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12:55 AM
Q: What was Armins goal with Annie in Stohess district?

Phoebe KershIn episode 23 in season 1, I was confused on what Armins goal with asking help from Annie was. Was it to figure out if Annie was the FT? Or was it just to help Eren escape, and figuring if Annie was the FT could possibly be revealed along the way. If it's the first one, why did Armin take Annie u...

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2:02 AM
Q: Question about a manga?

krivanj20I remember at the beginning that he woke up in a tomb or coffin. He was said to have been the strongest sage cultivator back in the ancient times. The mc transmigated or got reincarnated to the body with a maxed out game system. When the body was still alive in the past he was the leader of the s...

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10:08 AM
Q: Why does some isekai animes tend to have overpowered MC's?

sharkBased on my research on some anime's I have seen the storyline based on an overpowered MC from the beginning where they have a ton of superpowers. It is either that or some anime's start with the MC being super weak and they start to eat some monsters or etc... to gain superpowers on the way and ...

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11:22 AM
11:49 AM
Q: When the beginning after the end Is going to be made into a anime

ChloeThe beginning after the end is a really good manga it has a lot of fighting and a new chapter comes out every Friday and it’s so good I’m always excited when Friday comes

12:07 PM
i'm not but i did hear about it and was thinking "is there nothing they can't make an anime out of"
like there's Mahjong, Tennis, Biking, Weight Lifting, now Pottery
next we'll have an anime series of Uber Drivers
I used to feel like that
then I watched random anime about various things... and they were all good :P
music: your lie in April
ping pong:...ping pong
figure skating: yuri on ice
all good stuff xD
oh, and the rakugo one too
so good
@JNat *burns from the internet* am not going to let that pollute the google search for yuri
@JNat Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu?
I've also watched random episodes of the bread one
12:23 PM
that one's been on my every growing list for a while
yakitate no japan, or whatever it's called
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2:28 PM
Q: Can Luffy's cut wounds seal like rubber?

Straw Hat ShrekSince Luffy's body is made of rubber, can small cut wounds/gashes seal like rubber in the real world would normally do? Or do they heal like normal skin?

2:51 PM
@Memor-X And more Genshin
I give you... less than a month before you finally fall and start playing it.
@SPArcheon lol, not a chance. Might and Magic Heroes VI and Path of Exile are about the only game i have that are online and i havn't played those in a couple of months. i still have several Ys and Legend of Heroes games to play not to mention all those games i suggested to you AND CrossCode AND Lightning Returns AAAND Tales of Vesperia, Zestria and Beseria AAAAAAND Final Fantasy XV AAAAAAAAAND Neir Replicant is coming out soon
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND Satisfactory's Update 4 will be coming out of the Experimental Branch very soon and this complements Factorio with Space Exploration and Krastorio Mods
and that's only a tiny tiny drop compared to all the other games i have on various systems. Genshin is not temping me
Q: Is the vanishing Rasengan more powerful than the regular Rasengan?

PabloIn the anime Boruto creates a lighting release version of the Rasengan that has the feature of turning invisible. How about his power? Is the vanishing Rasengan more powerful than the regular Rasengan?

@Memor-X try this one :P
3 hours later…
5:59 PM
Q: Is there a way to stop people from giving your manga to another person?

KaliferPhysical copies are paper or hardcover copies of the manga. Once the customer has gotten the physical copie then he can just give it to another person and another person. Giving it to another person means that the manga artist has lost the chance of getting money from the people the customer gave...

Q: Can I have a license for cloth production with anime images?

Мариела БиневаI need to know if I can put an anime character, for example, Naruto or someone else, you name it, on clothes which I will sell afterwards. Can I do it without any permission of the creators of the anime (guess not but still)? And if I can't how can I get lawful permission for that. I see many thi...

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8:14 PM
Q: Why doesn't Himawari have a Jougan?

dan brooBoruto has a Jougan because his father, Naruto Uzumaki is a descendant of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, and his mother, Hinata Uzumaki is a descendant of Hamura Otsutsuki. This gave him Kaguya's chakra and a Jougan (anime only.) "Toneri didn't appear in Himawari's dreams and give her a Jougan" isn't the an...


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