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12:35 AM
@SPArcheon not sure if it's just you don't have a good enough PC or an aversion to Steam but another game similar the ones i suggested is TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight which has just been release. if it is the latter the link is to GOG which allows you to download Offline Installers
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7:11 AM
Q: New users answering a string of questions within a particular time frame and vanishes. Is it good?

Fumikage TokoyamiI am noticing an eerie pattern in the home page. Some new users(registered for couple of days, some are unregistered) answers a string of questions within a particular time frame (say 1 hour), then vanishes. They come after some days to answer questions (usually in bursts), others don't come at a...

7:49 AM
my "aversion" to pc is composed by two different factors:
a) the DRM nonsense that companies bundle in games. Nowadays basically you can get safe only on GOG and a few selected other releases. Most game company are stupid enough to think we are fine with dangerous stuff like securom, starforce and so on.
b) compatibility mess. Buy the game on the console, it will run on the console. On pc... buy the game, discover in the "you-cant-read-this-before" attached notes that it is incompatible with driver x, switch the driver and discover it breaks other game Y, upgrade, now you should change motherboard too and so on in a tantric spiral of changes....
Got feed up with that years ago, and if worse graph is the price for stability and "insert disk and play"....
Good riddance "pc master race"
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1:48 PM
Q: who do you think is faster flash or goku

Olafimihan Olayiwolaincluding that flash being able to run above the speed of light by a lot. and goku having the ability to move 33 trillion mph.{about 33,000 times the speed of light}.

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3:59 PM
Q: Can you prolongue someones life using the Death Note?

Carlo GambottoIf you have a 'death note' is it possible to extend your life with it. Let's say you manipulate someone (lets call them Mike) into getting the shinigami eyes. You make Mike write down your date of death (Jan 1st 2022 at 12:00) and you kill him. Lets say you write down that someone will kill you...

4:32 PM
Q: Can an user own Rasengan be powered up with a shinobi gauntlet scientific ninja tool?

PabloIf I recall correctly, Naruto and Boruto combined their Rasengans in an attack. How about if a ninja who can do the Rasengan uses a shinobi gauntlet? Can he power up his own Rasengan by using this tool?

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11:32 PM
@Kiki'sExpressDelivery Goku, quite simple
Flash, no matter how fast he runs, has to run from Point A to Point B. Goku on the other can do Instant Transmission so he is at Point B at the moment he decide to be there
Q: Time change from S1 to S2 attack on titan

Phoebe Kershokay so I was confused on that little rewind in ep 1 of season 2. after the rewind, it said the scene was 12 hours before the soldier went to inform erwin of titans in wall rose. in the rewind, they included the annie and eren fight scene and beyond that so i assumed that 12 hrs before scene was ...

11:59 PM
Q: Can't remember a really good anime's name

Palkia CatcherIt's a psychological horror anime where one classmate is considered dead and it gets crazy and a teacher paints the classroom with his blood its similar to final destination but anime


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