they had before. you're downloading DRM Free EPUB and PDF files while places like Amazon will force you to use a reading device like a Kindle or Nook and lock the manga to it
10:14 AM
@Memor-X That is a valid point
@Memor-X yep, the DRM nonsense.
Sometime I actually even consider the crazy idea of buying the physical manga, cut the bookbinding and scan it myself, page by page...
Gets appealing fast when the manga is 3.99 and the ebook 3.00.....
@SPArcheon there's actually something that allows you to can that doesn't require tearing the book apart
obviously wouldn't be cheap
based on some rumors on google, those go for about 150K $....
I fear that is out of budget.
Yet... that could be a funny and for once legal question for the site.
The most efficient and economic way to scan a manga you own for digital archiving.
Would that count as "legal backup"?
10:48 AM
@SPArcheon a private backup
yep, I was wondering if you can take a full backup of a book and turn it into pdf / ebook format.
if you post it online then you are distributing it unofficially even if you do everything you can to stop downloads as the cache will download it and there a various ways to download images before Right Click > Save As
@SPArcheon i would assume so in private
you can rip console games for your onw personal backups
@Memor-X that was my point. There are some gray areas on the console rom thing.
so I wonder if books reproduction is at least a little more regulated than games.
@SPArcheon well they can't really stop you doing something in the privacy of your own home
To be fair, sometime I DO think I should sacrifice the old mangas to the digital world... before they commit seppuku to time and umidity.
11:00 AM
oh yeh, did the game recommendation match what you was looking for @SPArcheon?
A: Is it okay to scan a book (that I own) strictly for personal use?

henning -- reinstate MonicaI am not a lawyer. This is a general caveat, and it is also why I don't know which copyright law applies: Australia's (where the book was published) or Germany's (where you reside). I would think Australia's, but I don't know for sure. Under the laws of both countries it is illegal to make a ful...

@Memor-X oh, that. I had forgot. Sadly not quite. First.... to be fair if it is on Steam then probably that is pc, not console, right?
Second... this is my fault, I was unclear in my request.
You see, most jrpg games we get usually either go for a western style... or an anime one.
Even the older Final Fantasy....
Castles, dragons, swords and shields....
where are the pagodas? The japanese style gardens? the kimonos?
West seems to get very few games that are "East culture"
I want the kyubi. The oni. All the yokai.
Think something like Okami, but being "Zelda" like is not a requirement.
I could live with a "Tales Of Edo"
Also, realistic art style is not a requirement, no need for it to be like Dinasty Warrior
Anime style is fine too.
but I would like something more "The boy and the beast" for example
Look at SAO. Decent, but that is still the usual western idea of fantasy.
@Memor-X to put it simple... something that is based on Japanese/Chinese folklore.
Not necessarily historical.
But for once I want the one on the right instead of the one on the left.
no goblins / ogre / trolls. Give me Oni.
no giant spiders. I want the nine tailed fox.
11:52 AM
Anyway, in case anyone wants a good laugh
in The Bridge, 1 hour ago, by SPArcheon
Mar 31 at 10:07, by SPArcheon
Apparently Bandai is going to merge the Global and Korean servers for their mobile gatcha game "One Piece Treasure Cruise". And for reason unknown, the KR players will get more than 1k premium currency (a basic research shows that a single 10+1 gatcha pull is 50, so that is about 20 10+1 pulls)... while the global players get 50.
@SPArcheon ahh i see. well for starters there's Okami
it's also on console but i posted the steam link to show what it looks like
also Xuan-Yuan Sword VII which is on PS4
Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament on PS4 - store.steampowered.com/app/427030/…
The Legend of Sword and Fairy 6 on PS4 - store.steampowered.com/app/696360/…
that's about all i got off the top of my head which is out now
there is also Black Myth: Wukong but it's not out yet
also on PS1 if you're able to emulate it there's Saiyuki: Journey West which is a tactical rpg sorta like Final Fantasy Tactics
and if you're not limited to just rps, there's the Tenchu games on PS1 and PS2
12:12 PM
@Memor-X yep... I mentioned that because I HAVE that one :P
@SPArcheon oh lol, forgot
And Wukong.. pretty sure I was the one who posted the trailer here back then :P
as for the other... could be interesting, will check those. Thank you
oh yeh, KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai Story which is on PS4 and Switch - store.steampowered.com/app/1062340/…
and the Way of the Samurai games, the last 2 being on PS3
the first group were in a steam category i have called Chinese games and then i remembered Way of the Samurai and forgot i got Katana Kami at the same time because it was on special aswell
but if you're also looking for "Souls-like" there's the Nioh games though i say Souls-like because thats what it seemed to be from previous i have seen
there was also a PS2 game i saw a video of quite a long time ago which makes me think of Devil May Cry but in a japanese folklore setting as your character was fighting against Oni
don't remember the name of it though or if i got the ISO of it
wait, it might have been Onimusha. i just saw it while trying to remember the name of a game that just poped into my head for the Vita
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, that's the one that i was just thinking of too
unfortunately it is on Vita so in a few months you'll have to emulate it
basic premise. your entire clan has been executed and cursed after the theft of scared instruments that you were supposed toi protect. the Kami for their own reasons want to help you by bring your clan back to life but thanks to the curse your members can only live for 2 years and to have children when your family marries the Kami have to bless the marriage for the child to be born. so your goal is to find the instruments which are now in the hands of demons and find the other Kami
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Genshin memes continue to give.
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5:32 PM
this is supposed to be a sweet drink advertisement (Pocari Sweat? Weird name.)
6:28 PM
Not sweet drink, but sports drink.
Because, well, "sweat"
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10:51 PM
Q: Do studios like MAPPA accept to do small animation projects for the right amount of mon

viralDo studios like MAPPA accept to do small animation projects for the right amount of money? It seems that MAPPA only does animation they're paid to do by TV stations, so I am wondering if they would be willing to accept work from a single individual as long as they get paid.


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