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5:41 AM
Q: Please help me remember a full color manga

Johnathan1997Does anyone know the name of a manga about boy being summoned to another world as a hero in his crush's body but can Change back to his original form [its its something like hero is a girl but i don't know the right name]

Q: Can someone tell me the name of this magazine title?

Spoon Can someone tell me the name of this magazine title? Thank you.

6:40 AM
Q: この世に生まれてきてしまった - How does this translate to "born into the world"?

ubershmekelThe full phrase is: ですが私は死にたくありません (but I don't want to die) この世に生まれてきてしまったからです (because I was born into this world) I think I understand the vocabulary break down. I just don't understand how this all grammatically connects to the English translated sentence. この世に - to this world 生まれて - born, ...

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3:50 PM
Q: suggest some anime that actually follow the manga?

ananya rawatmany anime don't follow the manga properly or leave out important parts. I wanted some anime which I can watch without worrying about the manga. please help, thank you.

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5:06 PM
Q: Where can i download English subbed videos as Horriblesubs are in no point of return?

Harein Avishka Jayasekara I used to love watching Attack on titans, Naruto Shippuden, and DBZ super from horrible subs. But now as it has gone down, can anyone recommend me any site that I could use to download English subbed anime? I am really missing out the action of the new season in Attack of titans.

5:32 PM
Q: Is Luffy (Current) as fast as EoS Naruto?

Straw Hat ShrekI've been wondering since from a viewer prospective, I can't really tell, I know Snakeman Luffy is pretty fast but I've seen lot's of people say Naruto is faster than Light and I wanted to know if Luffy was that fast or faster as well?

3 hours later…
@Sakamoto iirc HS pretty much just ripped their subs from official sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation directly
8:55 PM
Q: Where can I buy the complete bands of "Princess" manhwa from 1995

HadisaSo I read this manhwa and it's called Princess from 1995. Its old but gold. I really want to buy the physikal bands but I cant find them. Has anyone heard of this manhwa and knows where I could buy them? Or does someone generally know where to buy old mangas that arent being printed anymore? Than...


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