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Q: What is the reasoning behind Kara no Kyoukai numerical movie order?

encryptoferiaAfter planning to rewatch and seeing the remix gate of seventh heaven. It made me curious, if the chronological timeline is quite clear, why they decide to kind of scramble the chronological order for 1st to 6th movie? Aside from the direction does it have any meaningful reasoning plot wise than ...

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5:42 AM
Q: help me. from what manga/hentai/manhwa is this?

user59329help me. from what manga/hentai/manhwa is this??

10/10 question
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8:09 AM
@Memor-X HibiMiku!!! :DDD
(from the mobile game)
because of the lost song event, there have been a lot of fanart of au hibiki (a.k.a. edgebikki) and au miku recently
in this alternate universe, hibiki and miku ended up going to different schools after the concert incident, so this au hibiki is a lot more unhappy and jaded (hence "edge" bikki)
left: mainverse hibimiku
right: au hibimiku
user image
user image
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10:42 AM
@ahiijny Miku remained the same though?
11:35 AM
@SPArcheon heh, I already fell through the pit of gacha games back then in Quiz RPG... though this time, GBF, I'm not falling through it (yet)
12:27 PM
@AndrewT. Just wait till @Memor sees this
Gonna bet that the events do not change in any way depending on the chosen main character.
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1:56 PM
Looks totally legit.
@SPArcheon i heard about the dating sim they were adding
though i still think there's going to be an extra cost involved
@Memor-X Cost.... I think that the quest is actually free.
The idea is that probably that becomes free advertisement since if you want that character for your team outside the event...
But I think you are lucky on that side since I seem to remember both the females here are given out for free.
2:13 PM
Q: I need to know the name of a character i saw

Anime freak So basically he’s a really hot anime dad and his daughter is basically making him meet her boyfriend and he was smoking when he met her daughter’s boyfriend and the smoke that came out when he smoked formed a heart he was recently animated pls tell me his name

3:04 PM
Q: What if someone got a demon slayer mark after they turn 25?

AidanI have always wondered what if someone with a demon slayer mark gets the demon slayer mark after 25 do they die straight away?

3:59 PM
@Memor-X her smile is a bit more subdued
hibiki has the harder time of the two because of the all the bullying etc. she goes through in middle school
4:21 PM
Q: Can the tensigan be transplanted?

AidanIs the Tensigan able to get transplanted?I've tried googling it but it did not give me the result's I was looking for

Q: Isn't Vegeta stronger than Goku?

Mouhamadou SambVegeta skipped kaioken and ssj3. He beat Goku's SSGSS Kx20 by developing SSGSSE. I bet Vegeta is moments away from unlocking ultra instinct and I bet he will go mastered a few moments after. Or he might get an alternate form. But I need someone to confirm this because I never watched dragon ball z.

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6:42 PM
oh apparently today (3/9) is miku day
so there's a lot of hatsune miku fanart
but there's also some miku-from-symphogear fanart in the mix too :3
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10:59 PM
@ahiijny tried to find Miku cosplaying as Miku but found nothing
i did however find this during the process
user image
11:14 PM
Q: How does an anime anthology film get created?

Tony ByrdAnime anthologies have been around. I've seen Robot Carnival and Memories. I only one segment of Neo Tokyo. I never saw The Animatrix. Why are there so few of them?

@Memor-X official HibiMiku art :D
@ahiijny i assume from the mobile game which si funny that the mobile games of anime series that hint at yuri are more gay
Madoka and Love Live come to mind
I wonder why that is
maybe just more freedom to spend the time developing those romantic moments
mm that would make sense
we discuss the plot a lot in the /r/symphogear discord and I do think the symphogear anime suffers a bit from too many characters and not enough episodes
because there are lot of interesting potential character development lines that never really got explored
displaced by all the fights and plot they force in there
11:29 PM
yeh i think the game have more room to develop characters because it's not limited to the time constraints as the anime
more so if the game is a live service as such can benefit from content update that expands characters
What game?
ahhhhh I still have to watch Yuyuyu one of these days
it's on my plan-to-watch list
I've heard good things about it
@forest just before, symphogear mobile game
a.k.a. Symphogear XDU
11:32 PM
what i posted, one's a Madoka one which i think is Magia Record, the other one is the first Yuuki Yuuna Visual Noevl
re: Symphogear XDU: there was a "global" (i.e. some countries in NA etc. but missing a lot of countries in Europe) release that was active for some time last year, but the events were a hectic out-of-order mess because they were like three years behind the Japanese version or something
and then eventually the "global" version of XDU died out and stopped, so now only the Japanese version is left
No fan translations?
for XDU? or Madoka or Yuyuyu?
...wait that's the same link as earlier
@ahiijny yeh i hit retry because it said it didn't post
11:36 PM
networking :P
SE chat is not well-known for being well-designed and stable!
anyway, for XDU translations, YameteTomete has a site with translations for some of the events
and there are other translations scattered in various places on tumblr and youtube too
@forest for Magia Record and Symphogear XDU had official english versions though i don't know about their status personally. Yuuki Yuuna has unofficial fan translations
I pretty much never read anything that has an official translation.
Usually because they are too Americanized.
XDU has only official translations for some of the events, since it died out before it could fully catch up
by the way, have any of you worked with FontAwesome icons before?
I wanna try putting an icon into an internal web app that my team maintains, but I'm not sure what exactly I have to do for the licensing
I notice that if I download the svg, there's an XML comment inside linking back to the website and stating the CC-BY 4.0 license
I'm /hoping/ that it'll be enough to just keep the comment in there, and then copy the svg into the resources folder of our web app
11:51 PM
@ahiijny yeh i'm not sure myself there regarding licensing. personally if it's something you're publicly sharing i would make my own, own the full license
if it's just an internal team thing probably fine

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